Paper 26 : Ministering Spiritsˆ of the Central Universeˆˆ

26:0.1 SUPERNAPHIMˆ are the ministering spiritsˆ of Paradiseˆ and the central universeˆˆ; they are the highest order of the lowest group of the children of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ — the angelˆic hosts. Such ministering spiritsˆ are to be encountered from the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ to the worlds of time and spaceˆ. No major part of the organized and inhabited creation is without their services.

1. The Ministering Spiritsˆ

26:1.1 Angelsˆ are the ministering-spirit associates of the evolutionaryˆ and ascendingˆ will creatures of all spaceˆ; they are also the colleagues and working associates of the higher hosts of the divineˆ personalities of the spheres. The angelsˆ of all orders are distinct personalities and are highly individualized. They all have a large capacity for appreciation of the ministrations of the reversion directorsˆ. Together with the Messenger Hosts of Spaceˆˆ, the ministering spiritsˆ enjoy seasons of rest and change; they possess very social natures and have an associative capacity far transcending that of human beings.

26:1.2 The ministering spiritsˆ of the grand universeˆˆ are classified as follows:

26:1.3 1. Supernaphimˆ.

26:1.4 2. Seconaphimˆ.

26:1.5 3. Tertiaphimˆ.

26:1.6 4. Omniaphimˆ.

26:1.7 5. Seraphimˆ.

26:1.8 6. Cherubimˆ and Sanobimˆ.

26:1.9 7. Midway Creatures.

26:1.10 The individual members of the angelˆic orders are not altogether stationary as to personal status in the universeˆ. Angelsˆ of certain orders may become  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ for a season; some become  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ; others ascend to the ranks of the Technical Advisersˆ. Certain of the cherubimˆ may aspire to seraphicˆ status and destinyˆ, while evolutionaryˆ seraphimˆ can achieve the spiritˆual levels of the ascendingˆ Sons of Godˆ.

26:1.11 The seven orders of ministering spiritsˆ, as revealed, are grouped for presentation in accordance with their functions of greatest importance to ascendingˆ creatures:

26:1.12 1. The Ministering Spiritsˆ of the Central Universeˆˆ. The three orders of  supernaphimˆ serve in the Paradiseˆ-Havona system. Primary or Paradiseˆ supernaphimˆ are created by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. The secondary and tertiary orders, serving in Havonaˆ, are respectively the offspring of the Master Spiritsˆ and of the Spiritsˆ of the Circuitsˆ.

26:1.13 2. The Ministering Spiritsˆ of the Superuniversesˆ the seconaphimˆ, the tertiaphimˆ, and the omniaphimˆ.  Seconaphimˆ, the children of the Reflective Spiritsˆ, variously serve in the seven superuniversesˆ.  Tertiaphimˆ, of origin in the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, are eventually dedicated to the liaison service of the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ and the Ancients of Daysˆ.  Omniaphimˆ are created concertedly by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ and the Seven Supremeˆ Executivesˆ, and they are the exclusive servants of the latter. The discussion of these three orders forms the subject of a succeeding narrative in this series.

26:1.14 3. The Ministering Spiritsˆ of the Local Universes embrace the  seraphimˆ and their assistants, the  cherubimˆ. With these offspring of a  Universeˆ Mother Spiritˆˆˆ mortalˆ ascendersˆ have initial contact. The midway creatures, of nativity on the inhabited worlds, are not really of the angelˆic orders proper, though often functionally grouped with the ministering spiritsˆ. Their story, with an account of the seraphimˆ and cherubimˆ, is presented in those papers dealing with the affairs of your local universeˆˆ.

26:1.15 All orders of the angelˆic hosts are devoted to the various universeˆ services, and they minister in one way or another to the higher orders of celestialˆ beings; but it is the supernaphimˆ, seconaphimˆ, and seraphimˆ who, in large numbers, are employed in the furtherance of the ascendingˆ scheme of progressive perfectˆion for the children of time. Functioning in the central, super-, and local universesˆ, they form that unbroken chain of spiritˆ ministers which has been provided by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ for the help and guidance of all who seek to attain the Universal Fatherˆ through the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ.

26:1.16 Supernaphimˆ are limited in “spiritˆ polarity” regarding only one phase of action, that with the Universal Fatherˆ. They can work singly except when directly employing the exclusive circuitsˆ of the Father. When they are in powerˆ reception on the Father’s direct ministry, supernaphimˆ must voluntarily associate in pairs to be able to function. Seconaphimˆ are likewise limited and in addition must work in pairs in order to synchronize with the circuitsˆ of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ. Seraphimˆ can work singly as discrete and localized personalities, but they are able to encircuit only when polarized as liaison pairs. When such spiritˆ beings are associated as pairs, the one is spoken of as complemental to the other. Complemental relationships may be transient; they are not necessarily of a permanent nature.

26:1.17 These brilliant creatures of light are sustained directly by the intake of the  spiritˆual energyˆˆ of the primary circuitsˆ of the universeˆ. Urantiaˆ mortalsˆ must obtain light-energy through the vegetative incarnationˆ, but the angelˆic hosts are encircuited; they “have food that you know not.” They also partake of the circulating teachings of the marvelous  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ; they have a reception of knowledge and an intake of wisdom much resembling their technique of assimilating the life energies.

2. The Mighty Supernaphimˆ

26:2.1 The supernaphimˆ are the skilled ministers to all types of beings who sojourn on Paradiseˆ and in the central universeˆˆ. These high angelsˆ are created in three major orders: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

26:2.2 Primary supernaphimˆ are the exclusive offspring of the Conjoint Creatorˆ. They divide their ministry about equally between certain groups of the  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ and the ever-enlarging corps of ascendantˆ pilgrimsˆ. These angelsˆ of the eternalˆ Isle are highly efficacious in furthering the essential training of both groups of Paradiseˆ dwellers. They contribute much that is helpful to the mutual understanding of these two unique orders of universeˆ creatures — the one being the highest type of divineˆ and perfectˆ will creature, and the other, the perfected evolution of the lowest type of will creature in all the  universeˆ of universesˆ.

26:2.3 The work of the primary supernaphimˆ is so unique and distinctive that it will be separately considered in the succeeding narrative.

26:2.4 Secondary supernaphimˆ are the directors of the affairs of ascendingˆ beings on the seven circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ. They are equally concerned in ministering to the educational training of numerous orders of  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ who sojourn for long periods on the world circuitsˆ of the central creation, but we may not discuss this phase of their service.

26:2.5 There are seven types of these high angelsˆ, each of origin in one of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ and in nature patterned accordingly. Collectively, the Seven Master Spiritsˆ create many different groups of unique beings and entities, and the individual members of each order are comparatively uniform in nature. But when these same Seven Spiritsˆ create individually, the resulting orders are always sevenfoldˆ in nature; the children of each Master Spiritˆ partake of the nature of their creatorˆ and are accordingly diverse from the others. Such is the origin of the secondary supernaphimˆ, and the angelsˆ of all seven created types function in all channels of activity open to their entire order, chiefly on the seven circuitsˆ of the central and divineˆ universeˆ.

26:2.6 Each of the seven planetary circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ is under the direct supervision of one of the Seven Spiritsˆ of the Circuitsˆ, themselves the collective — hence uniform — creation of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ. Though partaking of the nature of the Third Source and Centerˆ, these seven subsidiary Spiritsˆ of Havonaˆ were not a part of the original patternˆ universeˆ. They were in function after the original (eternalˆ) creation but long before the times of Grandfandaˆ. They undoubtedly appeared as a creative response of the Master Spiritsˆ to the emerging purpose of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, and they were discovered in function upon the organization of the grand universeˆˆ. The Infinite Spiritˆˆ and all his creative associates, as universal co-ordinators, seem abundantly endowed with the ability to make suitable creative responses to the simultaneous developments in the experientialˆ Deities and in the evolving universesˆ.

26:2.7 Tertiary supernaphimˆ take origin in these Seven Spiritsˆ of the Circuitsˆ. Each one of them, on the separate Havonaˆ circles, is empowered by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to create a sufficient number of high superaphicˆ ministers of the tertiary order to meet the needs of the central universeˆˆ. While the Circuitˆ Spiritsˆ produced comparatively few of these angelˆic ministers prior to the arrival in Havonaˆ of the pilgrimsˆ of time, the Seven Master Spiritsˆ did not even begin the creation of secondary supernaphimˆ until the landing of Grandfandaˆ. As the older of the two orders, the tertiary supernaphimˆ will therefore receive first consideration.

3. The Tertiary Supernaphimˆ

26:3.1 These servants of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ are the angelˆic specialists of the various circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ, and their ministry extends to both the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ of time and the descending pilgrimsˆ of eternityˆ. On the billion study worlds of the perfectˆ central creation, your superaphicˆ associates of all orders will be fully visible to you. There you will all be, in the highest sense, fraternal and understanding beings of mutual contact and sympathy. You will also fully recognize and exquisitely fraternize with the descending pilgrimsˆ, the  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ, who traverse these circuitsˆ from within outward, entering Havonaˆ through the pilot world of the first circuitˆ and proceeding outward to the seventh.

26:3.2 The ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ from the seven superuniversesˆ pass through Havonaˆ in the opposite direction, entering by way of the pilot world of the seventh circuitˆ and proceeding inward. There is no time limit setˆ on the progress of the ascendingˆ creatures from world to world and from circuitˆ to circuitˆ, just as no fixed span of time is arbitrarily assigned to residence on the morontiaˆ worlds. But, whereas adequately developed individuals may be exempted from sojourn on one or more of the local universeˆˆ training worldsˆ, no pilgrimˆ may avoid passing through all seven of the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ of progressive spiritˆualization.

26:3.3 That corps of tertiary supernaphimˆ which is chiefly assigned to the service of the pilgrimsˆ of time is classified as follows:

26:3.4 1. The Harmony Supervisors. It must be apparent that some sort of co-ordinating influence would be required, even in perfectˆ Havonaˆ, to maintain system and to insure harmony in all the work of preparing the pilgrimsˆ of time for their subsequent Paradiseˆ achievements. Such is the real mission of the harmony supervisors — to keep everything moving along smoothly and expeditiously. Originating on the first circuitˆ, they serve throughout Havonaˆ, and their presence on the circuitsˆ means that nothing can possibly go amiss. A great ability to co-ordinate a diversity of activities involving personalities of differing orders — even multiple levels — enables these supernaphimˆ to give assistance wherever and whenever required. They contribute enormously to the mutual understanding of the pilgrimsˆ of time and the pilgrimsˆ of eternityˆ.

26:3.5 2. The Chief Recorders. These angelsˆ are created on the second circuitˆ but operate everywhere in the central universeˆˆ. They record in triplicate, executing records for the literal files of Havonaˆ, for the spiritˆual files of their order, and for the formal records of Paradiseˆ. In addition they automatically transmit the transactions of true-knowledge import to the living libraries of Paradiseˆ, the custodians of knowledge of the primary order of supernaphimˆ.

26:3.6 3. The Broadcasters. The children of the third Circuitˆ Spiritˆ function throughout Havonaˆ, although their official station is located on planet number seventy in the outermost circle. These master techniciansˆ are the broadcast receivers and senders of the central creation and the directors of the spaceˆ reports of all Deityˆ phenomena on Paradiseˆ. They can operate all of the basic circuitsˆ of spaceˆ.

26:3.7 4. The Messengers take origin on circuitˆ number four. They range the Paradiseˆ-Havona system as bearers of all messages requiring personal transmission. They serve their fellows, the celestialˆ personalities, the Paradiseˆ pilgrimsˆ, and even the ascendantˆ souls of time.

26:3.8 5. The Intelligence Co-ordinators. These tertiary supernaphimˆ, the children of the fifth Circuitˆ Spiritˆ, are always the wise and sympathetic promoters of fraternal association between the ascendingˆ and the descending pilgrimsˆ. They minister to all the inhabitants of Havonaˆ, and especially to the ascendersˆ, by keeping them currently informed regarding the affairs of the  universeˆ of universesˆ. By virtue of personal contacts with the broadcasters and the reflectors, these “living newspapers” of Havonaˆ are instantly conversant with all information passing over the vast news circuitsˆ of the central universeˆˆ. They secure intelligence by the Havonaˆ graph method, which enables them automatically to assimilate as much information in one hour of Urantiaˆ time as would require a thousand years for your most rapid telegraphic technique to record.

26:3.9 6. The Transport Personalities. These beings, of origin on circuitˆ number six, usually operate from planet number forty in the outermost circuitˆ. It is they who take away the disappointed candidates who transiently fail in the Deityˆ adventure. They stand ready to serve all who must come and go in the service of Havonaˆ, and who are not spaceˆ traversers.

26:3.10 7. The Reserve Corpsˆ. The fluctuations in the work with the ascendantˆ beings, the Paradiseˆ pilgrimsˆ, and other orders of beings sojourning in Havonaˆ, make it necessary to maintain these reserves of supernaphimˆ on the pilot world of the seventh circle, where they take origin. They are created without special design and are competent to take up service in the less exacting phases of any of the duties of their superaphicˆ associates of the tertiary order.

4. The Secondary Supernaphimˆ

26:4.1 The secondary supernaphimˆ are ministers to the seven planetary circuitsˆ of the central universeˆˆ. Part are devoted to the service of the pilgrimsˆ of time, and one half of the entire order is assigned to the training of the Paradiseˆ pilgrimsˆ of eternityˆ. These  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ, in their pilgrimage through the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ, are also attended by volunteers from the Mortalˆ Finality Corps, an arrangement that has prevailed since the completion of the first finaliterˆ group.

26:4.2 According to their periodic assignment to the ministry of the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ, secondary supernaphimˆ work in the following seven groups:

26:4.3 1. Pilgrimˆ Helpers.

26:4.4 2. Supremacyˆ Guides.

26:4.5 3. Trinityˆ Guides.

26:4.6 4. Son Finders.

26:4.7 5. Father Guides.

26:4.8 6. Counselors and Advisers.

26:4.9 7. Complements of Rest.

26:4.10 Each of these working groups contains angelsˆ of all seven created types, and a pilgrimˆ of spaceˆ is always tutored by secondary supernaphimˆ of origin in the Master Spiritˆ who presides over that pilgrimˆ’s superuniverseˆ of nativity. When you mortalsˆ of Urantiaˆ attain Havonaˆ, you will certainly be piloted by supernaphimˆ whose created natures — like your own evolved natures — are derived from the Master Spiritˆ of Orvontonˆ. And since your tutors spring from the Master Spiritˆ of your own superuniverseˆ, they are especially qualified to understand, comfort, and assist you in all your efforts to attain Paradiseˆ perfectˆion.

26:4.11 The pilgrimsˆ of time are transported past the dark gravityˆ bodies of Havonaˆ to the outer planetary circuitˆ by the transport personalities of the primary order of seconaphimˆ, operating from the headquarters of the seven superuniversesˆ. A majority, but not all, of the seraphimˆ of planetary and local universeˆˆ service who have been accredited for the Paradiseˆ ascent will part with their mortalˆ associates before the long flight to Havonaˆ and will at once begin a long and intense training for supernal assignment, expecting to achieve, as seraphimˆ, perfectˆion of existence and supremacyˆ of service. And this they do, hoping to rejoin the pilgrimsˆ of time, to be reckoned among those who forever follow the course of such mortalsˆ as have attained the Universal Fatherˆ and have received assignment to the undisclosed service of the Corps of the Finalityˆ.

26:4.12 The pilgrimˆ lands on the receiving planet of Havonaˆ, the pilot world of the seventh circuitˆ, with only one endowment of perfectˆion, perfectˆion of purpose. The Universal Fatherˆ has decreed: “Be you perfectˆ, even as I am perfectˆ.” That is the astounding invitation-command broadcast to the finiteˆ children of the worlds of spaceˆ. The promulgation of that injunction has setˆ all creation astir in the co-operative effort of the celestialˆ beings to assist in bringing about the fulfillment and realization of that tremendous command of the First Great Source and Center.

26:4.13 When, through and by the ministry of all the helper hosts of the universal scheme of survival, you are finally deposited on the receiving world of Havonaˆ, you arrive with only one sort of perfectˆion perfectˆion of purpose. Your purpose has been thoroughly proved; your faithˆ has been tested. You are known to be disappointment proof. Not even the failure to discern the Universal Fatherˆ can shake the faithˆ or seriously disturb the trust of an ascendantˆ mortalˆ who has passed through the experience that all must traverse in order to attain the perfectˆ spheres of Havonaˆ. By the time you reach Havonaˆ, your sincerity has become sublime. Perfectˆion of purpose and divinityˆ of desire, with steadfastness of faithˆ, have secured your entrance to the settled abodes of eternityˆ; your deliverance from the uncertainties of time is full and complete; and now must you come face to face with the problems of Havonaˆ and the immensities of Paradiseˆ, to meet which you have so long been in training in the experientialˆ epochsˆ of time on the world schools of spaceˆ.

26:4.14 Faithˆ has won for the ascendantˆ pilgrimˆ a perfectˆion of purpose which admits the children of time to the portals of eternityˆ. Now must the pilgrimˆ helpers begin the work of developing that perfectˆion of understanding and that technique of comprehension which are so indispensable to Paradiseˆ perfectˆion of personalityˆ.

26:4.15 Ability to comprehend is the mortalˆ passport to Paradiseˆ. Willingness to believe is the key to Havonaˆ. The acceptance of sonshipˆ, co-operation with the indwellˆing Adjusterˆ, is the price of evolutionaryˆ survival.

5. The Pilgrimˆ Helpers

26:5.1 The first of the seven groups of secondary supernaphimˆ to be encountered are the pilgrimˆ helpers, those beings of quick understanding and broad sympathy who welcome the much-traveled ascendersˆ of spaceˆ to the stabilized worlds and settled economy of the central universeˆˆ. Simultaneously these high ministers begin their work for the Paradiseˆ pilgrimsˆ of eternityˆ, the first of whom arrived on the pilot world of the inner Havonaˆ circuitˆ concomitantly with the landing of Grandfandaˆ on the pilot world of the outer circuitˆ. Back in those far-distant days the pilgrimsˆ from Paradiseˆ and the pilgrimsˆ of time first met on the receiving world of circuitˆ number four.

26:5.2 These pilgrimˆ helpers, functioning on the seventh circle of Havonaˆ worlds, conduct their work for the ascendingˆ mortalsˆ in three major divisions: first, the supremeˆ understanding of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ; second, the spiritˆual comprehension of the Father-Son partnership; and third, the intellectual recognition of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. Each of these phases of instruction is divided into seven branches of twelve minor divisions of seventy subsidiary groups; and each of these seventy subsidiary groupings of instruction is presented in one thousand classifications. More detailed instruction is provided on subsequent circles, but an outline of every Paradiseˆ requirement is taught by the pilgrimˆ helpers.

26:5.3 That, then, is the primary or elementary course which confronts the faithˆ-tested and much-traveled pilgrimsˆ of spaceˆ. But long before reaching Havonaˆ, these ascendantˆ children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faithˆ when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable. Long since, the battle cry of these pilgrimsˆ became: “In liaison with Godˆ, nothing — absolutelˆy nothing — is impossible.”

26:5.4 There is a definite requirement of the pilgrimsˆ of time on each of the Havonaˆ circles; and while every pilgrimˆ continues under the tutelage of supernaphimˆ by nature adapted to helping that particular type of ascendantˆ creature, the course that must be mastered is fairly uniform for all ascendersˆ who reach the central universeˆˆ. This course of achievement is quantitative, qualitative, and experientialˆ — intellectual, spiritˆual, and supremeˆ.

26:5.5 Time is of little consequence on the Havonaˆ circles. In a limited manner it enters into the possibilities of advancement, but achievement is the final and supremeˆ test. The very moment your superaphicˆ associate deems you to be competent to pass inward to the next circle, you will be taken before the twelve adjutants of the seventh Circuitˆ Spiritˆ. Here you will be required to pass the tests of the circle determined by the superuniverseˆ of your origin and by the system of your nativity. The divinityˆ attainment of this circle takes place on the pilot world and consists in the spiritˆual recognition and realization of the Master Spiritˆ of the ascendingˆ pilgrimˆ’s superuniverseˆ.

26:5.6 When the work of the outer Havonaˆ circle is finished and the course presented is mastered, the pilgrimˆ helpers take their subjects to the pilot world of the next circle and commit them to the care of the supremacyˆ guides. The pilgrimˆ helpers always tarry for a season to assist in making the transfer both pleasant and profitable.

6. The Supremacyˆ Guides

26:6.1 Ascendersˆ of spaceˆ are designated “spiritˆual graduates” when translated from the seventh to the sixth circle and are placed under the immediate supervision of the supremacyˆ guides. These guides should not be confused with the Graduate Guidesˆ — belonging to the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spiritˆˆˆ — who, with their servitalˆ associates, minister on all circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ to both ascendingˆ and descending pilgrimsˆ. The supremacyˆ guides function only on the sixth circle of the central universeˆˆ.

26:6.2 It is in this circle that the ascendersˆ achieve a new realization of Supremeˆ Divinityˆ. Through their long careers in the evolutionaryˆ universesˆ the pilgrimsˆ of time have been experiencing a growing awareness of the reality of an almightyˆ overcontrol of the time-space creations. Here, on this Havonaˆ circuitˆ, they come near to encountering the central universeˆˆ source of time-space unity — the spiritˆual reality of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ.

26:6.3 I am somewhat at a loss to explain what takes place on this circle. No personalized presence of Supremacyˆ is perceptible to the ascendersˆ. In certain respects, new relationships with the Seventh Master Spiritˆ compensate this noncontactability of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. But regardless of our inability to grasp the technique, each ascendingˆ creature seems to undergo a transforming growth, a new integration of consciousness, a new spiritˆualization of purpose, a new sensitivity for divinityˆ, which can hardly be satisfactorily explained without assuming the unrevealed activity of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. To those of us who have observed these mysterious transactions, it appears as if  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ were affectionately bestowing upon his experientialˆ children, up to the very limits of their experientialˆ capacities, those enhancements of intellectual grasp, of spiritˆual insight, and of personalityˆ outreach which they will so need, in all their efforts at penetrating the divinityˆ level of the Trinityˆ of Supremacyˆ, to achieve the eternalˆ and existentialˆ Deities of Paradiseˆ.

26:6.4 When the supremacyˆ guides deem their pupils ripe for advancement, they bring them before the commission of seventy, a mixed group serving as examiners on the pilot world of circuitˆ number six. After satisfying this commission as to their comprehension of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ and of the Trinityˆ of Supremacyˆ, the pilgrimsˆ are certified for translationˆ to the fifth circuitˆ.

7. The Trinityˆ Guides

26:7.1 Trinityˆ guides are the tireless ministers of the fifth circle of the Havonaˆ training of the advancing pilgrimsˆ of time and spaceˆ. The spiritˆual graduates are here designated “candidates for the Deityˆ adventure” since it is on this circle, under the direction of the Trinityˆ guides, that the pilgrimsˆ receive advanced instruction concerning the divineˆ Trinityˆ in preparation for the attempt to achieve the personalityˆ recognition of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. And here the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ discover what true study and real mental effort mean as they begin to discern the nature of the still-more-taxing and far-more-arduous spiritˆual exertion that will be required to meet the demands of the high goal setˆ for their achievement on the worlds of this circuitˆ.

26:7.2 Most faithful and efficient are the Trinityˆ guides; and each pilgrimˆ receives the undivided attention, and enjoys the whole affection, of a secondary supernaphimˆ belonging to this order. Never would a pilgrimˆ of time find the first approachable person of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ were it not for the help and assistance of these guides and the host of other spiritˆual beings engaged in instructing the ascendersˆ respecting the nature and technique of the forthcoming Deityˆ adventure.

26:7.3 After the completion of the course of training on this circuitˆ the Trinityˆ guides take their pupils to its pilot world and present them before one of the many triune commissions functioning as examiners and certifiers of candidates for the Deityˆ adventure. These commissions consist of one fellow of the finalitersˆ, one of the directors of conduct of the order of primary supernaphimˆ, and either a Solitary Messenger of spaceˆ or a Trinitized Son of Paradiseˆ.

26:7.4 When an ascendantˆ soulˆ actuallˆy starts for Paradiseˆ, he is accompanied only by the transit trio: the superaphicˆ circle associate, the Graduate Guide, and the ever-present servitalˆ associate of the latter. These excursions from the Havonaˆ circles to Paradiseˆ are trial trips; the ascendersˆ are not yet of Paradiseˆ status. They do not achieve residential status on Paradiseˆ until they have passed through the terminal rest of time subsequent to the attainment of the Universal Fatherˆ and the final clearance of the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ. