Paper 67 : The Planetary Rebellion

67:0.1 THE problems associated with human existence on Urantiaˆ are impossible of understanding without a knowledge of certain great epochsˆ of the past, notably the occurrence and consequences of the planetary rebellion. Although this upheaval did not seriously interfere with the progress of organic evolution, it did markedly modify the course of social evolution and of spiritˆual development. The entire superphysical history of the planet was profoundly influenced by this devastating calamity.

1. The Caligastiaˆ Betrayal

67:1.1 For three hundred thousand years Caligastiaˆ had been in charge of Urantiaˆ when Satanˆ, Luciferˆ’s assistant, made one of his periodic inspection calls. And when Satanˆ arrived on the planet, his appearance in no way resembled your caricatures of his nefarious majesty. He was, and still is, a Lanonandekˆ Son of great brilliance. “And no marvel, for Satanˆ himself is a brilliant creature of light.”

67:1.2 In the course of this inspection Satanˆ informed Caligastiaˆ of Luciferˆ’s then proposed “Declaration of Liberty,” and as we now know, the Prince agreed to betray the planet upon the announcement of the rebellion. The loyal universeˆ personalities look with peculiar disdain upon Prince Caligastiaˆ because of this premeditated betrayal of trust. The  Creatorˆ Sonˆ voiced this contempt when he said: “You are like your leader, Luciferˆ, and you have sinfully perpetuated his iniquityˆ. He was a falsifier from the beginning of his self-exaltation because he abode not in the truth.”

67:1.3 In all the administrative work of a local universeˆˆ no high trust is deemed more sacred than that reposed in a Planetary Prince who assumes responsibility for the welfare and guidance of the evolving mortalsˆ on a newly inhabited world. And of all forms of evil, none are more destructive of personalityˆ status than betrayal of trust and disloyalty to one’s confiding friends. In committing this deliberate sinˆ, Caligastiaˆ so completely distorted his personalityˆ that his mindˆ has never since been able fully to regain its equilibrium.

67:1.4 There are many ways of looking at sinˆ, but from the universeˆ philosophic viewpoint sinˆ is the attitude of a personalityˆ who is knowingly resisting cosmic reality. Errorˆ might be regarded as a misconception or distortion of reality. Evil is a partial realization of, or maladjustment to, universeˆ realities. But sinˆ is a purposeful resistance to divineˆ reality — a conscious choosing to oppose spiritˆual progress — while iniquityˆ consists in an open and persistent defiance of recognized reality and signifies such a degree of personalityˆ disintegration as to border on cosmic insanity.

67:1.5 Errorˆ suggests lack of intellectual keenness; evil, deficiency of wisdom; sinˆ, abject spiritˆual poverty; but iniquityˆ is indicative of vanishing personalityˆ control.

67:1.6 And when sinˆ has so many times been chosen and so often been repeated, it may become habitual. Habitual sinners can easily become iniquitousˆ, become wholehearted rebels against the universeˆ and all of its divineˆ realities. While all manner of sins may be forgiven, we doubt whether the established iniquiter would ever sincerely experience sorrow for his misdeeds or accept forgiveness for his sins.

2. The Outbreak of Rebellion

67:2.1 Shortly after Satanˆ’s inspection and when the planetary administration was on the eveˆ of the realization of great things on Urantiaˆ, one day, midwinter of the northern continents, Caligastiaˆ held a prolonged conference with his associate, Daligastiaˆ, after which the latter called the ten councils of Urantiaˆ in session extraordinary. This assembly was opened with the statement that Prince Caligastiaˆ was about to proclaim himself absoluteˆ sovereign of Urantiaˆ and demanded that all administrative groups abdicate by resigning all of their functions and powersˆ into the hands of Daligastiaˆ as trustee, pending the reorganization of the planetary government and the subsequent redistribution of these offices of administrative authority.

67:2.2 The presentation of this astounding demand was followed by the masterly appeal of Vanˆ, chairman of the supremeˆ council of co-ordination. This distinguished administrator and able jurist branded the proposed course of Caligastiaˆ as an act bordering on planetary rebellion and appealed to his conferees to abstain from all participation until an appeal could be taken to Luciferˆ, the System Sovereign of Satanˆia; and he won the support of the entire staff. Accordingly, appeal was taken to Jerusemˆ, and forthwith came back the orders designating Caligastiaˆ as supremeˆ sovereign on Urantiaˆ and commanding absoluteˆ and unquestioning allegiance to his mandates. And it was in reply to this amazing message that the noble Vanˆ made his memorable address of seven hours’ length in which he formally drew his indictment of Daligastiaˆ, Caligastiaˆ, and Luciferˆ as standing in contempt of the sovereignty of the universeˆ of Nebadonˆ; and he appealed to the Most Highs of Edentiaˆ for support and confirmation.

