Paper 117 :  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ

117:0.1 TO THE extent that we do the will of Godˆ in whatever universeˆ station we may have our existence, in that measure the almightyˆ potential of the Supremeˆ becomes one step more actualˆ. The will of Godˆ is the purpose of the First Source and Centerˆ as it is potentialized in the three Absolutesˆ, personalized in the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ, conjoined for universeˆ action in the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, and eternalˆized in the everlasting patternsˆ of Paradiseˆ. And  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ is becoming the highest finiteˆ manifestation of the total will of Godˆ.

117:0.2 If all grand universerˆˆs should ever relatively achieve the full living of the will of Godˆ, then would the time-space creations be settled in light and lifeˆ, and then would the Almightyˆ, the deityˆ potential of Supremacyˆ, become factual in the emergence of the divineˆ personalityˆ of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ.

117:0.3 When an evolving mindˆ becomes attuned to the circuitsˆ of cosmic mindˆ, when an evolving universeˆ becomes stabilized after the patternˆ of the central universeˆˆ, when an advancing spiritˆ contacts the united ministry of the Master Spiritsˆ, when an ascendingˆ mortalˆ personalityˆ finally attunes to the divineˆ leading of the indwellˆing Adjusterˆ, then has the actualˆity of the Supremeˆ become real by one more degree in the universes; then has the divinityˆ of Supremacyˆ advanced one more step toward cosmic realization.

117:0.4 The parts and individuals of the grand universeˆˆ evolve as a reflection of the total evolution of the Supremeˆ, while in turn the Supremeˆ is the synthetic cumulative total of all grand universeˆˆ evolution. From the mortalˆ viewpoint both are evolutionaryˆ and experientialˆ reciprocals.

1. Nature of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ

117:1.1 The Supremeˆ is the beauty of physical harmony, the truth of intellectual meaning, and the goodness of spiritˆual value. He is the sweetness of true success and the joy of everlasting achievement. He is the oversoulˆ of the grand universeˆˆ, the consciousness of the  finiteˆ cosmosˆ, the completion of finiteˆ reality, and the personification of Creatorˆ-creature experience. Throughout all future eternityˆ  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ will voice the reality of volitionalˆ experience in the trinityˆ relationships of Deityˆ.

117:1.2 In the persons of the  Supremeˆ Creatorsˆ the Gods have descended from Paradiseˆ to the domains of time and spaceˆ, there to create and to evolve creatures with Paradiseˆ-attainment capacity who can ascend thereto in quest of the Father. This universeˆ procession of descending God-revealing Creatorsˆ and ascendingˆ God-seeking creatures is revelatory of the Deityˆ evolution of the Supremeˆ, in whom both descendersˆ and ascendersˆ achieve mutuality of understanding, the discovery of eternalˆ and universal brotherhood. The  Supremeˆ Beingˆ thus becomes the finiteˆ synthesis of the experience of the perfectˆ-Creator cause and the perfectˆing-creature response.

117:1.3 The grand universeˆˆ contains the possibility of, and ever seeks for, complete unification, and this grows out of the fact that this cosmic existence is a consequence of the creative acts and the powerˆ mandates of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ, which is unqualified unityˆ. This very trinitarianˆ unity is expressed in the  finiteˆ cosmosˆ in the Supremeˆ, whose reality becomes increasingly apparent as the universesˆ attain to the maximum level of Trinityˆ identification.

117:1.4 The will of the Creatorˆ and the will of the creature are qualitatively different, but they are also experientiallˆy akin, for creature and Creatorˆ can collaborate in the achievement of universeˆ perfectˆion. Man can work in liaison with Godˆ and thereby cocreate an eternalˆ finaliterˆ. Godˆ can work even as humanity in the incarnationsˆ of his Sons, who thereby achieve the supremacyˆ of creature experience.

117:1.5 In the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, Creatorˆ and creature are united in one Deityˆ whose will is expressive of one divineˆ personalityˆ. And this will of the Supremeˆ is something more than the will of either creature or Creatorˆ, even as the sovereign will of the Master Sonˆ of Nebadonˆ is now something more than a combination of the will of divinityˆ and humanity. The union of Paradiseˆ perfectˆion and time-space experience yields a new meaning value on deityˆ levels of reality.

117:1.6 The evolving divineˆ nature of the Supremeˆ is becoming a faithful portrayal of the matchless experience of all creatures and of all Creatorsˆ in the grand universeˆˆ. In the Supremeˆ, creatorship and creaturehood are at one; they are forever united by that experience which was born of the vicissitudes attendant upon the solution of the manifold problems which beset all finiteˆ creation as it pursues the eternalˆ path in quest of perfectˆion and liberation from the fetters of incompleteness.

117:1.7 Truth, beauty, and goodness are correlated in the ministry of the Spiritˆ, the grandeur of Paradiseˆ, the mercy of the Son, and the experience of the Supremeˆ.  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ is truth, beauty, and goodness, for these concepts of divinityˆ represent finiteˆ maximums of ideational experience. The eternalˆ sources of these triune qualities of divinityˆ are on superfiniteˆ levels, but a creature could only conceive of such sources as supertruthˆ, superbeauty, and supergoodnessˆ.

117:1.8 Michael, a creatorˆ, revealed the divineˆ love of the Creatorˆ Father for his terrestrial children. And having discovered and received this divineˆ affection, men can aspire to reveal this love to their brethren in the flesh. Such creature affection is a true reflection of the love of the Supremeˆ.

117:1.9 The Supremeˆ is symmetrically inclusive. The First Source and Centerˆ is potential in the three great Absolutesˆ, is actualˆ in Paradiseˆ, in the Son, and in the Spiritˆ; but the Supremeˆ is both actualˆ and potential, a being of personal supremacyˆ and of almightyˆ powerˆ, responsive alike to creature effort and Creatorˆ purpose; self-acting upon the universeˆ and self-reactive to the sum total of the universeˆ; and at one and the same time the  supremeˆ creatorˆˆ and the supremeˆ creature. The Deityˆ of Supremacyˆ is thus expressive of the sum total of the entire finiteˆ.

2. The Source of Evolutionaryˆ Growth

117:2.1 The Supremeˆ is God-in-time; his is the secret of creature growth in time; his also is the conquest of the incomplete present and the consummation of the perfectˆing future. And the final fruits of all finiteˆ growth are: powerˆ controlled through mindˆ by spiritˆ by virtue of the unifying and creative presence of personalityˆ. The culminating consequence of all this growth is the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ.

117:2.2 To mortalˆ man, existence is equivalent to growth. And so indeed it would seem to be, even in the larger universeˆ sense, for spiritˆ-led existence does seem to result in experientialˆ growth — augmentation of status. We have long held, however, that the present growth which characterizes creature existence in the present universeˆ age is a function of the Supremeˆ. We equally hold that this kind of growth is peculiar to the age of the growth of the Supremeˆ, and that it will terminate with the completion of the growth of the Supremeˆ.

117:2.3 Consider the status of the creature-trinitizedˆ sons: They are born and live in the present universeˆ age; they have personalities, together with mindˆ and spiritˆ endowments. They have experiences and the memory thereof, but they do not grow as do ascendersˆ. It is our belief and understanding that these creature-trinitizedˆ sons, while they are in the present universeˆ age, are really of the next universeˆ age — the age which will follow the completion of the growth of the Supremeˆ. Hence they are not in the Supremeˆ as of his present status of incompleteness and consequent growth. Thus they are nonparticipating in the experientialˆ growth of the present universeˆ age, being held in reserve for the next universeˆ age.

117:2.4 My own order, the Mighty Messengersˆ, being  Trinityˆ embracedˆ, are nonparticipating in the growth of the present universeˆ age. In a sense we are in status as of the preceding universeˆ age as in fact are the Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ. One thing is certain: Our status is fixed by the  Trinityˆ embraceˆ, and experience no longer eventuatesˆ in growth.

117:2.5 This is not true of the finalitersˆ nor of any other of the evolutionaryˆ and experientialˆ orders which are participants in the growth process of the Supremeˆ. You mortalsˆ now living on Urantiaˆ who may aspire to Paradiseˆ attainment and finaliterˆ status should understand that such a destinyˆ is only realizable because you are in and of the Supremeˆ, hence are participants in the cycle of the growth of the Supremeˆ.

117:2.6 There will come an end sometime to the growth of the Supremeˆ; his status will achieve completion (in the energyˆ-spirit sense). This termination of the evolution of the Supremeˆ will also witness the ending of creature evolution as a part of Supremacyˆ. What kind of growth may characterize the universesˆ of outer spaceˆˆ, we do not know. But we are very sure that it will be something very different from anything that has been seen in the present age of the evolution of the seven superuniversesˆ. It will undoubtedly be the function of the evolutionaryˆ citizens of the grand universeˆˆ to compensate the outer-spacers for this deprivation of the growth of Supremacyˆ.

117:2.7 As existent upon the consummation of the present universeˆ age, the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ will function as an experientialˆ sovereign in the grand universeˆˆ. Outer-spacers — citizens of the next universeˆ age — will have a postsuperuniverse growth potential, a capacity for evolutionaryˆ attainment presupposing the sovereignty of the  Almightyˆ Supremeˆˆˆ, hence excluding creature participation in the  powerˆ-personality synthesisˆ of the present universeˆ age.

117:2.8 Thus may the incompleteness of the Supremeˆ be regarded as a virtue since it makes possible the evolutionaryˆ growth of the creature-creation of the present universesˆ. Emptiness does have its virtue, for it may become experientiallˆy filled.

117:2.9 One of the most intriguing questions in finiteˆ philosophy is this: Does the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ actualˆize in response to the evolution of the grand universeˆˆ, or does this  finiteˆ cosmosˆ progressively evolve in response to the gradual actualˆization of the Supremeˆ? Or is it possible that they are mutually interdependent for their development? that they are evolutionaryˆ reciprocals, each initiating the growth of the other? Of this we are certain: Creatures and universesˆ, high and low, are evolving within the Supremeˆ, and as they evolve, there is appearing the unified summation of the entire finiteˆ activity of this universeˆ age. And this is the appearance of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, to all personalities the evolution of the almightyˆ powerˆ of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ.

3. Significance of the Supremeˆ to Universeˆ Creatures

117:3.1 The cosmic reality variously designated as the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ,  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ, and the  Almightyˆ Supremeˆˆ, is the complex and universal synthesis of the emerging phases of all finiteˆ realities. The far-flung diversification of eternalˆ energyˆ, divineˆ spiritˆ, and universal mindˆ attains finiteˆ culmination in the evolution of the Supremeˆ, who is the sum total of all finiteˆ growth, self-realized on deityˆ levels of finiteˆ maximum completion.

117:3.2 The Supremeˆ is the divineˆ channel through which flows the creative infinity of the triodities that crystallizes into the galactic panorama of spaceˆ, against which takes place the magnificent personalityˆ drama of time: the spiritˆ conquest of energyˆ-matter through the mediation of mindˆ.

117:3.3 Said Jesus: “I am the living way,” and so he is the living way from the material level of self-consciousness to the spiritˆual level of God-consciousness. And even as he is this living way of ascensionˆ from the self to Godˆ, so is the Supremeˆ the living way from finiteˆ consciousness to transcendenceˆ of consciousness, even to the insight of absonityˆ.

117:3.4 Your  Creatorˆ Sonˆ can actuallˆy be such a living channel from humanity to divinityˆ since he has personally experienced the fullness of the traversal of this universeˆ path of progression, from the true humanity of  Joshuaˆ ben Josephˆˆ, the Son of Manˆ, to the Paradiseˆ divinityˆ of Michael of Nebadonˆˆ, the Son of the infinite Godˆ. Similarly can the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ function as the universeˆ approach to the  transcendenceˆ of finiteˆ limitationsˆ, for he is the actualˆ embodiment and personal epitome of all creature evolution, progression, and spiritˆualization. Even the grand universeˆˆ experiences of the descending personalities from Paradiseˆ are that part of his experience which is complemental to his summation of the ascendingˆ experiences of the pilgrimsˆ of time.

117:3.5 Mortalˆ man is more than figuratively made in the image of Godˆ. From a physical standpoint this statement is hardly true, but with reference to certain universeˆ potentialities it is an actualˆ fact. In the human race, something of the same drama of evolutionaryˆ attainment is being unfolded as takes place, on a vastly larger scale, in the  universeˆ of universesˆ. Man, a volitionalˆ personalityˆ, becomes creative in liaison with an Adjusterˆ, an impersonal entity, in the presence of the finiteˆ potentialities of the Supremeˆ, and the result is the flowering of an immortal soulˆ. In the universesˆ the  Creatorˆ personalitiesˆ of time and spaceˆ function in liaison with the impersonal spiritˆ of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and become thereby creative of a new powerˆ potential of Deityˆ reality.

117:3.6 Mortalˆ man, being a creature, is not exactly like the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, who is deityˆ, but man’s evolution does in some ways resemble the growth of the Supremeˆ. Man consciously grows from the material toward the spiritˆual by the strength, powerˆ, and persistency of his own decisions; he also grows as his Thought Adjusterˆˆ develops new techniques for reaching down from the spiritˆual to the morontialˆ soulˆ levels; and once the soulˆ comes into being, it begins to grow in and of itself.

117:3.7 This is somewhat like the way in which the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ expands. His sovereignty grows in and out of the acts and achievements of the  Supremeˆ Creatorˆˆ Personalities; that is the evolution of the majesty of his powerˆ as the ruler of the grand universeˆˆ. His deityˆ nature is likewise dependent on the pre-existent unity of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. But there is still another aspect to the evolution of Godˆ the Supreme: He is not only Creatorˆ-evolved and Trinityˆ-derived; he is also self-evolved and self-derived.  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ is himself a volitionalˆ, creative participant in his own deityˆ actualˆization. The human morontialˆ soulˆ is likewise a volitionalˆ, cocreativeˆ partner in its own immortalization.

117:3.8 The Father collaborates with the Conjoint Actorˆ in manipulating the energies of Paradiseˆ and in rendering these responsive to the Supremeˆ. The Father collaborates with the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ in the production of  Creatorˆ personalitiesˆ whose acts will sometime culminate in the sovereignty of the Supremeˆ. The Father collaborates with both Son and Spiritˆ in the creation of Trinityˆ personalities to function as rulers of the grand universeˆˆ until such time as the completed evolution of the Supremeˆ qualifies him to assume that sovereignty. The Father co-operates with his Deityˆ and non-Deity co-ordinates in these and many other ways in the furtherance of the evolution of Supremacyˆ, but he also functions alone in these matters. And his solitary function is probably best revealed in the ministry of the Thought Adjustersˆ and their associated entities.

117:3.9 Deityˆ is unity, existentialˆ in the Trinityˆ, experientialˆ in the Supremeˆ, and, in mortalsˆ, creature-realized in  Adjusterˆ fusionˆˆ. The presence of the Thought Adjustersˆ in mortalˆ man reveals the essential unity of the universeˆ, for man, the lowest possible type of universeˆ personalityˆ, contains within himself an actualˆ fragment of the highest and eternalˆ reality, even the original Father of all personalities.

117:3.10 The  Supremeˆ Beingˆ evolves by virtue of his liaison with the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and in consequence of the divinityˆ successes of the creatorˆ and administrator children of that Trinityˆ. Man’s immortal soulˆ evolves its own eternalˆ destinyˆ by association with the divineˆ presence of the  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ and in accordance with the personalityˆ decisions of the human mindˆ. What the Trinityˆ is to  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ, the Adjusterˆ is to evolving man.

117:3.11 During the present universeˆ age the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ is apparently unable to function directly as a creatorˆ except in those instances where the finiteˆ possibilities of action have been exhausted by the creative agencies of time and spaceˆ. Thus far in universeˆ history this has transpired but once; when the possibilities of finiteˆ action in the matter of universeˆ reflectivityˆ had been exhausted, then did the Supremeˆ function as the creative culminator of all antecedentˆ creatorˆ actions. And we believe he will again function as a culminator in future ages whenever antecedentˆ creatorship has completed an appropriate cycle of creative activity.

117:3.12 The  Supremeˆ Beingˆ did not create man, but man was literally created out of, his very life was derived from, the potentialityˆ of the Supremeˆ. Nor does he evolve man; yet is the Supremeˆ himself the very essence of evolution. From the finiteˆ standpoint, we actuallˆy live, move, and have our being within the immanence of the Supremeˆˆ.

117:3.13 The Supremeˆ apparently cannot initiate original causation but appears to be the catalyzer of all universeˆ growth and is seemingly destined to provide totality culmination as regards the destinyˆ of all experientialˆ-evolutionary beings. The Father originates the concept of a  finiteˆ cosmosˆ; the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ factualize this idea in time and spaceˆ with the consent and co-operation of the Creative Spirits; the Supremeˆ culminates the total finiteˆ and establishes its relationship with the destinyˆ of the absoniteˆ.

4. The Finiteˆ Godˆ

117:4.1 As we view the ceaseless struggles of the creature creation for perfectˆion of status and divinityˆ of being, we cannot but believe that these unending efforts bespeak the unceasing struggle of the Supremeˆ for divineˆ self-realization.  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ is the finiteˆ Deityˆ, and he must cope with the problems of the finiteˆ in the total sense of that word. Our struggles with the vicissitudes of time in the evolutions of spaceˆ are reflections of his efforts to achieve reality of self and completion of sovereignty within the sphere of action which his evolving nature is expanding to the outermost limits of possibility.

117:4.2 Throughout the grand universeˆˆ the Supremeˆ struggles for expression. His divineˆ evolution is in measure predicated on the wisdom-action of every personalityˆ in existence. When a human being chooses eternalˆ survival, he is cocreating destinyˆ; and in the life of this ascendingˆ mortalˆ the finiteˆ Godˆ finds an increased measure of personalityˆ self-realization and an enlargement of experientialˆ sovereignty. But if a creature rejects the eternalˆ career, that part of the Supremeˆ which was dependent on this creature’s choice experiences inescapable delay, a deprivation which must be compensated by substitutional or collateral experience; as for the personalityˆ of the nonsurvivor, it is absorbed into the oversoulˆ of creation, becoming a part of the Deityˆ of the Supremeˆ.

117:4.3 Godˆ is so trusting, so loving, that he gives a portion of his divineˆ nature into the hands of even human beings for safekeeping and self-realization. The Father nature, the Adjusterˆ presence, is indestructible regardless of the choice of the mortalˆ being. The child of the Supremeˆ, the evolving self, can be destroyed notwithstanding that the potentially unifying personalityˆ of such a misguided self will persist as a factor of the Deityˆ of Supremacyˆ.

