Paper 27 : Ministry of the Primary Supernaphimˆ

27:0.1 PRIMARY supernaphimˆ are the supernal servants of the Deities on the eternalˆ Isle of Paradiseˆˆ. Never have they been known to depart from the paths of light and righteousness. The roll calls are complete; from eternityˆ not one of this magnificent host has been lost. These high supernaphimˆ are perfectˆ beings, supremeˆ in perfectˆion, but they are not absoniteˆ, neither are they absoluteˆ. Being of the essence of perfectˆion, these children of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ work interchangeably and at will in all phases of their manifold duties. They do not function extensively outside Paradiseˆ, though they do participate in the various millennial gatherings and group reunions of the central universeˆˆ. They also go forth as special messengers of the Deities, and in large numbers they ascend to become Technical Advisersˆ.

27:0.2 Primary supernaphimˆ are also placed in command of the seraphicˆ hosts ministering on worlds isolated because of rebellion. When a Paradiseˆ Son is bestowed upon such a world, completes his mission, ascends to the Universal Fatherˆ, is accepted, and returns as the accredited deliverer of this isolated world, a primary supernaphimˆ is always designated by the chiefs of assignment to assume command of the ministering spiritsˆ on duty in the newly reclaimed sphere. Supernaphimˆ in this special service are periodically rotated. On Urantiaˆ the present “chief of seraphim” is the second of this order to be on duty since the times of the bestowalˆ of  Christˆ Michaelˆ.

27:0.3 From eternityˆ the primary supernaphimˆ have served on the Isle of Light and have gone forth on missions of leadership to the worlds of spaceˆ, but they have functioned as now classified only since the arrival on Paradiseˆ of the  Havonaˆ pilgrimsˆ of time. These high angelsˆ now minister chiefly in the following seven orders of service:

27:0.4 1. Conductors of Worship.

27:0.5 2. Masters of Philosophy.

27:0.6 3. Custodians of Knowledge.

27:0.7 4. Directors of Conduct.

27:0.8 5. Interpreters of Ethics.

27:0.9 6. Chiefs of Assignment.

27:0.10 7. Instigators of Rest.

27:0.11 Not until the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ actuallˆy attain Paradiseˆ residence do they come under the direct influence of these supernaphimˆ, and then they pass through a training experience under the direction of these angelsˆ in the reverse order of their naming. That is, you enter upon your Paradiseˆ career under the tutelage of the instigators of rest and, after successive seasons with the intervening orders, finish this training period with the conductors of worship. Thereupon are you ready to begin the endless career of a finaliterˆ.

1. Instigators of Rest

27:1.1 The instigators of rest are the inspectors of Paradiseˆ who go forth from the central Isle to the inner circuitˆ of Havonaˆ, there to collaborate with their colleagues, the complements of rest of the secondary order of supernaphimˆ. The one essential to the enjoyment of Paradiseˆ is rest, divineˆ rest; and these instigators of rest are the final instructors who make ready the pilgrimsˆ of time for their introduction to eternityˆ. They begin their work on the final attainment circle of the central universeˆˆ and continue it when the pilgrimˆ awakes from the last transition sleep, the slumber which graduates a creature of spaceˆ into the realm of the eternalˆ.

27:1.2 Rest is of a sevenfoldˆ nature: There is the rest of sleep and of play in the lower life orders, discovery in the higher beings, and worship in the highest type of spiritˆ personalityˆ. There is also the normal rest of energyˆ intake, the recharging of beings with physical or with  spiritˆual energyˆˆ. And then there is the transit sleep, the unconscious slumber when enseraphimed, when in passage from one sphere to another. Entirely different from all of these is the deep sleep of metamorphosis, the transition rest from one stage of being to another, from one life to another, from one state of existence to another, the sleep which ever attends transition from actualˆ universeˆ status in contrast to evolution through various stages of any one status.

27:1.3 But the last metamorphicˆ sleep is something more than those previous transition slumbersˆ which have marked the successive status attainments of the ascendantˆ career; thereby do the creatures of time and spaceˆ traverse the innermost margins of the temporal and the spatial to attain residential status in the timelessˆ and  spacelˆessˆ abodes of Paradiseˆ. The instigators and the complements of rest are just as essential to this transcending metamorphosis as are the seraphimˆ and associated beings to the mortalˆ creature’s survival of death.

