Paper 28 : Ministering Spiritsˆ of the Superuniverses

28:0.1 AS THE supernaphimˆ are the angelˆic hosts of the central universeˆˆ and the seraphimˆ of the local universesˆ, so are the seconaphimˆ the ministering spiritsˆ of the superuniversesˆ. In degree of divinityˆ and in potential of supremacyˆ, however, these children of the Reflective Spiritsˆ are much more like supernaphimˆ than seraphimˆ. They serve not alone in the supercreations, and both numerous and intriguing are the transactions sponsored by their unrevealed associates.

28:0.2 As presented in these narratives, the ministering spiritsˆ of the superuniversesˆ embrace the following three orders:

28:0.3 1. The Seconaphimˆ.

28:0.4 2. The Tertiaphimˆ.

28:0.5 3. The Omniaphimˆ.

28:0.6 Since the latter two orders are not so directly concerned with the ascendantˆ scheme of mortalˆ progression, they will be briefly discussed prior to the more extended consideration of seconaphimˆ. Technically, neither tertiaphimˆ nor omniaphimˆ are ministering spiritsˆ of the superuniversesˆ, though both serve as spiritˆ ministers in these domains.

1. The Tertiaphimˆ

28:1.1 These high angelsˆ are of record on the superuniverseˆ headquarters, and despite service in the local creations, technically they are residents of these superuniverseˆ capitals inasmuch as they are not native to the local universesˆ. Tertiaphimˆ are children of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ and are personalized on Paradiseˆ in groups of one thousand. These supernal beings of divineˆ originality and near-supreme versatility are the gift of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ of Godˆ.

28:1.2 When a Michael Son is detached from the parental regime of Paradiseˆ and is made ready to go forth on the universeˆ adventure of spaceˆ, the Infinite Spiritˆˆ is delivered of a group of one thousand of these companion spiritsˆ. And these majestic tertiaphimˆ accompany this  Creatorˆ Sonˆ when he embarks upon the adventure of universeˆ organization.

28:1.3 Throughout the early times of universeˆ building, these one thousand tertiaphimˆ are the only personal staff of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ. They acquire a mighty experience as Son assistants during these stirring ages of universeˆ assembling and other astronomical manipulations. They serve by the side of the  Creatorˆ Sonˆ until the day of the personalization of the Bright and Morning Star, the first-born of a local universeˆˆ. Thereupon the formal resignations of the tertiaphimˆ are tendered and accepted. And with the appearance of the initial orders of native angelˆic life, they retire from active service in the local universeˆˆ and become the liaison ministers between the  Creatorˆ Sonˆ of former attachment and the Ancients of Daysˆ of the superuniverseˆ concerned.

2. The Omniaphimˆ

28:2.1 Omniaphimˆ are created by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ in liaison with the Seven Supremeˆ Executivesˆ, and they are the exclusive servants and messengers of these same Supremeˆ Executives. Omniaphimˆ are of grand universeˆˆ assignment, and in Orvontonˆ their corps maintains headquarters in the northerly parts of Uversaˆ, where they reside as a special courtesy colony. They are not of registry on Uversaˆ, nor are they attached to our administration. Neither are they directly concerned with the ascendantˆ scheme of mortalˆ progression.

28:2.2 The omniaphimˆ are wholly occupied with the oversight of the superuniversesˆ in the interests of administrative co-ordination from the viewpoint of the Seven Supremeˆ Executivesˆ. Our colony of omniaphimˆ on Uversaˆ receives instructions from, and makes reports to, only the Supremeˆ Executive of Orvontonˆ, situated on conjoint executive sphere number seven in the outer ring of Paradiseˆ satellites.

3. The Seconaphimˆ

28:3.1 The secoraphicˆ hosts are produced by the seven Reflective Spiritsˆ assigned to the headquarters of each superuniverseˆ. There is a definite Paradiseˆ-responsive technique associated with the creation of these angelsˆ in groups of seven. In each seven there are always one primary, three secondary, and three tertiary seconaphimˆ; they always personalize in this exact proportion. When seven such seconaphimˆ are created, one, the primary, becomes attached to the service of the Ancients of Daysˆ. The three secondary angelsˆ are associated with three groups of Paradiseˆ-origin administrators in the supergovernments: the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ, and the Universal Censorsˆ. The three tertiary angelsˆ are attached to the ascendantˆ trinitized associates of the superuniverseˆ rulers: the Mighty Messengersˆ, Those High in Authorityˆ, and Those without Name and Numberˆ.