117:4.4 The human personalityˆ can truly destroy individuality of creaturehood, and though all that was worth while in the life of such a cosmic suicide will persist, these qualities will not persist as an individual creature. The Supremeˆ will again find expression in the creatures of the universesˆ but never again as that particular person; the unique personalityˆ of a nonascender returns to the Supremeˆ as a drop of water returns to the sea.

117:4.5 Any isolated action of the personal parts of the finiteˆ is comparatively irrelevant to the eventual appearance of the Supremeˆ Whole, but the whole is nonetheless dependent on the total acts of the manifold parts. The personalityˆ of the individual mortalˆ is insignificant in the face of the total of Supremacyˆ, but the personalityˆ of each human being represents an irreplaceable meaning-valueˆ in the finiteˆ; personalityˆ, having once been expressed, never again finds identical expression except in the continuing existence of that living personalityˆ.

117:4.6 And so, as we strive for self-expression, the Supremeˆ is striving in us, and with us, for deityˆ expression. As we find the Father, so has the Supremeˆ again found the Paradiseˆ Creatorˆ of all things. As we master the problems of self-realization, so is the Godˆ of experience achieving almightyˆ supremacyˆ in the universesˆ of time and spaceˆ.

117:4.7 Mankind does not ascend effortlessly in the universeˆ, neither does the Supremeˆ evolve without purposeful and intelligent action. Creatures do not attain perfectˆion by mere passivity, nor can the spiritˆ of Supremacyˆ factualize the powerˆ of the Almightyˆ without unceasing service ministry to the finiteˆ creation.

117:4.8 The temporal relation of man to the Supremeˆ is the foundation for cosmic moralˆity, the universal sensitivity to, and acceptance of, duty. This is a moralˆity which transcends the temporal sense of relative right and wrong; it is a moralˆity directly predicated on the self-conscious creature’s appreciation of experientialˆ obligation to experientialˆ Deityˆ. Mortalˆ man and all other finiteˆ creatures are created out of the living potential of energyˆ, mindˆ, and spiritˆ existent in the Supremeˆ. It is upon the Supremeˆ that the Adjusterˆ-mortal ascenderˆ draws for the creation of the immortal and divineˆ character of a finaliterˆ. It is out of the very reality of the Supremeˆ that the Adjusterˆ, with the consent of the human will, weaves the patternsˆ of the eternalˆ nature of an ascendingˆ son of Godˆ.

117:4.9 The evolution of Adjusterˆ progress in the spiritˆualizing and eternalˆizing of a human personalityˆ is directly productive of an enlargement of the sovereignty of the Supremeˆ. Such achievements in human evolution are at the same time achievements in the evolutionaryˆ actualˆization of the Supremeˆ. While it is true that creatures could not evolve without the Supremeˆ, it is probably also true that the evolution of the Supremeˆ can never be fully attained independent of the completed evolution of all creatures. Herein lies the great cosmic responsibility of self-conscious personalities: That Supremeˆ Deityˆ is in a certain sense dependent on the choosing of the mortalˆ will. And the mutual progression of creature evolution and of Supremeˆ evolution is faithfully and fully indicated to the Ancients of Daysˆ over the inscrutable mechanisms of universeˆ reflectivityˆ.

117:4.10 The great challenge that has been given to mortalˆ man is this: Will you decide to personalize the experiencible value meanings of the cosmos into your own evolving selfhood? or by rejecting survival, will you allow these secrets of Supremacyˆ to lie dormant, awaiting the action of another creature at some other time who will in his way attempt a creature contribution to the evolution of the finiteˆ God? But that will be his contribution to the Supremeˆ, not yours.

117:4.11 The great struggle of this universeˆ age is between the potential and the actualˆ — the seeking for actualˆization by all that is as yet unexpressed. If mortalˆ man proceeds upon the Paradiseˆ adventure, he is following the motions of time, which flow as currents within the stream of eternityˆ; if mortalˆ man rejects the eternalˆ career, he is moving counter to the stream of events in the finiteˆ universesˆ. The mechanical creation moves on inexorably in accordance with the unfolding purpose of the  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ, but the volitionalˆ creation has the choice of accepting or of rejecting the role of personalityˆ participation in the adventure of eternityˆ. Mortalˆ man cannot destroy the supremeˆ values of human existence, but he can very definitely prevent the evolution of these values in his own personal experience. To the extent that the human self thus refuses to take part in the Paradiseˆ ascent, to just that extent is the Supremeˆ delayed in achieving divinityˆ expression in the grand universeˆˆ.

117:4.12 Into the keeping of mortalˆ man has been given not only the Adjusterˆ presence of the  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ but also control over the destinyˆ of an infinitesimal fraction of the future of the Supremeˆ. For as man attains human destinyˆ, so does the Supremeˆ achieve destinyˆ on deityˆ levels.

117:4.13 And so the decision awaits each of you as it once awaited each of us: Will you fail the Godˆ of time, who is so dependent upon the decisions of the finiteˆ mind? will you fail the Supremeˆ personalityˆ of the universesˆ by the slothfulness of animalistic retrogression? will you fail the great brother of all creatures, who is so dependent on each creature? can you allow yourself to pass into the realm of the unrealized when before you lies the enchanting vista of the universeˆ career — the divineˆ discovery of the  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ and the divineˆ participation in the search for, and the evolution of, the Godˆ of Supremacyˆ?

117:4.14 Godˆ’s gifts — his bestowalˆ of reality — are not divorcements from himself; he does not alienate creation from himself, but he has setˆ up tensions in the creations circling Paradiseˆ. Godˆ first loves man and confers upon him the potential of immortality — eternalˆ reality. And as man loves Godˆ, so does man become eternalˆ in actualˆity. And here is mystery: The more closely man approaches Godˆ through love, the greater the reality — actualˆity — of that man. The more man withdraws from Godˆ, the more nearly he approaches nonrealityˆ — cessation of existence. When man consecrates his will to the doing of the Father’s will, when man gives Godˆ all that he has, then does Godˆ make that man more than he is.

5. The Oversoulˆ of Creation

117:5.1 The great Supremeˆ is the cosmic oversoulˆ of the grand universeˆˆ. In him the qualities and quantities of the cosmos do find their deityˆ reflection; his deityˆ nature is the mosaic composite of the total vastness of all creature-Creator nature throughout the evolving universesˆ. And the Supremeˆ is also an actualˆizing Deityˆ embodying a creative will which embraces an evolving universeˆ purpose.

117:5.2 The intellectual, potentially personal selves of the finiteˆ emerge from the Third Source and Centerˆ and achieve finiteˆ time-space Deityˆ synthesis in the Supremeˆ. When the creature submits to the will of the Creatorˆ, he does not submerge or surrender his personalityˆ; the individual personalityˆ participants in the actualˆization of the finiteˆ Godˆ do not lose their volitionalˆ selfhood by so functioning. Rather are such personalities progressively augmented by participation in this great Deityˆ adventure; by such union with divinityˆ man exalts, enriches, spiritˆualizes, and unifies his evolving self to the very threshold of supremacyˆ.

117:5.3 The evolving immortal soulˆ of man, the joint creation of the material mindˆ and the Adjusterˆ, ascends as such to Paradiseˆ and subsequently, when mustered into the Corps of the Finalityˆ, becomes allied in some new way with the spiritˆ-gravity circuitˆ of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ by a technique of experience known as  finaliterˆ transcendation. Such finalitersˆ thus become acceptable candidates for experientialˆ recognition as personalities of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ. And when these mortalˆ intellects in the unrevealed future assignments of the Corps of the Finalityˆ attain the seventh stage of spiritˆ existence, such dual minds will become triune. These two attuned minds, the human and the divineˆ, will become glorifiedˆ in union with the experientialˆ mindˆ of the then actualˆized  Supremeˆ Beingˆ.

117:5.4 In the eternalˆ future,  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ will be actualˆized — creatively expressed and spiritˆually portrayed — in the spiritˆualized mindˆ, the immortal soulˆ, of ascendantˆ man, even as the Universal Fatherˆ was so revealed in the earth life of Jesusˆ.

117:5.5 Man does not unite with the Supremeˆ and submerge his personal identity, but the universeˆ repercussions of the experience of all men do thus form a part of the divineˆ experiencing of the Supremeˆ. “The act is ours, the consequences Godˆ’s.”

117:5.6 The progressing personalityˆ leaves a trail of actualˆized reality as it passes through the ascendingˆ levels of the universesˆ. Be they mindˆ, spiritˆ, or energyˆ, the growing creations of time and spaceˆ are modified by the progression of personalityˆ through their domains. When man acts, the Supremeˆ reacts, and this transaction constitutes the fact of progression.

117:5.7 The great circuitsˆ of energyˆ, mindˆ, and spiritˆ are never the permanent possessions of ascendingˆ personalityˆ; these ministries remain forever a part of Supremacyˆ. In the mortalˆ experience the human intellect resides in the rhythmic pulsations of the adjutant mind-spiritsˆ and effects its decisions within the arena produced by encircuitment within this ministry. Upon mortalˆ death the human self is everlastingly divorced from the adjutant circuitˆ. While these adjutants never seem to transmit experience from one personalityˆ to another, they can and do transmit the impersonal repercussions of decision-action through  Godˆ the Sevenfoldˆˆ to  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ. (At least this is true of the adjutants of worship and wisdom.)

117:5.8 And so it is with the spiritˆual circuits: Man utilizes these in his ascent through the universesˆ, but he never possesses them as a part of his eternalˆ personalityˆ. But these circuitsˆ of spiritˆual ministry, whether  Spiritˆ of Truthˆ,  Holyˆ Spiritˆˆ, or superuniverseˆ  spiritˆ presencesˆ, are receptive and reactive to the emerging values in ascendingˆ personalityˆ, and these values are faithfully transmitted through the Sevenfoldˆ to the Supremeˆ.

117:5.9 While such spiritˆual influences as the  Holyˆ Spiritˆˆ and the  Spiritˆ of Truthˆ are local universeˆˆ ministrations, their guidance is not wholly confined to the geographic limitations of a given local creation. As the ascendingˆ mortalˆ passes beyond the boundaries of his local universeˆˆ of origin, he is not entirely deprived of the ministry of the  Spiritˆ of Truthˆ which has so constantly taught and guided him through the philosophic mazes of the material and morontialˆ worlds, in every crisis of ascensionˆ unfailingly directing the Paradiseˆ pilgrimˆ, ever saying: “This is the way.” When you leave the domains of the local universeˆˆ, through the ministry of the spiritˆ of the emerging  Supremeˆ Beingˆ and through the provisions of superuniverseˆ reflectivityˆ, you will still be guided in your Paradiseˆ ascent by the comforting directive spiritˆ of the Paradiseˆ bestowalˆ Sons of Godˆ.

117:5.10 How do these manifold circuitsˆ of cosmic ministry register the meanings, values, and facts of evolutionaryˆ experience in the Supremeˆ? We are not exactly certain, but we believe that this registry takes place through the persons of the  Supremeˆ Creatorsˆ of Paradiseˆ origin who are the immediate bestowers of these circuitsˆ of time and spaceˆ. The mind-experience accumulations of the seven adjutant mind-spiritsˆ, in their ministry to the physical level of intellect, are a part of the local universeˆˆ experience of the Divineˆ Minister, and through this Creative Spiritˆˆ they probably find registry in the mindˆ of Supremacyˆ. Likewise are mortalˆ experiences with the  Spiritˆ of Truthˆ and the  Holyˆ Spiritˆˆ probably registered by similar techniques in the person of Supremacyˆ.

117:5.11 Even the experience of man and Adjusterˆ must find echo in the divinityˆ of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ, for, as the Adjustersˆ experience, they are like the Supremeˆ, and the evolving soulˆ of mortalˆ man is created out of the pre-existent possibility for such experience within the Supremeˆ.

117:5.12 In this manner do the manifold experiences of all creation become a part of the evolution of Supremacyˆ. Creatures merely utilize the qualities and quantities of the finiteˆ as they ascend to the Father; the impersonal consequences of such utilization remain forever a part of the living cosmos, the Supremeˆ person.

117:5.13 What man himself takes with him as a personalityˆ possession are the character consequences of the experience of having used the mindˆ and  spiritˆ circuitsˆ of the grand universeˆˆ in his Paradiseˆ ascent. When man decides, and when he consummates this decision in action, man experiences, and the meanings and the values of this experience are forever a part of his eternalˆ character on all levels, from the finiteˆ to the final. Cosmically moralˆ and divinelˆy spiritˆual character represents the creature’s capital accumulation of personal decisions which have been illuminated by sincere worship, glorifiedˆ by intelligent love, and consummated in brotherly service.