27:1.4 You enter the rest on the final Havonaˆ circuitˆ and are eternallˆy resurrected on Paradiseˆ. And as you there spiritˆually repersonalize, you will immediately recognize the instigator of rest who welcomes you to the eternalˆ shores as the very primary supernaphimˆ who produced the final sleep on the innermost circuitˆ of Havonaˆ; and you will recall the last grand stretch of faithˆ as you once again made ready to commend the keeping of your identity into the hands of the Universal Fatherˆ.

27:1.5 The last rest of time has been enjoyed; the last transition sleep has been experienced; now you awake to life everlasting on the shores of the eternalˆ abode. “And there shall be no more sleep. The presence of Godˆ and his Son are before you, and you are eternallˆy his servants; you have seen his face, and his name is your spiritˆ. There shall be no night there; and they need no light of the sun, for the Great Source and Center gives them light; they shall live forever and ever. And Godˆ shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

2. Chiefs of Assignment

27:2.1 This is the group designated from time to time by the chief supernaphimˆ, “the original patternˆ angelˆ,” to preside over the organization of all three orders of these angelsˆ — primary, secondary, and tertiary. The supernaphimˆ, as a body, are wholly self-governing and self-regulatory except for the functions of their mutual chief, the first angelˆ of Paradiseˆ, who ever presides over all these  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ.

27:2.2 The angelsˆ of assignment have much to do with glorifiedˆ mortalˆ residents of Paradiseˆ before they are admitted to the Corps of the Finalityˆ. Study and instruction are not the exclusive occupations of  Paradiseˆ arrivalsˆ; service also plays its essential part in the prefinaliter educational experiences of Paradiseˆ. And I have observed that, when the ascendantˆ mortalsˆ have periods of leisure, they evince a predilection to fraternize with the reserve corpsˆ of the superaphicˆ chiefs of assignment.

27:2.3 When you mortalˆ ascendersˆ attain Paradiseˆ, your societal relationships involve a great deal more than contact with a host of exalted and divineˆ beings and with a familiar multitude of glorifiedˆ fellow mortalsˆ. You must also fraternize with upwards of three thousand different orders of  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ, with the various groups of the Transcendentalersˆ, and with numerous other types of Paradiseˆ inhabitants, permanent and transient, who have not been revealed on Urantiaˆ. After sustained contact with these mighty intellects of Paradiseˆ, it is very restful to visit with the angelˆic types of mind; they remind the mortalsˆ of time of the seraphimˆ with whom they have had such long contact and such refreshing association.

3. Interpreters of Ethics

27:3.1 The higher you ascend in the scale of life, the more attention must be paid to universeˆ ethics. Ethical awareness is simply the recognition by any individual of the rights inherent in the existence of any and all other individuals. But spiritˆual ethics far transcends the mortalˆ and even the morontiaˆ concept of personal and group relations.

27:3.2 Ethics has been duly taught and adequately learned by the pilgrimsˆ of time in their long ascent to the glories of Paradiseˆ. As this inward-ascending career has unfolded from the nativity worlds of spaceˆ, the ascendersˆ have continued to add group after group to their ever-widening circle of universeˆ associates. Every new group of colleagues met with adds one more level of ethics to be recognized and complied with until, by the time the mortalsˆ of ascent reach Paradiseˆ, they really need someone to provide helpful and friendly counsel regarding ethical interpretations. They do not need to be taught ethics, but they do need to have what they have so laboriously learned properly interpreted to them as they are brought face to face with the extraordinary task of contacting with so much that is new.

27:3.3 The interpreters of ethics are of inestimable assistance to the  Paradiseˆ arrivalsˆ in helping them to adjust to numerous groups of majestic beings during that eventful period extending from the attainment of residential status to formal induction into the Corps of Mortalˆ Finalitersˆ. Many of the numerous types of  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ the ascendantˆ pilgrimsˆ have already met on the seven circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ. The glorifiedˆ mortalsˆ have also enjoyed intimate contact with the creature-trinitizedˆ sons of the conjoint corps on the inner Havonaˆ circuitˆ, where these beings are receiving much of their education. And on the other circuitsˆ the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ have met numerous unrevealed residents of the Paradiseˆ-Havona system who are there pursuing group training in preparation for the unrevealed assignments of the future.

27:3.4 All these celestialˆ companionships are invariably mutual. As ascendingˆ mortalsˆ you not only derive benefit from these successive universeˆ companions and such numerous orders of increasingly divineˆ associates, but you also impart to each of these fraternal beings something from your own personalityˆ and experience which forever makes every one of them different and better for having been associated with an ascendingˆ mortalˆ from the evolutionaryˆ worlds of time and spaceˆ.