28:3.2 These seconaphimˆ of the superuniversesˆ are the offspring of the Reflective Spiritsˆ, and therefore reflectivityˆ is inherent in their nature. They are reflectively responsive to all of each phase of every creature of origin in the Third Source and Centerˆ and the Paradiseˆ  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ, but they are not directly reflective of the beings and entities, personal or otherwise, of sole origin in the First Source and Centerˆ. We possess many evidences of the actualˆity of the universal intelligence circuitsˆ of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, but even if we had no other proof, the reflective performances of the seconaphimˆ would be quite sufficient to demonstrate the reality of the universal presence of the infinite mindˆ of the Conjoint Actorˆ.

4. The Primary Seconaphimˆ

28:4.1 The primary seconaphimˆ, of assignment to the Ancients of Daysˆ, are living mirrors in the service of these triune rulers. Think what it means in the economy of a superuniverseˆ to be able to turn, as it were, to a living mirror and therein to see and therewith to hear the certain responses of another being a thousand or a hundred thousand light-years distant and to do all this instantly and unerringly. Records are essential to the conduct of the universesˆ, broadcasts are serviceable, the work of the Solitary and other messengers is very helpful, but the Ancients of Daysˆ from their position midway between the inhabited worlds and Paradiseˆ — between man and Godˆ — can instantly look both ways, hear both ways, and know both ways.

28:4.2 This ability — to hear and see, as it were, all things — can be perfectlˆy realized in the superuniversesˆ only by the Ancients of Daysˆ and only on their respective headquarters worlds. Even there limits are encountered: From Uversaˆ, such communication is limited to the worlds and universesˆ of Orvontonˆ, and while inoperative between the superuniversesˆ, this same reflective technique keeps each one of them in close touch with the central universeˆˆ and with Paradiseˆ. The seven supergovernments, though individually segregated, are thus perfectlˆy reflective of the authority above and are wholly sympathetic, as well as perfectlˆy conversant, with the needs below.

28:4.3 The primary seconaphimˆ are found to incline by inherent nature towards seven types of service, and it is befitting that the first serials of this order should be so endowed as inherently to interpret the mindˆ of the Spiritˆ to the Ancients of Days:

28:4.4 1. The Voice of the Conjoint Actorˆ. In each superuniverseˆ the first primary seconaphimˆ and every seventh one of that order subsequently created exhibit a high order of adaptability for understanding and interpreting the mindˆ of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to the Ancients of Daysˆ and their associates in the supergovernments. This is of great value on the headquarters of the superuniversesˆ, for, unlike the local creations with their Divineˆ Ministers, the seat of a supergovernment does not have a specialized personalization of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. Hence these secoraphicˆ voices come the nearest to being the personal representatives of the Third Source and Centerˆ on such a capital sphere. True, the seven Reflective Spiritsˆ are there, but these mothers of the secoraphicˆ hosts are less truly and automatically reflective of the Conjoint Actorˆ than of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ.

28:4.5 2. The Voice of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ. The second primary seconaphimˆ and every seventh one thereafter created incline towards portraying the collective natures and reactions of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ. Though each Master Spiritˆ is already represented on a superuniverseˆ capital by some one of the seven Reflective Spiritsˆ of assignment, such representation is individual, not collective. Collectively, they are only reflectively present; therefore do the Master Spiritsˆ welcome the services of these highly personal angelsˆ, the second serials of the primary seconaphimˆ, who are so competent to represent them before the Ancients of Daysˆ.

28:4.6 3. The Voice of the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ. The Infinite Spiritˆˆ must have had something to do with the creation or training of the Paradiseˆ Sons of the order of Michael, for the third primary seconaphimˆ and every seventh serial thereafter possess the remarkable gift of being reflective of the minds of these  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ. If the Ancients of Daysˆ would like to know — really know — the attitude of Michael of Nebadonˆˆ regarding some matter under consideration, they do not have to call him on the lines of spaceˆ; they need only call for the Chief of Nebadonˆ Voices, who, upon request, will present the Michael seconaphimˆ of record; and right then and there the Ancients of Daysˆ will perceive the voice of the Master Sonˆ of Nebadonˆ.

28:4.7 No other order of sonshipˆ is thus “reflectible,” and no other order of angelˆ can thus function. We do not fully understand just how this is accomplished, and I doubt very much that the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ themselves fully understand it. But of a certainty we know it works, and that it unfailingly works acceptably we also know, for in all the history of Uversaˆ the secoraphicˆ voices have never erred in their presentations.

28:4.8 You are here beginning to see something of the manner in which divinityˆ encompasses the spaceˆ of time and masters the time of spaceˆ. You are here obtaining one of your first fleeting glimpses of the technique of the eternityˆ cycle, divergent for the moment to assist the children of time in their tasks of mastering the difficult handicaps of spaceˆ. And these phenomena are additional to the established universeˆ technique of the Reflective Spiritsˆ.

28:4.9 Though apparently deprived of the personal presence of the Master Spiritsˆ above and of the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ below, the Ancients of Daysˆ have at their command living beings attuned to cosmic mechanisms of reflective perfectˆion and ultimateˆ precision whereby they may enjoy the reflective presence of all those exalted beings whose personal presence is denied them. By and through these means, and others unknown to you, Godˆ is potentially present on the headquarters of the superuniversesˆ.

28:4.10 The Ancients of Daysˆ perfectlˆy deduce the Father’s will by equating the Spiritˆ voice-flash from above and the Michael voice-flashes from below. Thus may they be unerringly certain in calculating the Father’s will concerning the administrative affairs of the local universesˆ. But to deduce the will of one of the Gods from a knowledge of the other two, the three Ancients of Daysˆ must act together; two would not be able to achieve the answer. And for this reason, even were there no others, the superuniversesˆ are always presided over by three Ancients of Daysˆ, and not by one or even two.

28:4.11 4. The Voice of the Angelˆic Hosts. The fourth primary seconaphimˆ and every seventh serial prove to be angelsˆ peculiarly responsive to the sentiments of all orders of angelsˆ, including the supernaphimˆ above and the seraphimˆ below. Thus the attitude of any commanding or supervising angelˆ is immediately available for consideration at any council of the Ancients of Daysˆ. Never a day passes on your world that the chief of seraphimˆ on Urantiaˆ is not made conscious of the phenomenon of reflective transference, of being drawn upon from Uversaˆ for some purpose; but unless forewarned by a Solitary Messenger, she remains wholly ignorant of what is sought and of how it is secured. These  ministering spiritsˆ of timeˆ are constantly furnishing this sort of unconscious and certainly, therefore, unprejudiced testimony concerning the endless array of matters engaging the attention and counsel of the Ancients of Daysˆ and their associates.

28:4.12 5. Broadcast Receivers. There is a special class of broadcast messages which are received only by these primary seconaphimˆ. While they are not the regular broadcasters of Uversaˆ, they work in liaison with the angelsˆ of the reflective voices for the purpose of synchronizing the reflective vision of the Ancients of Daysˆ with certain actualˆ messages coming in over the established circuitsˆ of universeˆ communication. Broadcast receivers are the fifth serials, the fifth primary seconaphimˆ to be created and every seventh one thereafter.

28:4.13 6. Transport Personalities. These are the seconaphimˆ who carry the pilgrimsˆ of time from the headquarters worlds of the superuniversesˆ to the outer circle of Havonaˆ. They are the transport corps of the superuniversesˆ, operating inward to Paradiseˆ and outward to the worlds of their respective sectors. This corps is composed of the sixth primary seconaphimˆ and every seventh one subsequently created.

28:4.14 7. The Reserve Corpsˆ. A very large group of seconaphimˆ, the seventh primary serials, are held in reserve for the unclassified duties and the emergency assignments of the realms. Not being highly specialized, they can function fairly well in any of the capacities of their diverse associates, but such specialized work is undertaken only in emergencies. Their usual tasks are the performance of those generalized duties of a superuniverseˆ which do not fall within the scope of the angelsˆ of specific assignment.

5. The Secondary Seconaphimˆ

28:5.1 Seconaphimˆ of the secondary order are no less reflective than their primary fellows. Being classed as primary, secondary, and tertiary does not indicate a differential of status or function in the case of seconaphimˆ; it merely denotes orders of procedure. Identical qualities are exhibited by all three groups in their activities.

28:5.2 The seven reflective types of secondary seconaphimˆ are assigned to the services of the co-ordinate Trinityˆ-origin associates of the Ancients of Daysˆ as follows:

28:5.3 To the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ — the Voices of Wisdom, the Souls of Philosophy, and the Unions of Souls.

28:5.4 To the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ — the Hearts of Counsel, the Joys of Existence, and the Satisfactions of Service.

28:5.5 To the Universal Censorsˆ — the Discerners of Spiritsˆ.

28:5.6 Like the primary order, this group is created serially; that is, the first-born was a Voice of Wisdom, and the seventh thereafter was similar, and so with the six other types of these reflective angelsˆ.

28:5.7 1. The Voice of Wisdom. Certain of these seconaphimˆ are in perpetualˆ liaison with the living libraries of Paradiseˆ, the custodians of knowledge belonging to the primary supernaphimˆ. In specialized reflective service the Voices of Wisdom are living, current, replete, and thoroughly reliable concentrations and focalizations of the co-ordinated wisdom of the  universeˆ of universesˆ. To the well-nigh infinite volume of information circulating on the master circuitsˆ of the superuniversesˆ, these superb beings are so reflective and selective, so sensitive, as to be able to segregate and receive the essence of wisdom and unerringly to transmit these jewels of mentationˆ to their superiors, the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ. And they so function that the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ not only hear the actualˆ and original expressions of this wisdom but also reflectively see the very beings, of high or lowly origin, who gave voice to it.

28:5.8 It is written, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask.” On Uversaˆ, when it becomes necessary to arrive at the decisions of wisdom in the perplexing situations of the complex affairs of the superuniverseˆ government, when both the wisdom of perfectˆion and of practicability must be forthcoming, then do the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ summon a battery of the Voices of Wisdom and, by the consummate skill of their order, so attune and directionize these living receivers of the enminded and circulating wisdom of the  universeˆ of universesˆ that presently, from these secoraphicˆ voices, there ensues a stream of the wisdom of divinityˆ from the universeˆ above and a flood of the wisdom of practicality from the higher minds of the universesˆ below.

28:5.9 If confusion arises regarding the harmonization of these two versions of wisdom, immediate appeal is made to the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, who forthwith rule as to the proper combination of procedures. If there is any doubt as to the authenticity of something coming in from realms where rebellion has been rife, appeal is made to the Censors, who, with their Discerners of Spiritsˆ, are able to rule immediately as to “what manner of spirit” actuated the adviser. So are the wisdom of the ages and the intellect of the moment ever present with the Ancients of Daysˆ, like an open book before their beneficent gaze.

28:5.10 You can just faintly comprehend what all this means to those who are responsible for the conduct of the superuniverseˆ governments. The immensity and the comprehensiveness of these transactions are quite beyond finiteˆ conception. When you stand, as I repeatedly have, in the special receiving chambers of the temple of wisdom on Uversaˆ and see all this in actualˆ operation, you will be moved to adoration by the perfectˆion of the complexity, and by the surety of the working, of the interplanetary communications of the universesˆ. You will pay homage to the divineˆ wisdom and goodness of the Gods, who plan and execute with such superb technique. And these things actuallˆy happen just as I have portrayed them.

28:5.11 2. The Soulˆ of Philosophy. These wonderful teachers are also attached to the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ and, when not otherwise directionized, remain in focal synchrony with the masters of philosophy on Paradiseˆ. Think of stepping up to a huge living mirror, as it were, but instead of beholding the likeness of your finiteˆ and material self, of perceiving a reflection of the wisdom of divinityˆ and the philosophy of Paradiseˆ. And if it becomes desirable to “incarnate” this philosophy of perfectˆion, so to dilute it as to make it practical of application to, and assimilation by, the lowly peoples of the lower worlds, these living mirrors have only to turn their faces downward to reflect the standards and needs of another world or universeˆ.

28:5.12 By these very techniques do the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ adapt decisions and recommendations to the real needs and actualˆ status of the peoples and worlds under consideration, and always do they act in concert with the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ and the Universal Censorsˆ. But the sublime repleteness of these transactions is beyond even my ability to comprehend.

28:5.13 3. The Union of Souls. Completing the triune staff of attachment to the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ, are these reflectors of the ideals and status of ethical relationships. Of all the problems in the universeˆ requiring an exercise of the consummate wisdom of experience and adaptability, none are more important than those arising out of the relationships and associations of intelligent beings. Whether in human associations of commerce and trade, friendship and marriage, or in the liaisons of the angelˆic hosts, there continue to arise petty frictions, minor misunderstandings too trivial even to engage the attention of conciliators but sufficiently irritating and disturbing to mar the smooth working of the universeˆ if they were allowed to multiply and continue. Therefore do the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ make available the wise experience of their order as the “oil of reconciliation” for an entire superuniverseˆ. In all this work these wise men of the superuniversesˆ are ably seconded by their reflective associates, the Unions of Souls, who make available current information regarding the status of the universeˆ and concurrently portray the Paradiseˆ ideal of the best adjustment of these perplexing problems. When not specifically directionized elsewhere, these seconaphimˆ remain in reflective liaison with the interpreters of ethics on Paradiseˆ.

28:5.14 These are the angelsˆ who foster and promote the teamwork of all Orvontonˆ. One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortalˆ career is teamwork. The spheres of perfectˆion are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings. Few are the duties in the universeˆ for the lone servant. The higher you ascend, the more lonely you become when temporarily without the association of your fellows.

28:5.15 4. The Heart of Counsel. This is the first group of these reflective geniuses to be placed under the supervision of the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ. Seconaphimˆ of this type are in possession of the facts of spaceˆ, being selective for such data in the circuitsˆ of time. Especially are they reflective of the superaphicˆ intelligence co-ordinators, but they are also selectively reflective of the counsel of all beings, whether of high or low estate. Whenever the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ are called upon for important advice or decisions, they immediately requisition an ensemble of the Hearts of Counsel, and presently there is handed down a ruling which actuallˆy incorporates the co-ordinated wisdom and advice of the most competent minds of the entire superuniverseˆ, all of which has been censored and revised in the light of the counsel of the high minds of Havonaˆ and even of Paradiseˆ.

28:5.16 5. The Joy of Existence. By nature these beings are reflectively attuned to the superaphicˆ harmony supervisors above and to certain of the seraphimˆ below, but it is difficult to explain just what the members of this interesting group really do. Their principal activities are directed toward promoting reactions of joy among the various orders of the angelˆic hosts and the lower will creatures. The  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, to whom they are attached, seldom use them for specific joy finding. In a more general manner and in collaboration with the reversion directorsˆ, they function as joy clearinghouses, seeking to upstep the pleasure reactions of the realms while trying to improve the humor taste, to develop a superhumor among mortalsˆ and angelsˆ. They endeavor to demonstrate that there is inherent joy in freewillˆ existence, independent of all extraneous influences; and they are right, although they meet with great difficulty in inculcating this truth in the minds of primitive men. The higher  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ and the angelsˆ are more quickly responsive to these educational efforts.

28:5.17 6. The Satisfaction of Service. These angelsˆ are highly reflective of the attitude of the directors of conduct on Paradiseˆ, and functioning much as do the Joys of Existence, they strive to enhance the value of service and to augment the satisfactions to be derived therefrom. They have done much to illuminate the deferred rewards inherent in unselfish service, service for the extension of the kingdom of truth.

28:5.18 The  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, to whom this order is attached, utilize them to reflect from one world to another the benefits to be derived from spiritˆual service. And by using the performances of the best to inspire and encourage the mediocre, these seconaphimˆ contribute immensely to the quality of devoted service in the superuniversesˆ. Effective use is made of the fraternal competitive spiritˆ by circulating to any one world information about what the others, particularly the best, are doing. A refreshing and wholesome rivalry is promoted even among the seraphicˆ hosts.

28:5.19 7. The Discerner of Spiritsˆ. A special liaison exists between the counselors and advisers of the second Havonaˆ circle and these reflective angelsˆ. They are the only seconaphimˆ attached to the Universal Censorsˆ but are probably the most uniquely specialized of all their fellows. Regardless of the source or channel of information, no matter how meager the evidence at hand, when it is subjected to their reflective scrutiny, these discerners will forthwith inform us as to the true motive, the actualˆ purpose, and the real nature of its origin. I marvel at the superb functioning of these angelsˆ, who so unerringly reflect the actualˆ moralˆ and spiritˆual character of any individual concerned in a focal exposure.

28:5.20 The Discerners of Spiritsˆ carry on these intricate services by virtue of inherent “spiritˆual insight,” if I may use such words in an endeavor to convey to the human mindˆ the thought that these reflective angelsˆ thus function intuitively, inherently, and unerringly. When the Universal Censorsˆ behold these presentations, they are face to face with the naked soulˆ of the reflected individual; and this very certainty and perfectˆion of portraiture in part explains why the Censors can always function so justly as righteous judges. The discerners always accompany the Censors on any mission away from Uversaˆ, and they are just as effective out in the universesˆ as at their Uversaˆ headquarters.

28:5.21 I assure you that all these transactions of the spiritˆ world are real, that they take place in accordance with established usages and in harmony with the immutable laws of the universal domains. The beings of every newly created order, immediately upon receiving the breath of life, are instantly reflected on high; a living portrayal of the creature nature and potential is flashed to the superuniverseˆ headquarters. Thus, by means of the discerners, are the Censors made fully cognizant of exactly “what manner of spirit” has been born on the worlds of spaceˆ.

28:5.22 So it is with mortalˆ man: The Mother Spiritˆˆ of Salvingtonˆ knows you fully, for the  Holyˆ Spiritˆˆ on your world “searches all things,” and whatsoever the divineˆ Spiritˆ knows of you is immediately available whenever the secoraphicˆ discerners reflect with the Spiritˆ concerning the Spiritˆ’s knowledge of you. It should, however, be mentioned that the knowledge and plans of the Father fragmentsˆ are not reflectible. The discerners can and do reflect the presence of the Adjustersˆ (and the Censors pronounce them divineˆ), but they cannot decipher the content of the mindedness of the Mystery Monitorsˆˆ.