67:2.3 Meantime the system circuitsˆ had been severed; Urantiaˆ was isolated. Every group of celestialˆ life on the planet found itself suddenly and without warning isolated, utterly cut off from all outside counsel and advice.

67:2.4 Daligastiaˆ formally proclaimed CaligastiaˆGodˆ of Urantiaˆ and supremeˆ over all.” With this proclamation before them, the issues were clearly drawn; and each group drew off by itself and began deliberations, discussions destined eventually to determine the fate of every superhumanˆ personalityˆ on the planet.

67:2.5 Seraphimˆ and cherubimˆ and other celestialˆ beings were involved in the decisions of this bitter struggle, this long and sinful conflict. Many superhumanˆ groups that chanced to be on Urantiaˆ at the time of its isolation were detained here and, like the seraphimˆ and their associates, were compelled to choose between sinˆ and righteousness — between the ways of Luciferˆ and the will of the unseen Father.

67:2.6 For more than seven years this struggle continued. Not until every personalityˆ concerned had made a final decision, would or did the authorities of Edentiaˆ interfere or intervene. Not until then did Vanˆ and his loyal associates receive vindication and release from their prolonged anxiety and intolerable suspense.

3. The Seven Crucial Years

67:3.1 The outbreak of rebellion on Jerusemˆ, the capital of Satanˆia, was broadcast by the Melchizedekˆ council. The emergency Melchizedeksˆ were immediately dispatched to Jerusemˆ, and Gabrielˆ volunteered to act as the representative of the  Creatorˆ Sonˆ, whose authority had been challenged. With this broadcast of the fact of rebellion in Satanˆia the system was isolated, quarantined, from her sister systems. There was “war in heaven,” the headquarters of Satanˆia, and it spread to every planet in the local systemˆ.

67:3.2 On Urantiaˆ forty members of the corporeal staff of one hundred (including Van) refused to join the insurrection. Many of the staff’s human assistants (modified and otherwise) were also brave and noble defenders of Michael and his universeˆ government. There was a terrible loss of personalities among seraphimˆ and cherubimˆ. Almost one half of the administrator and transition seraphimˆ assigned to the planet joined their leader and Daligastiaˆ in support of the cause of Luciferˆ. Forty thousand one hundred and nineteen of the primary midway creatures joined hands with Caligastiaˆ, but the remainder of these beings remained true to their trust.

67:3.3 The traitorous Prince marshaled the disloyal midway creatures and other groups of rebel personalities and organized them to execute his bidding, while Vanˆ assembled the loyal midwayersˆ and other faithful groups and began the great battle for the salvation of the planetary staff and other marooned celestialˆ personalities.

67:3.4 During the times of this struggle the loyalists dwelt in an unwalled and poorly protected settlement a few miles to the east of Dalamatiaˆ, but their dwellings were guarded day and night by the alert and ever-watchful loyal midway creatures, and they had possession of the priceless tree of life.

67:3.5 Upon the outbreak of rebellion, loyal cherubimˆ and seraphimˆ, with the aid of three faithful midwayersˆ, assumed the custody of the tree of life and permitted only the forty loyalists of the staff and their associated modified mortalsˆ to partake of the fruit and leaves of this energyˆ plant. There were fifty-six of these modified Andonˆite associates of the staff, sixteen of the Andonˆite attendants of the disloyal staff refusing to go into rebellion with their masters.

67:3.6 Throughout the seven crucial years of the Caligastiaˆ rebellion, Vanˆ was wholly devoted to the work of ministry to his loyal army of men, midwayersˆ, and angelsˆ. The spiritˆual insight and moralˆ steadfastness which enabled Vanˆ to maintain such an unshakable attitude of loyalty to the universeˆ government was the product of clear thinking, wise reasoning, logical judgment, sincere motivation, unselfish purpose, intelligent loyalty, experientialˆ memory, disciplined character, and the unquestioning dedication of his personalityˆ to the doing of the will of the Father in Paradiseˆ.

67:3.7 This seven years of waiting was a time of heart searching and soulˆ discipline. Such crises in the affairs of a universeˆ demonstrate the tremendous influence of mindˆ as a factor in spiritˆual choosing. Education, training, and experience are factors in most of the vital decisions of all evolutionaryˆ moralˆ creatures. But it is entirely possible for the indwellˆing spiritˆ to make direct contact with the decision-determining powersˆ of the human personalityˆ so as to empower the fully consecrated will of the creature to perform amazing acts of loyal devotion to the will and the way of the Father in Paradiseˆ. And this is just what occurred in the experience of Amadonˆ, the modified human associate of Vanˆ.

67:3.8 Amadonˆ is the outstanding human hero of the Luciferˆ rebellion. This male descendant of Andonˆ and Fontaˆ was one of the one hundred who contributed life plasm to the Prince’s staff, and ever since that event he had been attached to Vanˆ as his associate and human assistant. Amadonˆ elected to stand with his chief throughout the long and trying struggle. And it was an inspiring sight to behold this child of the evolutionaryˆ races standing unmoved by the sophistries of Daligastiaˆ while throughout the seven-year struggle he and his loyal associates resisted with unyielding fortitude all of the deceptive teachings of the brilliant Caligastiaˆ.

67:3.9 Caligastiaˆ, with a maximum of intelligence and a vast experience in universeˆ affairs, went astray — embraced sinˆ. Amadonˆ, with a minimum of intelligence and utterly devoid of universeˆ experience, remained steadfast in the service of the universeˆ and in loyalty to his associate. Vanˆ utilized both mindˆ and spiritˆ in a magnificent and effective combination of intellectual determination and spiritˆual insight, thereby achieving an experientialˆ level of personalityˆ realization of the highest attainable order. Mindˆ and spiritˆ, when fully united, are potential for the creation of superhumanˆ values, even morontiaˆ realities.

67:3.10 There is no end to the recital of the stirring events of these tragic days. But at last the final decision of the last personalityˆ was made, and then, but only then, did a Most High of Edentiaˆ arrive with the emergency Melchizedeksˆ to seize authority on Urantiaˆ. The Caligastiaˆ panoramic reign-records on Jerusemˆ were obliterated, and the probationary era of planetary rehabilitation was inaugurated.

4. The Caligastiaˆ One Hundred after Rebellion

67:4.1 When the final roll was called, the corporeal members of the Prince’s staff were found to have aligned themselves as follows: Vanˆ and his entire court of co-ordination had remained loyal. Angˆ and three members of the food council had survived. The board of animal husbandry were all swept into rebellion as were all of the animal-conquest advisers. Fadˆ and five members of the educational faculty were saved. Nodˆ and all of the commission on industry and trade joined Caligastiaˆ. Hapˆ and the entire college of revealed religion remained loyal with Vanˆ and his noble band. Lutˆ and the whole board of health were lost. The council of art and science remained loyal in its entirety, but Tutˆ and the commission on tribal government all went astray. Thus were forty out of the one hundred saved, later to be transferred to Jerusemˆ, where they resumed their Paradiseˆ journey.

67:4.2 The sixty members of the planetary staff who went into rebellion chose Nodˆ as their leader. They worked wholeheartedly for the rebel Prince but soon discovered that they were deprived of the sustenance of the system life circuitsˆ. They awakened to the fact that they had been degraded to the status of mortalˆ beings. They were indeed superhumanˆ but, at the same time, material and mortalˆ. In an effort to increase their numbers, Daligastiaˆ ordered immediate resort to sexual reproduction, knowing full well that the original sixty and their forty-four modified Andonˆite associates were doomed to suffer extinction by death, sooner or later. After the fall of Dalamatiaˆ the disloyal staff migrated to the north and the east. Their descendants were long known as the Nodites, and their dwelling place as “the land of Nodˆ.”

67:4.3 The presence of these extraordinary supermen and superwomen, stranded by rebellion and presently mating with the sons and daughters of earth, easily gave origin to those traditional stories of the gods coming down to mate with mortalsˆ. And thus originated the thousand and one legends of a mythical nature, but founded on the facts of the postrebellion days, which later found a place in the folk tales and traditions of the various peoples whose ancestors had participated in these contacts with the Nodites and their descendants.

67:4.4 The staff rebels, deprived of spiritˆual sustenance, eventually died a natural deathˆ. And much of the subsequent idolatry of the human races grew out of the desire to perpetuate the memory of these highly honored beings of the days of Caligastiaˆ.