4. Directors of Conduct

27:4.1 Having already been fully instructed in the ethics of Paradiseˆ relationships — neither meaningless formalities nor the dictations of artificial castes but rather the inherent proprieties — the ascendantˆ mortalsˆ find it helpful to receive the counsel of the superaphicˆ directors of conduct, who instruct the new members of Paradiseˆ society in the usages of the perfectˆ conduct of the high beings who sojourn on the central Isle of Light and Lifeˆ.

27:4.2 Harmony is the keynote of the central universeˆˆ, and detectable order prevails on Paradiseˆ. Proper conduct is essential to progress by way of knowledge, through philosophy, to the spiritˆual heights of spontaneous worship. There is a divineˆ technique in the approach to Divinityˆ; and the acquirement of this technique must await the pilgrims’ arrival on Paradiseˆ. The spiritˆ of it has been imparted on the circles of Havonaˆ, but the final touches of the training of the pilgrimsˆ of time can be applied only after they actuallˆy attain the Isle of Light.

27:4.3 All Paradiseˆ conduct is wholly spontaneous, in every sense natural and free. But there still is a proper and perfectˆ way of doing things on the eternalˆ Isle, and the directors of conduct are ever by the side of the “strangers within the gates” to instruct them and so guide their steps as to put them at perfectˆ ease and at the same time to enable the pilgrimsˆ to avoid that confusion and uncertainty which would otherwise be inevitable. Only by such an arrangement could endless confusion be avoided; and confusion never appears on Paradiseˆ.

27:4.4 These directors of conduct really serve as glorifiedˆ teachers and guides. They are chiefly concerned with instructing the new mortalˆ residents regarding the almost endless array of new situations and unfamiliar usages. Notwithstanding all the long preparation therefor and the long journey thereto, Paradiseˆ is still inexpressibly strange and unexpectedly new to those who finally attain residential status.

5. The Custodians of Knowledge

27:5.1 The superaphicˆ custodians of knowledge are the higher “living epistles” known and read by all who dwell on Paradiseˆ. They are the divineˆ records of truth, the living books of real knowledge. You have heard about records in the “book of life.” The custodians of knowledge are just such living books, records of perfectˆion imprinted upon the eternalˆ tablets of divineˆ life and supremeˆ surety. They are in reality living, automatic libraries. The facts of the universesˆ are inherent in these primary supernaphimˆ, actuallˆy recorded in these angels; and it is also inherently impossible for an untruth to gain lodgment in the minds of these perfectˆ and replete repositories of the truth of eternityˆ and the intelligence of time.

27:5.2 These custodians conduct informal courses of instruction for the residents of the eternalˆ Isle, but their chief function is that of reference and verification. Any sojourner on Paradiseˆ may at will have by his side the living repository of the particular fact or truth he may wish to know. At the northern extremity of the Isle there are available the living finders of knowledge, who will designate the director of the group holding the information sought, and forthwith will appear the brilliant beings who are the very thing you wish to know. No longer must you seek enlightenment from engrossed pages; you now commune with living intelligence face to face. Supremeˆ knowledge you thus obtain from the living beings who are its final custodians.

27:5.3 When you locate that supernaphimˆ who is exactly what you desire to verify, you will find available all the known facts of all universesˆ, for these custodians of knowledge are the final and living summaries of the vast network of the recording angelsˆ, ranging from the seraphimˆ and seconaphimˆ of the local and superuniversesˆ to the chief recorders of the tertiary supernaphimˆ in Havonaˆ. And this living accumulation of knowledge is distinct from the formal records of Paradiseˆ, the cumulative summary of universal history.

27:5.4 The wisdom of truth takes origin in the divinityˆ of the central universeˆˆ, but knowledge, experientialˆ knowledge, largely has its beginnings in the domains of time and spaceˆ — therefore the necessity for the maintenance of the far-flung superuniverseˆ organizations of the recording seraphimˆ and supernaphimˆ sponsored by the  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ.

27:5.5 These primary supernaphimˆ who are inherently in possession of universeˆ knowledge are also responsible for its organization and classification. In constituting themselves the living reference library of the  universeˆ of universesˆ, they have classified knowledge into seven grand orders, each having about one million subdivisions. The facility with which the residents of Paradiseˆ can consult this vast store of knowledge is solely due to the voluntary and wise efforts of the custodians of knowledge. The custodians are also the exalted teachers of the central universeˆˆ, freely giving out their living treasures to all beings on any of the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ, and they are extensively, though indirectly, utilized by the courts of the Ancients of Daysˆ. But this living library, which is available to the central and superuniversesˆ, is not accessible to the local creations. Only by indirection and reflectively are the benefits of Paradiseˆ knowledge secured in the local universesˆ.