117:5.14 The evolving Supremeˆ will eventually compensate finiteˆ creatures for their inability ever to achieve more than limited experience contact with the  universeˆ of universesˆ. Creatures can attain the  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ, but their evolutionaryˆ minds, being finiteˆ, are incapable of really understanding the infinite and absoluteˆ Father. But since all creature experiencing registers in, and is a part of, the Supremeˆ, when all creatures attain the final level of finiteˆ existence, and after total universeˆ development makes possible their attainment of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ as an actualˆ divinityˆ presence, then, inherent in the fact of such contact, is contact with total experience. The finiteˆ of time contains within itself the seeds of eternityˆ; and we are taught that, when the fullness of evolution witnesses the exhaustion of the capacity for cosmic growth, the total finiteˆ will embark upon the absoniteˆ phases of the eternalˆ career in quest of the Father as Ultimateˆ.

6. The Quest for the Supremeˆ

117:6.1 We seek the Supremeˆ in the universesˆ, but we find him not. “He is the within and the without of all things and beings, moving and quiescent. Unrecognizable in his mystery, though distant, yet is he near.” The  Almightyˆ Supremeˆˆ is “the form of the yet unformed, the patternˆ of the yet uncreated.” The Supremeˆ is your universeˆ home, and when you find him, it will be like returning home. He is your experientialˆ parent, and even as in the experience of human beings, so has he grown in the experience of divineˆ parenthood. He knows you because he is creaturelike as well as creatorlˆike.

117:6.2 If you truly desire to find Godˆ, you cannot help having born in your minds the consciousness of the Supremeˆ. As Godˆ is your divineˆ Father, so is the Supremeˆ your divineˆ Mother, in whom you are nurtured throughout your lives as universeˆ creatures. “How universal is the Supremeˆ — he is on all sides! The limitless things of creation depend on his presence for life, and none are refused.”

117:6.3 What Michael is to Nebadonˆ, the Supremeˆ is to the  finiteˆ cosmosˆ; his Deityˆ is the great avenue through which the love of the Father flows outward to all creation, and he is the great avenue through which finiteˆ creatures pass inward in their quest of the Father, who is love. Even Thought Adjustersˆ are related to him; in original nature and divinityˆ they are like the Father, but when they experience the transactions of time in the universesˆ of spaceˆ, they become like the Supremeˆ.

117:6.4 The act of the creature’s choosing to do the will of the Creatorˆ is a cosmic value and has a universeˆ meaning which is immediately reacted to by some unrevealed but ubiquitous forceˆ of co-ordination, probably the functioning of the ever-enlarging action of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ.

117:6.5 The morontiaˆ soulˆ of an evolving mortalˆ is really the son of the Adjusterˆ action of the Universal Fatherˆ and the child of the cosmic reaction of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, the Universal Mother. The mother influence dominates the human personalityˆ throughout the local universeˆˆ childhood of the growing soulˆ. The influence of the Deityˆ parents becomes more equal after the  Adjusterˆ fusionˆˆ and during the superuniverseˆ career, but when the creatures of time begin the traversal of the central universeˆˆ of eternityˆ, the Father nature becomes increasingly manifest, attaining its height of finiteˆ manifestation upon the recognition of the Universal Fatherˆ and the admission into the Corps of the Finalityˆ.

117:6.6 In and through the experience of finaliterˆ attainment the experientialˆ mother qualities of the ascendingˆ self become tremendously affected by contact and infusion with the spiritˆ presence of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ and the mindˆ presence of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. Then, throughout the realms of finaliterˆ activity in the grand universeˆˆ, there appears a new awakening of the latent mother potential of the Supremeˆ, a new realization of experientialˆ meanings, and a new synthesis of experientialˆ values of the entire ascensionˆ career. It appears that this realization of self will continue in the universeˆ careers of the sixth-stage finalitersˆ until the mother inheritance of the Supremeˆ attains to finiteˆ synchrony with the Adjusterˆ inheritance of the Father. This intriguing period of grand universeˆˆ function represents the continuing adult career of the ascendantˆ and perfected mortalˆ.

117:6.7 Upon the completion of the sixth stage of existence and the entrance upon the seventh and final stage of spiritˆ status, there will probably ensue the advancing ages of enriching experience, ripening wisdom, and divinityˆ realization. In the nature of the finaliterˆ this will probably equal the completed attainment of the mindˆ struggle for spiritˆ self-realization, the completion of the co-ordination of the ascendantˆ man-nature with the divineˆ Adjusterˆ-nature within the limits of finiteˆ possibilities. Such a magnificent universeˆ self thus becomes the eternalˆ finaliterˆ son of the  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ as well as the eternalˆ universeˆ child of the Mother Supremeˆ, a universeˆ self qualified to represent both the Father and Mother of universesˆ and personalities in any activity or undertaking pertaining to the finiteˆ administration of created, creating, or evolving things and beings.

117:6.8 All soul-evolving humans are literally the evolutionaryˆ sons of Godˆ the Father and Godˆ the Mother, the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. But until such time as mortalˆ man becomes soul-conscious of his divineˆ heritage, this assurance of Deityˆ kinship must be faithˆ realized. Human life experience is the cosmic cocoon in which the universeˆ endowments of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ and the universeˆ presence of the Universal Fatherˆ (none of which are personalities) are evolving the morontiaˆ soulˆ of time and the human-divine finaliterˆ character of universeˆ destinyˆ and eternalˆ service.

117:6.9 Men all too often forget that Godˆ is the greatest experience in human existence. Other experiences are limited in their nature and content, but the experience of Godˆ has no limits save those of the creature’s comprehension capacity, and this very experience is in itself capacity enlarging. When men search for Godˆ, they are searching for everything. When they find Godˆ, they have found everything. The search for Godˆ is the unstinted bestowalˆ of love attended by amazing discoveries of new and greater love to be bestowed.

117:6.10 All true love is from Godˆ, and man receives the divineˆ affection as he himself bestows this love upon his fellows. Love is dynamic. It can never be captured; it is alive, free, thrilling, and always moving. Man can never take the love of the Father and imprison it within his heart. The Father’s love can become real to mortalˆ man only by passing through that man’s personalityˆ as he in turn bestows this love upon his fellows. The great circuitˆ of love is from the Father, through sons to brothers, and hence to the Supremeˆ. The love of the Father appears in the mortalˆ personalityˆ by the ministry of the indwellˆing Adjusterˆ. Such a God-knowingˆ son reveals this love to his universeˆ brethren, and this fraternal affection is the essence of the love of the Supremeˆ.

117:6.11 There is no approach to the Supremeˆ except through experience, and in the current epochsˆ of creation there are only three avenues of creature approach to Supremacy:

117:6.12 1. The  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ descend from the eternalˆ Isle through Havonaˆ, where they acquire capacity for Supremacyˆ comprehension through observation of the Paradiseˆ-Havona reality differential and by exploratory discovery of the manifold activities of the  Supremeˆ Creatorˆˆ Personalities, ranging from the Master Spiritsˆ to the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ.

117:6.13 2. The time-space ascendersˆ coming up from the evolutionaryˆ universesˆ of the  Supremeˆ Creatorsˆ make close approach to the Supremeˆ in the traversal of Havonaˆ as a preliminary to the augmenting appreciation of the unity of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ.

117:6.14 3. The  Havonaˆ nativesˆ acquire a comprehension of the Supremeˆ through contacts with descending pilgrimsˆ from Paradiseˆ and ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ from the seven superuniversesˆ.  Havonaˆ nativesˆ are inherently in position to harmonize the essentially different viewpoints of the citizens of the eternalˆ Isle and the citizens of the evolutionaryˆ universesˆ.

117:6.15 To evolutionaryˆ creatures there are seven great approaches to the Universal Fatherˆ, and each of these Paradiseˆ ascensionsˆ passes through the divinityˆ of one of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ; and each such approach is made possible by an enlargement of experience receptivity consequent upon the creature’s having served in the superuniverseˆ reflective of the nature of that Master Spiritˆ. The sum total of these seven experiences constitutes the present-known limits of a creature’s consciousness of the reality and actualˆity of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ.

117:6.16 It is not only man’s own limitations which prevent him from finding the finiteˆ God; it is also the incompletion of the universeˆ; even the incompletion of all creatures — past, present, and future — makes the Supremeˆ inaccessible.  Godˆ the Fatherˆ can be found by any individual who has attained the divineˆ level of Godlikenessˆ, but  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ will never be personally discovered by any one creature until that far-distant time when, through the universal attainment of perfectˆion, all creatures will simultaneously find him.

117:6.17 Despite the fact that you cannot, in this universeˆ age, personally find him as you can and will find the Father, the Son, and the Spiritˆ, nevertheless, the Paradiseˆ ascent and subsequent universeˆ career will gradually create in your consciousness the recognition of the universeˆ presence and the cosmic action of the Godˆ of all experience. The fruits of the spiritˆ are the substance of the Supremeˆ as he is realizable in human experience.

117:6.18 Man’s sometime attainment of the Supremeˆ is consequent upon his fusionˆ with the spiritˆ of Paradiseˆ Deityˆ. With Urantians this spiritˆ is the Adjusterˆ presence of the Universal Fatherˆ; and though the Mystery Monitorˆ is from the Father and like the Father, we doubt that even such a divineˆ gift can achieve the impossible task of revealing the nature of the infinite Godˆ to a finiteˆ creature. We suspect that what the Adjustersˆ will reveal to future seventh-stage finalitersˆ will be the divinityˆ and nature of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ. And this revelation will be to a finiteˆ creature what the revelation of the Infinite would be to an absoluteˆ being.

117:6.19 The Supremeˆ is not infinite, but he probably embraces all of infinity that a finiteˆ creature can ever really comprehend. To understand more than the Supremeˆ is to be more than finite!

117:6.20 All experientialˆ creations are interdependent in their realization of destinyˆ. Only existentialˆ reality is self-contained and self-existent. Havonaˆ and the seven superuniversesˆ require each other to achieve the maximum of finiteˆ attainment; likewise will they be sometime dependent on the future universesˆ of outer spaceˆˆ for finiteˆ transcendenceˆ.

117:6.21 A human ascenderˆ can find the Father; Godˆ is existentialˆ and therefore real, irrespective of the status of experience in the total universeˆ. But no single ascenderˆ will ever find the Supremeˆ until all ascendersˆ have reached that maximum universeˆ maturity which qualifies them simultaneously to participate in this discovery.

117:6.22 The Father is no respecter of persons; he treats each of his ascendingˆ sons as cosmic individuals. The Supremeˆ likewise is no respecter of persons; he treats his experientialˆ children as a single cosmic total.

117:6.23 Man can discover the Father in his heart, but he will have to search for the Supremeˆ in the hearts of all other men; and when all creatures perfectlˆy reveal the love of the Supremeˆ, then will he become a universeˆ actualˆity to all creatures. And that is just another way of saying that the universesˆ will be settled in light and lifeˆ.

117:6.24 The attainment of perfected self-realization by all personalities plus the attainment of perfected equilibrium throughout the universesˆ equals the attainment of the Supremeˆ and witnesses the liberation of all finiteˆ reality from the limitations of incomplete existence. Such an exhaustion of all finiteˆ potentials yields the completed attainment of the Supremeˆ and may be otherwise defined as the completed evolutionaryˆ actualˆization of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ himself.

117:6.25 Men do not find the Supremeˆ suddenly and spectacularly as an earthquake tears chasms into the rocks, but they find him slowly and patiently as a river quietly wears away the soil beneath.

117:6.26 When you find the Father, you will find the great cause of your spiritˆual ascent in the universes; when you find the Supremeˆ, you will discover the great result of your career of Paradiseˆ progression.

117:6.27 But no God-knowingˆ mortalˆ can ever be lonely in his journey through the cosmos, for he knows that the Father walks beside him each step of the way, while the very way that he is traversing is the presence of the Supremeˆ.

7. The Future of the Supremeˆ

117:7.1 The completed realization of all finiteˆ potentials equals the completion of the realization of all evolutionaryˆ experience. This suggests the final emergence of the Supremeˆ as an almightyˆ Deityˆ presence in the universesˆ. We believe that the Supremeˆ, in this stage of development, will be as discretely personalized as is the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ, as concretely powerˆized as is the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ, as completely unified as is the Conjoint Actorˆ, and all of this within the limitations of the finiteˆ possibilities of Supremacyˆ at the culmination of the present universeˆ age.

117:7.2 While this is an entirely proper concept of the future of the Supremeˆ, we would call attention to certain problems inherent in this concept:

117:7.3 1. The Unqualified Supervisors of the Supremeˆˆ could hardly be deitized at any stage prior to his completed evolution, and yet these same supervisors even now qualifiedly exercise the sovereignty of supremacyˆ concerning the universesˆ settled in light and lifeˆ.

117:7.4 2. The Supremeˆ could hardly function in the  Trinityˆ Ultimateˆˆ until he had attained complete actualˆity of universeˆ status, and yet the  Trinityˆ Ultimateˆˆ is even now a qualified reality, and you have been informed of the existence of the Qualified Vicegerentsˆ of the Ultimateˆˆ.

117:7.5 3. The Supremeˆ is not completely real to universeˆ creatures, but there are many reasons for deducing that he is quite real to the Sevenfoldˆ Deityˆ, extending from the Universal Fatherˆ on Paradiseˆ to the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ and the Creative Spiritsˆ of the local universesˆ.

117:7.6 It may be that on the upper limits of the finiteˆ, where time conjoins transcended time, there is some sort of blurring and blending of sequence. It may be that the Supremeˆ is able to forecast his universeˆ presence onto these supertimeˆ levels and then to a limited degree anticipate future evolution by reflecting this future forecast back to the created levels as the Immanence of the Projected Incomplete. Such phenomena may be observed wherever finiteˆ makes contact with superfiniteˆ, as in the experiences of human beings who are indwelt by Thought Adjustersˆ that are veritable predictions of man’s future universeˆ attainments throughout all eternityˆ.

117:7.7 When mortalˆ ascendersˆ are admitted to the finaliterˆ corps of Paradiseˆ, they take an oath to the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ, and in taking this oath of allegiance, they are thereby pledging eternalˆ fidelity to  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ, who is the Trinityˆ as comprehended by all finiteˆ creature personalities. Subsequently, as the finaliterˆ companies function throughout the evolving universesˆ, they are solely amenable to the mandates of Paradiseˆ origin until the eventful times of the settling of local universesˆ in light and lifeˆ. As the new governmental organizations of these perfected creations begin to be reflective of the emerging sovereignty of the Supremeˆ, we observe that the outlying finaliterˆ companies then acknowledge the jurisdictional authority of such new governments. It appears that  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ is evolving as the unifier of the evolutionaryˆ Corps of the Finalityˆ, but it is highly probable that the eternalˆ destinyˆ of these seven corps will be directed by the Supremeˆ as a member of the Ultimateˆ Trinityˆ.

117:7.8 The  Supremeˆ Beingˆ contains three superfiniteˆ possibilities for universeˆ manifestation:

117:7.9 1. Absoniteˆ collaboration in the first experientialˆ Trinityˆ.

117:7.10 2. Coabsoluteˆ relationship in the second experientialˆ Trinityˆ.

117:7.11 3. Coinfinite participation in the Trinityˆ of Trinities, but we have no satisfactory concept as to what this really means.

117:7.12 This is one of the generally accepted hypotheses of the future of the Supremeˆ, but there are also many speculations concerning his relations to the present grand universeˆˆ subsequent to its attainment of the status of light and lifeˆ.

117:7.13 The present goal of the superuniversesˆ is to become, as they are and within their potentials, perfectˆ, even as is Havonaˆ. This perfectˆion pertains to physical and spiritˆual attainment, even to administrative, governmental, and fraternal development. It is believed that, in the ages to come, the possibilities for disharmony, maladjustment, and misadaptation will be eventually exhausted in the superuniversesˆ. The energyˆ circuitsˆ will be in perfectˆ balance and in complete subjugation to mindˆ, while spiritˆ, in the presence of personalityˆ, will have achieved the dominance of mindˆ.

117:7.14 It is conjectured that at this far-distant time the spiritˆ person of the Supremeˆ and attained powerˆ of the Almightyˆ will have achieved co-ordinate development, and that both, as unified in and by the  Supremeˆ Mindˆ, will factualize as the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, a completed actualˆity in the universesˆ — an actualˆity which will be observable by all creature intelligences, reacted to by all created energies, co-ordinated in all spiritˆual entities, and experienced by all universeˆ personalities.

117:7.15 This concept implies the actualˆ sovereignty of the Supremeˆ in the grand universeˆˆ. It is altogether likely that the present Trinityˆ administrators will continue as his vicegerentsˆ, but we believe that the present demarcations between the seven superuniversesˆ will gradually disappear, and that the entire grand universeˆˆ will function as a perfected whole.

117:7.16 It is possible that the Supremeˆ may then be personally resident on Uversaˆ, the headquarters of Orvontonˆ, from which he will direct the administration of the time creations, but this is really only a conjecture. Certainly, though, the personalityˆ of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ will be definitely contactable at some specific locality, although the ubiquity of his Deityˆ presence will probably continue to permeate the  universeˆ of universesˆ. What the relation of the superuniverseˆ citizens of that age will be to the Supremeˆ we do not know, but it may be something like the present relationship between the  Havonaˆ nativesˆ and the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ.

117:7.17 The perfected grand universeˆˆ of those future days will be vastly different from what it is at present. Gone will be the thrilling adventures of the organization of the galaxies of spaceˆ, the planting of life on the uncertain worlds of time, and the evolving of harmony out of chaos, beauty out of potentials, truth out of meanings, and goodness out of values. The time universesˆ will have achieved the fulfillment of finiteˆ destiny! And perhaps for a spaceˆ there will be rest, relaxation from the agelong struggle for evolutionaryˆ perfectˆion. But not for long! Certainly, surely, and inexorably the enigma of the emerging Deityˆ of Godˆ the Ultimateˆ will challenge these perfected citizens of the settled universesˆ just as their struggling evolutionaryˆ forebears were once challenged by the quest for  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ. The curtain of cosmic destinyˆ will draw back to reveal the transcendent grandeur of the alluring absoniteˆ quest for the attainment of the Universal Fatherˆ on those new and higher levels revealed in the ultimateˆ of creature experience.

117:7.18 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messengerˆ temporarily sojourning on Urantiaˆ.]