67:4.5 When the staff of one hundred came to Urantiaˆ, they were temporarily detached from their Thought Adjustersˆ. Immediately upon the arrival of the Melchizedekˆ receivers the loyal personalities (except Van) were returned to Jerusemˆ and were reunited with their waiting Adjustersˆ. We know not the fate of the sixty staff rebels; their Adjustersˆ still tarry on Jerusemˆ. Matters will undoubtedly rest as they now are until the entire Luciferˆ rebellion is finally adjudicated and the fate of all participants decreed.

67:4.6 It was very difficult for such beings as angelsˆ and midwayersˆ to conceive of brilliant and trusted rulers like Caligastiaˆ and Daligastiaˆ going astray — committing traitorous sinˆ. Those beings who fell into sinˆ — they did not deliberately or premeditatedly enter upon rebellion — were misled by their superiors, deceived by their trusted leaders. It was likewise easy to win the support of the primitive-minded evolutionaryˆ mortalsˆ.

67:4.7 The vast majority of all human and superhumanˆ beings who were victims of the Luciferˆ rebellion on Jerusemˆ and the various misled planets have long since heartily repented of their folly; and we truly believe that all such sincere penitents will in some manner be rehabilitated and restored to some phase of universeˆ service when the Ancients of Daysˆ finally complete the adjudication of the affairs of the Satanˆia rebellion, which they have so recently begun.

5. Immediate Results of Rebellion

67:5.1 Great confusion reigned in Dalamatiaˆ and thereabout for almost fifty years after the instigation of rebellion. The complete and radical reorganization of the whole world was attempted; revolution displaced evolution as the policy of cultural advancement and racial improvement. Among the superior and partially trained sojourners in and near Dalamatiaˆ there appeared a sudden advancement in cultural status, but when these new and radical methods were attempted on the outlying peoples, indescribable confusion and racial pandemonium was the immediate result. Liberty was quickly translated into license by the half-evolved primitive men of those days.

67:5.2 Very soon after the rebellion the entire staff of sedition were engaged in energetic defense of the city against the hordes of semisavages who besieged its walls as a result of the doctrines of liberty which had been prematurely taught them. And years before the beautiful headquarters went down beneath the southern waves, the misled and mistaught tribes of the Dalamatiaˆ hinterland had already swept down in semisavage assault on the splendid city, driving the secession staff and their associates northward.

67:5.3 The Caligastiaˆ scheme for the immediate reconstruction of human society in accordance with his ideas of individual freedom and group liberties, proved a swift and more or less complete failure. Society quickly sank back to its old biologic level, and the forward struggle began all over, starting not very far in advance of where it was at the beginning of the Caligastiaˆ regime, this upheaval having left the world in confusion worse confounded.

67:5.4 One hundred and sixty-two years after the rebellion a tidal wave swept up over Dalamatiaˆ, and the planetary headquarters sank beneath the waters of the sea, and this land did not again emerge until almost every vestige of the noble culture of those splendid ages had been obliterated.

67:5.5 When the first capital of the world was engulfed, it harbored only the lowest types of the Sangikˆ races of Urantiaˆ, renegades who had already converted the Father’s temple into a shrine dedicated to Nogˆ, the false godˆ of light and fire.

6. Vanˆ — The Steadfast

67:6.1 The followers of Vanˆ early withdrew to the highlands west of Indiaˆ, where they were exempt from attacks by the confused races of the lowlands, and from which place of retirement they planned for the rehabilitation of the world as their early Badonite predecessors had once all unwittingly worked for the welfare of mankind just before the days of the birth of the Sangikˆ tribes.

67:6.2 Before the arrival of the Melchizedekˆ receivers, Vanˆ placed the administration of human affairs in the hands of ten commissions of four each, groups identical with those of the Prince’s regime. The senior resident Life Carriersˆ assumed temporary leadership of this council of forty, which functioned throughout the seven years of waiting. Similar groups of Amadonˆites assumed these responsibilities when the thirty-nine loyal staff members returned to Jerusemˆ.

67:6.3 These  Amadonˆites were derived from the group of 144 loyal Andonˆites to which Amadonˆ belonged, and who have become known by his name. This group comprised thirty-nine men and one hundred and five women. Fifty-six of this number were of immortality status, and all (except Amadonˆ) were translated along with the loyal members of the staff. The remainder of this noble band continued on earth to the end of their mortalˆ days under the leadership of Vanˆ and Amadonˆ. They were the biologic leaven which multiplied and continued to furnish leadership for the world down through the long dark ages of the postrebellion era.

67:6.4 Vanˆ was left on Urantiaˆ until the time of Adamˆ, remaining as titular head of all superhumanˆ personalities functioning on the planet. He and Amadonˆ were sustained by the technique of the tree of life in conjunction with the specialized life ministry of the Melchizedeksˆ for over one hundred and fifty thousand years.

67:6.5 The affairs of Urantiaˆ were for a long time administered by a council of planetary receivers, twelve Melchizedeksˆ, confirmed by the mandate of the senior constellationˆ ruler, the Most High Father of Norlatiadekˆ. Associated with the Melchizedekˆ receivers was an advisory council consisting of: one of the loyal aids of the fallen Prince, the two resident Life Carriersˆ, a Trinitized Son in apprenticeship training, a volunteer Teacher Son, a Brilliant Evening Star of Avalonˆ (periodically), the chiefs of seraphimˆ and cherubimˆ, advisers from two neighboring planets, the director general of subordinate angelˆic life, and Vanˆ, the commander in chief of the midway creatures. And thus was Urantiaˆ governed and administered until the arrival of Adamˆ. It is not strange that the courageous and loyal Vanˆ was assigned a place on the council of planetary receivers which for so long administered the affairs of Urantiaˆ.

67:6.6 The twelve Melchizedekˆ receivers of Urantiaˆ did heroic work. They preserved the remnants of civilization, and their planetary policies were faithfully executed by Vanˆ. Within one thousand years after the rebellion he had more than three hundred and fifty advanced groups scattered abroad in the world. These outposts of civilization consisted largely of the descendants of the loyal Andonˆites slightly admixed with the Sangikˆ races, particularly the blue men, and with the Nodites.

67:6.7 Notwithstanding the terrible setback of rebellion there were many good strains of biologic promise on earth. Under the supervision of the Melchizedekˆ receivers, Vanˆ and Amadonˆ continued the work of fostering the natural evolution of the human race, carrying forward the physical evolution of man until it reached that culminating attainment which warranted the dispatch of a Material Son and Daughter to Urantiaˆ.

67:6.8 Vanˆ and Amadonˆ remained on earth until shortly after the arrival of Adamˆ and Eveˆ. Some years thereafter they were translated to Jerusemˆ, where Vanˆ was reunited with his waiting Adjusterˆ. Vanˆ now serves in behalf of Urantiaˆ while awaiting the order to go forward on the long, long trail to Paradiseˆ perfectˆion and the unrevealed destinyˆ of the assembling Corps of Mortalˆ Finality.

67:6.9 It should be recorded that, when Vanˆ appealed to the Most Highs of Edentiaˆ after Luciferˆ had sustained Caligastiaˆ on Urantiaˆ, the Constellationˆ Fathers dispatched an immediate decision sustaining Vanˆ on every point of his contention. This verdict failed to reach him because the planetary circuitsˆ of communication were severed while it was in transit. Only recently was this actualˆ ruling discovered lodged in the possession of a relay energyˆ transmitter where it had been marooned ever since the isolation of Urantiaˆ. Without this discovery, made as the result of the investigations of the Urantiaˆ midwayersˆ, the release of this decision would have awaited the restoration of Urantiaˆ to the constellationˆ circuitsˆ. And this apparent accident of interplanetary communication was possible because  energyˆ transmittersˆ can receive and transmit intelligence, but they cannot initiate communication.

67:6.10 The technical status of Vanˆ on the legal records of Satanˆia was not actuallˆy and finally settled until this ruling of the Edentiaˆ Fathers was recorded on Jerusemˆ.

7. Remote Repercussions of Sinˆ

67:7.1 The personal (centripetal) consequences of the creature’s willful and persistent rejection of light are both inevitable and individual and are of concern only to Deityˆ and to that personal creature. Such a soul-destroying harvest of iniquityˆ is the inner reaping of the iniquitousˆ will creature.

67:7.2 But not so with the external repercussions of sin: The impersonal (centrifugal) consequences of embraced sinˆ are both inevitable and collective, being of concern to every creature functioning within the affect-range of such events.

67:7.3 By fifty thousand years after the collapse of the planetary administration, earthly affairs were so disorganized and retarded that the human race had gained very little over the general evolutionaryˆ status existing at the time of Caligastiaˆ’s arrival three hundred and fifty thousand years previously. In certain respects progress had been made; in other directions much ground had been lost.

67:7.4 Sinˆ is never purely local in its effects. The administrative sectors of the universesˆ are organismalˆ; the plight of one personalityˆ must to a certain extent be shared by all. Sinˆ, being an attitude of the person toward reality, is destined to exhibit its inherent negativistic harvest upon any and all related levels of universeˆ values. But the full consequences of erroneous thinking, evil-doing, or sinful planning are experienced only on the level of actualˆ performance. The transgression of universeˆ law may be fatal in the physical realm without seriously involving the mindˆ or impairing the spiritˆual experience. Sinˆ is fraught with fatal consequences to personalityˆ survival only when it is the attitude of the whole being, when it stands for the choosing of the mindˆ and the willing of the soulˆ.

67:7.5 Evil and sinˆ visit their consequences in material and social realms and may sometimes even retard spiritˆual progress on certain levels of universeˆ reality, but never does the sinˆ of any being rob another of the realization of the divineˆ right of personalityˆ survival. Eternalˆ survival can be jeopardized only by the decisions of the mindˆ and the choice of the soulˆ of the individual himself.

67:7.6 Sinˆ on Urantiaˆ did very little to delay biologic evolution, but it did operate to deprive the mortalˆ races of the full benefit of the Adamic inheritance. Sinˆ enormously retards intellectual development, moralˆ growth, social progress, and mass spiritˆual attainment. But it does not prevent the highest spiritˆual achievement by any individual who chooses to know Godˆ and sincerely do his divineˆ will.

67:7.7 Caligastiaˆ rebelled, Adamˆ and Eveˆ did default, but no mortalˆ subsequently born on Urantiaˆ has suffered in his personal spiritˆual experience because of these blunders. Every mortalˆ born on Urantiaˆ since Caligastiaˆ’s rebellion has been in some manner time-penalized, but the future welfare of such souls has never been in the least eternityˆ-jeopardized. No person is ever made to suffer vital spiritˆual deprivation because of the sinˆ of another. Sinˆ is wholly personal as to moralˆ guilt or spiritˆual consequences, notwithstanding its far-flung repercussions in administrative, intellectual, and social domains.

67:7.8 While we cannot fathom the wisdom that permits such catastrophes, we can always discern the beneficial outworking of these local disturbances as they are reflected out upon the universeˆ at large.

8. The Human Hero of the Rebellion

67:8.1 The Luciferˆ rebellion was withstood by many courageous beings on the various worlds of Satanˆia; but the records of Salvingtonˆ portray Amadonˆ as the outstanding character of the entire system in his glorious rejection of the flood tides of sedition and in his unswerving devotion to Vanˆ — they stood together unmoved in their loyalty to the supremacyˆ of the invisible Father and his Son Michael.

67:8.2 At the time of these momentous transactions I was stationed on Edentiaˆ, and I am still conscious of the exhilaration I experienced as I perused the Salvingtonˆ broadcasts which told from day to day of the unbelievable steadfastness, the transcendent devotion, and the exquisite loyalty of this onetime semisavage springing from the experimental and original stock of the Andonˆic race.

67:8.3 From Edentiaˆ up through Salvingtonˆ and even on to Uversaˆ, for seven long years the first inquiry of all subordinate celestialˆ life regarding the Satanˆia rebellion, ever and always, was: “What of Amadonˆ of Urantiaˆ, does he still stand unmoved?”

67:8.4 If the Luciferˆ rebellion has handicapped the local systemˆ and its fallen worlds, if the loss of this Son and his misled associates has temporarily hampered the progress of the constellationˆ of Norlatiadekˆ, then weigh the effect of the far-flung presentation of the inspiring performance of this one child of nature and his determined band of 143 comrades in standing steadfast for the higher concepts of universeˆ management and administration in the face of such tremendous and adverse pressure exerted by his disloyal superiors. And let me assure you, this has already done more good in the universeˆ of Nebadonˆ and the superuniverseˆ of Orvontonˆ than can ever be outweighed by the sum total of all the evil and sorrow of the Luciferˆ rebellion.

67:8.5 And all this is a beautifully touching and superbly magnificent illumination of the wisdom of the Father’s universal plan for mobilizing the Corps of Mortalˆ Finality on Paradiseˆ and for recruiting this vast group of mysterious servants of the future largely from the common clay of the mortalsˆ of ascendingˆ progression — just such mortalsˆ as the impregnable Amadonˆ.

67:8.6 [Presented by a Melchizedekˆ of Nebadonˆ.]