6. Masters of Philosophy

27:6.1 Next to the supremeˆ satisfaction of worship is the exhilaration of philosophy. Never do you climb so high or advance so far that there do not remain a thousand mysteries which demand the employment of philosophy in an attempted solution.

27:6.2 The master philosophers of Paradiseˆ delight to lead the minds of its inhabitants, both native and ascendantˆ, in the exhilarating pursuit of attempting to solve universeˆ problems. These superaphicˆ masters of philosophy are the “wise men of heaven,” the beings of wisdom who make use of the truth of knowledge and the facts of experience in their efforts to master the unknown. With them knowledge attains to truth and experience ascends to wisdom. On Paradiseˆ the ascendantˆ personalities of spaceˆ experience the heights of being: They have knowledge; they know the truth; they may philosophize — think the truth; they may even seek to encompass the concepts of the Ultimateˆ and attempt to grasp the techniques of the Absolutesˆ.

27:6.3 At the southern extremity of the vast Paradiseˆ domain the masters of philosophy conduct elaborate courses in the seventy functional divisions of wisdom. Here they discourse upon the plans and purposes of Infinity and seek to co-ordinate the experiences, and to compose the knowledge, of all who have access to their wisdom. They have developed a highly specialized attitude toward various universeˆ problems, but their final conclusions are always in uniform agreement.

27:6.4 These Paradiseˆ philosophers teach by every possible method of instruction, including the higher graph technique of Havonaˆ and certain Paradiseˆ methods of communicating information. All of these higher techniques of imparting knowledge and conveying ideas are utterly beyond the comprehension capacity of even the most highly developed human mindˆ. One hour’s instruction on Paradiseˆ would be the equivalent of ten thousand years of the word-memory methods of Urantiaˆ. You cannot grasp such communication techniques, and there is simply nothing in mortalˆ experience with which they may be compared, nothing to which they can be likened.

27:6.5 The masters of philosophy take supremeˆ pleasure in imparting their interpretation of the  universeˆ of universesˆ to those beings who have ascended from the worlds of spaceˆ. And while philosophy can never be as settled in its conclusions as the facts of knowledge and the truths of experience, yet, when you have listened to these primary supernaphimˆ discourse upon the unsolved problems of eternityˆ and the performances of the Absolutesˆ, you will feel a certain and lasting satisfaction concerning these unmastered questions.

27:6.6 These intellectual pursuits of Paradiseˆ are not broadcast; the philosophy of perfectˆion is available only to those who are personally present. The encircling creations know of these teachings only from those who have passed through this experience, and who have subsequently carried this wisdom out to the universesˆ of spaceˆ.

7. Conductors of Worship

27:7.1 Worship is the highest privilege and the first duty of all created intelligences. Worship is the conscious and joyous act of recognizing and acknowledging the truth and fact of the intimate and personal relationships of the Creatorsˆ with their creatures. The quality of worship is determined by the depth of creature perception; and as the knowledge of the infinite character of the Gods progresses, the act of worship becomes increasingly all-encompassing until it eventually attains the glory of the highest experientialˆ delight and the most exquisite pleasure known to created beings.

27:7.2 While the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ contains certain places of worship, it is more nearly one vast sanctuary of divineˆ service. Worship is the first and dominant passion of all who climb to its blissful shores — the spontaneous ebullitionˆ of the beings who have learned enough of Godˆ to attain his presence. Circle by circle, during the inward journey through Havonaˆ, worship is a growing passion until on Paradiseˆ it becomes necessary to direct and otherwise control its expression.

27:7.3 The periodic, spontaneous, group, and other special outbursts of supremeˆ adoration and spiritˆual praise enjoyed on Paradiseˆ are conducted under the leadership of a special corps of primary supernaphimˆ. Under the direction of these conductors of worship, such homage achieves the creature goal of supremeˆ pleasure and attains the heights of the perfectˆion of sublime self-expression and personal enjoyment. All primary supernaphimˆ crave to be conductors of worship; and all ascendantˆ beings would enjoy forever remaining in the attitude of worship did not the chiefs of assignment periodically disperse these assemblages. But no ascendantˆ being is ever required to enter upon the assignments of eternalˆ service until he has attained full satisfaction in worship.

27:7.4 It is the task of the conductors of worship so to teach the ascendantˆ creatures how to worship that they may be enabled to gain this satisfaction of self-expression and at the same time be able to give attention to the essential activities of the Paradiseˆ regime. Without improvement in the technique of worship it would require hundreds of years for the average mortalˆ who reaches Paradiseˆ to give full and satisfactory expression to his emotions of intelligent appreciation and ascendantˆ gratitude. The conductors of worship open up new and hitherto unknown avenues of expression so that these wonderful children of the womb of spaceˆ and the travail of time are enabled to gain the full satisfactions of worship in much less time.

27:7.5 All the arts of all the beings of the entire universeˆ which are capable of intensifying and exalting the abilities of self-expression and the conveyance of appreciation, are employed to their highest capacity in the worship of the  Paradiseˆ Deitiesˆ. Worship is the highest joy of Paradiseˆ existence; it is the refreshing play of Paradiseˆ. What play does for your jaded minds on earth, worship will do for your perfected souls on Paradiseˆ. The mode of worship on Paradiseˆ is utterly beyond mortalˆ comprehension, but the spiritˆ of it you can begin to appreciate even down here on Urantiaˆ, for the spiritsˆ of the Gods even now indwellˆ you, hover over you, and inspire you to true worship.

27:7.6 There are appointed times and places for worship on Paradiseˆ, but these are not adequate to accommodate the ever-increasing overflow of the spiritˆual emotions of the growing intelligence and expanding divinityˆ recognition of the brilliant beings of experientialˆ ascensionˆ to the eternalˆ Isle. Never since the times of Grandfandaˆ have the supernaphimˆ been able fully to accommodate the  spiritˆ of worshipˆ on Paradiseˆ. Always is there an excess of worshipfulness as gauged by the preparation therefor. And this is because personalities of inherent perfectˆion never can fully appreciate the tremendous reactions of the spiritˆual emotions of beings who have slowly and laboriously made their way upward to Paradiseˆ glory from the depths of the spiritˆual darkness of the lower worlds of time and spaceˆ. When such angelsˆ and mortalsˆ of time attain the presence of the Powersˆ of Paradiseˆ, there occurs the expression of the accumulated emotions of the ages, a spectacle astounding to the angelsˆ of Paradiseˆ and productive of the supremeˆ joy of divineˆ satisfaction in the  Paradiseˆ Deitiesˆ.

27:7.7 Sometimes all Paradiseˆ becomes engulfed in a dominating tide of spiritˆual and worshipful expression. Often the conductors of worship cannot control such phenomena until the appearance of the threefoldˆ fluctuation of the light of the Deityˆ abode, signifying that the divineˆ heart of the Gods has been fully and completely satisfied by the sincere worship of the residents of Paradiseˆ, the perfectˆ citizens of glory and the ascendantˆ creatures of time. What a triumph of technique! What a fruition of the eternalˆ plan and purpose of the Gods that the intelligent love of the creature child should give full satisfaction to the infinite love of the Creatorˆ Father!

27:7.8 After the attainment of the supremeˆ satisfaction of the fullness of worship, you are qualified for admission to the Corps of the Finalityˆ. The ascendantˆ career is well-nigh finished, and the seventh jubilee prepares for celebration. The first jubilee marked the mortalˆ agreement with the Thought Adjusterˆˆ when the purpose to survive was sealed; the second was the awakening in the morontiaˆ life; the third was the fusionˆ with the Thought Adjusterˆˆ; the fourth was the awakening in Havonaˆ; the fifth celebrated the finding of the Universal Fatherˆ; and the sixth jubilee was the occasion of the Paradiseˆ awakening from the final transit slumber of time. The seventh jubilee marks entrance into the mortalˆ finaliterˆ corps and the beginning of the eternityˆ service. The attainment of the seventh stage of spiritˆ realization by a finaliterˆ will probably signalize the celebration of the first of the jubilees of eternityˆ.

27:7.9 And thus ends the story of the Paradiseˆ supernaphimˆ, the highest order of all the ministering spiritsˆ, those beings who, as a universal class, ever attend you from the world of your origin until you are finally bidden farewell by the conductors of worship as you take the Trinityˆ oath of eternityˆ and are mustered into the  Mortalˆ Corps of the Finalityˆˆ.

27:7.10 The endless service of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ is about to begin; and now the finaliterˆ is face to face with the challenge of Godˆ the Ultimateˆ.

27:7.11 [Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom from Uversaˆ.]