6. The Tertiary Seconaphimˆ

28:6.1 In the same manner as their fellows, these angelsˆ are created serially and in seven reflective types, but these types are not assigned individually to the separate services of the superuniverseˆ administrators. All tertiary seconaphimˆ are collectively assigned to the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Attainmentˆ, and these ascendantˆ sons use them interchangeably; that is, the Mighty Messengersˆ can and do utilize any of the tertiary types, and so do their co-ordinates, Those High in Authorityˆ and Those without Name and Numberˆ. These seven types of tertiary seconaphimˆ are:

28:6.2 1. The Significance of Origins. The ascendantˆ Trinitized Sonsˆ of a superuniverseˆ government are charged with the responsibility of dealing with all issues growing out of the origin of any individual, race, or world; and the significance of origin is the paramount question in all our plans for the cosmic advancement of the living creatures of the realm. All relationships and the application of ethics grow out of the fundamental facts of origin. Origin is the basis of the relational reaction of the Gods. Always does the Conjoint Actorˆ “take note of the man, in what manner he was born.”

28:6.3 With the higher descendant beings, origin is simply a fact to be ascertained; but with the ascendingˆ beings, including the lower orders of angelsˆ, the nature and circumstances of origin are not always so clear, though of equally vital importance at almost every turn of universeˆ affairs — hence the value of having at our disposal a series of reflective seconaphimˆ who can instantly portray anything required respecting the genesis of any being in either the central universeˆˆ or throughout the entire realm of a superuniverseˆ.

28:6.4 The Significances of Origins are the living ready-reference genealogies of the vast hosts of beings — men, angelsˆ, and others — who inhabit the seven superuniversesˆ. They are always ready to supply their superiors with an up-to-date, replete, and trustworthy estimate of the ancestral factors and the current actualˆ status of any individual on any world of their respective superuniverses; and their computation of possessed facts is always up to the minute.

28:6.5 2. The Memory of Mercy. These are the actualˆ, full and replete, living records of the mercy which has been extended to individuals and races by the tender ministrations of the instrumentalities of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ in the mission of adapting the justice of righteousness to the status of the realms, as disclosed by the portrayals of the Significance of Origins. The Memory of Mercy discloses the moralˆ debt of the children of mercy — their spiritˆual liabilities — to be setˆ down against their assets of the saving provision established by the Sons of Godˆ. In revealing the Father’s pre-existent mercy, the Sons of Godˆ establish the necessary credit to insure the survival of all. And then, in accordance with the findings of the Significance of Origins, a mercy credit is established for the survival of each rational creature, a credit of lavish proportions and one of sufficient grace to insure the survival of every soulˆ who really desires divineˆ citizenship.

28:6.6 The Memory of Mercy is a living trial balance, a current statement of your account with the supernatural forcesˆ of the realms. These are the living records of mercy ministration which are read into the testimony of the courts of Uversaˆ when each individual’s right to unending life comes up for adjudication, when “thrones are cast up and the Ancients of Daysˆ are seated. The broadcasts of Uversaˆ issue and come forth from before them; thousands upon thousands minister to them, and ten thousand times ten thousand stand before them. The judgment is setˆ, and the books are opened.” And the books which are opened on such a momentous occasion are the living records of the tertiary seconaphimˆ of the superuniversesˆ. The formal records are on file to corroborate the testimony of the Memories of Mercy if they are required.

28:6.7 The Memory of Mercy must show that the saving credit established by the Sons of Godˆ has been fully and faithfully paid out in the loving ministry of the patient personalities of the Third Source and Centerˆ. But when mercy is exhausted, when the “memory” thereof testifies to its depletion, then does justice prevail and righteousness decree. For mercy is not to be thrust upon those who despise it; mercy is not a gift to be trampled under foot by the persistent rebels of time. Nevertheless, though mercy is thus precious and dearly bestowed, your individual drawing credits are always far in excess of your ability to exhaust the reserve if you are sincere of purpose and honest of heart.

28:6.8 The mercy reflectors, with their tertiary associates, engage in numerous superuniverseˆ ministries, including the teaching of the ascendingˆ creatures. Among many other things the Significances of Origins teach these ascendersˆ how to apply spiritˆ ethics, and following such training, the Memories of Mercy teach them how to be truly merciful. While the spiritˆ techniques of mercy ministry are beyond your concept, you should even now understand that mercy is a quality of growth. You should realize that there is a great reward of personal satisfaction in being first just, next fair, then patient, then kind. And then, on that foundation, if you choose and have it in your heart, you can take the next step and really show mercy; but you cannot exhibit mercy in and of itself. These steps must be traversed; otherwise there can be no genuine mercy. There may be patronage, condescension, or charity — even pity — but not mercy. True mercy comes only as the beautiful climax to these preceding adjuncts to group understanding, mutual appreciation, fraternal fellowship, spiritˆual communion, and divineˆ harmony.

28:6.9 3. The Import of Time. Time is the one universal endowment of all will creatures; it is the “one talent” intrusted to all intelligent beings. You all have time in which to insure your survival; and time is fatally squandered only when it is buried in neglect, when you fail so to utilize it as to make certain the survival of your soulˆ. Failure to improve one’s time to the fullest extent possible does not impose fatal penalties; it merely retards the pilgrimˆ of time in his journey of ascent. If survival is gained, all other losses can be retrieved.

28:6.10 In the assignment of trusts the counsel of the Imports of Time is invaluable. Time is a vital factor in everything this side of Havonaˆ and Paradiseˆ. In the final judgment before the Ancients of Daysˆ, time is an element of evidence. The Imports of Time must always afford testimony to show that every defendant has had ample time for making decisions, achieving choice.

28:6.11 These time evaluators are also the secret of prophecy; they portray the element of time which will be required in the completion of any undertaking, and they are just as dependable as indicators as are the frandalanksˆ and chronoldeksˆ of other living orders. The Gods foresee, hence foreknow; but the ascendantˆ authorities of the universesˆ of time must consult the Imports of Time to be able to forecast events of the future.

28:6.12 You will first encounter these beings on the mansion worldsˆ, and they will there instruct you in the advantageous use of that which you call “time,” both in its positive employment, work, and in its negative utilization, rest. Both uses of time are important.

28:6.13 4. The Solemnity of Trust. Trust is the crucial test of will creatures. Trustworthiness is the true measure of self-mastery, character. These seconaphimˆ accomplish a double purpose in the economy of the superuniverses: They portray to all will creatures the sense of the obligation, sacredness, and solemnity of trust. At the same time they unerringly reflect to the governing authorities the exact trustworthiness of any candidate for confidence or trust.

28:6.14 On Urantiaˆ, you grotesquely essay to read character and to estimate specific abilities, but on Uversaˆ we actuallˆy do these things in perfectˆion. These seconaphimˆ weigh trustworthiness in the living scales of unerring character appraisal, and when they have looked at you, we have only to look at them to know the limitations of your ability to discharge responsibility, execute trust, and fulfill missions. Your assets of trustworthiness are clearly setˆ forth alongside your liabilities of possible default or betrayal.

28:6.15 It is the plan of your superiors to advance you by augmented trusts just as fast as your character is sufficiently developed to gracefully bear these added responsibilities, but to overload the individual only courts disaster and insures disappointment. And the mistake of placing responsibility prematurely upon either man or angelˆ may be avoided by utilizing the ministry of these infallible estimators of the trust capacity of the individuals of time and spaceˆ. These seconaphimˆ ever accompany Those High in Authorityˆ, and never do these executives make assignments until their candidates have been weighed in the secoraphicˆ balances and pronounced “not wanting.”

28:6.16 5. The Sanctity of Service. The privilege of service immediately follows the discovery of trustworthiness. Nothing can stand between you and opportunity for increased service except your own untrustworthiness, your lack of capacity for appreciation of the solemnity of trust.

28:6.17 Service — purposeful service, not slavery — is productive of the highest satisfaction and is expressive of the divinest dignity. Service — more service, increased service, difficult service, adventurous service, and at last divineˆ and perfectˆ service — is the goal of time and the destination of spaceˆ. But ever will the play cycles of time alternate with the service cycles of progress. And after the service of time there follows the superservice of eternityˆ. During the play of time you should envision the work of eternityˆ, even as you will, during the service of eternityˆ, reminisce the play of time.

28:6.18 The universal economy is based on intake and output; throughout the eternalˆ career you will never encounter monotony of inaction or stagnation of personalityˆ. Progress is made possible by inherent motion, advancement grows out of the divineˆ capacity for action, and achievement is the child of imaginative adventure. But inherent in this capacity for achievement is the responsibility of ethics, the necessity for recognizing that the world and the universeˆ are filled with a multitude of differing types of beings. All of this magnificent creation, including yourself, was not made just for you. This is not an egocentric universeˆ. The Gods have decreed, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” and said your Master Sonˆ, “He who would be greatest among you let him be server of all.”

28:6.19 The real nature of any service, be it rendered by man or angelˆ, is fully revealed in the faces of these secoraphicˆ service indicators, the Sanctities of Service. The full analysis of the true and of the hidden motives is clearly shown. These angelsˆ are indeed the mindˆ readers, heart searchers, and soulˆ revealers of the universeˆ. Mortalsˆ may employ words to conceal their thoughts, but these high seconaphimˆ lay bare the deep motives of the human heart and of the angelˆic mindˆ.

28:6.20 6 and 7. The Secret of Greatness and the Soulˆ of Goodness. The ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ having awakened to the import of time, the way is prepared for the realization of the solemnity of trust and for the appreciation of the sanctity of service. While these are the moralˆ elements of greatness, there are also secrets of greatness. When the spiritˆual tests of greatness are applied, the moralˆ elements are not disregarded, but the quality of unselfishness revealed in disinterested labor for the welfare of one’s earthly fellows, particularly worthy beings in need and in distress, that is the real measure of planetary greatness. And the manifestation of greatness on a world like Urantiaˆ is the exhibition of self-control. The great man is not he who “takes a city” or “overthrows a nation,” but rather “he who subdues his own tongue.”

28:6.21 Greatness is synonymous with divinityˆ. Godˆ is supremelˆy great and good. Greatness and goodness simply cannot be divorced. They are forever made one in Godˆ. This truth is literally and strikingly illustrated by the reflective interdependence of the Secret of Greatness and the Soulˆ of Goodness, for neither can function without the other. In reflecting other qualities of divinityˆ, the superuniverseˆ seconaphimˆ can and do act alone, but the reflective estimates of greatness and of goodness appear to be inseparable. Hence, on any world, in any universeˆ, must these reflectors of greatness and of goodness work together, always showing a dual and mutually dependent report of every being upon whom they focalize. Greatness cannot be estimated without knowing the content of goodness, while goodness cannot be portrayed without exhibiting its inherent and divineˆ greatness.

28:6.22 The estimate of greatness varies from sphere to sphere. To be great is to be Godlikeˆ. And since the quality of greatness is wholly determined by the content of goodness, it follows that, even in your present human estate, if you can through grace become good, you are thereby becoming great. The more steadfastly you behold, and the more persistently you pursue, the concepts of divineˆ goodness, the more certainly will you grow in greatness, in true magnitude of genuine survival character.

7. Ministry of the Seconaphimˆ

28:7.1 The seconaphimˆ have their origin and headquarters on the capitals of the superuniversesˆ, but with their liaison fellows they range from the shores of Paradiseˆ to the evolutionaryˆ worlds of spaceˆ. They serve as valued assistants to the members of the deliberative assemblies of the supergovernments and are of great help to the courtesy coloniesˆ of Uversa: the star studentsˆ, millennial tourists, celestialˆ observers, and a host of others, including the ascendantˆ beings in waiting for Havonaˆ transport. The Ancients of Daysˆ take pleasure in assigning certain of the primary seconaphimˆ to assist the ascendingˆ creatures domiciled on the four hundred ninety study worlds surrounding Uversaˆ, and here also do many of the secondary and tertiary orders serve as teachers. These Uversaˆ satellites are the finishing schools of the universesˆ of time, presenting the preparatory course for the seven-circuited university of Havonaˆ.

28:7.2 Of the three orders of seconaphimˆ, the tertiary group, attached to the ascendantˆ authorities, minister most extensively to the ascendingˆ creatures of time. You will on occasion meet them soon after your departure from Urantiaˆ, though you will not freely make use of their services until you reach the tarrying worlds of Orvontonˆ. You will enjoy their companionship when you become fully acquainted with them during your sojourn on the Uversaˆ school worlds.

28:7.3 These tertiary seconaphimˆ are the timesavers, spaceˆ abridgers, errorˆ detectors, faithful teachers, and everlasting guideposts — living signs of divineˆ surety — in mercy placed at the crossroads of time, there to guide the feet of anxious pilgrimsˆ in moments of great perplexity and spiritˆual uncertainty. Long before attaining the portals of perfectˆion, you will begin to gain access to the tools of divinityˆ and to make contact with the techniques of Deityˆ. Increasingly, from the time you arrive on the initial mansion worldˆ until you close your eyes in the Havonaˆ sleep preparatory to your Paradiseˆ transit, you will avail yourself of the emergency help of these marvelous beings, who are so fully and freely reflective of the sure knowledge and certain wisdom of those safe and dependable pilgrimsˆ who have preceded you on the long journey to the portals of perfectˆion.

28:7.4 We are denied the full privilege of using these angelsˆ of the reflective order on Urantiaˆ. They are frequent visitors on your world, accompanying assigned personalities, but here they cannot freely function. This sphere is still under partial spiritˆual quarantine, and some of the circuitsˆ essential to their services are not here at present. When your world is once more restored to the reflective circuitsˆ concerned, much of the work of interplanetary and interuniverse communication will be greatly simplified and expedited. Celestialˆ workers on Urantiaˆ encounter many difficulties because of this functional curtailment of their reflective associates. But we go on joyfully conducting our affairs with the instrumentalities at hand, notwithstanding our local deprivation of many of the services of these marvelous beings, the living mirrors of spaceˆ and the presence projectors of time.

28:7.5 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messengerˆ of Uversaˆ.]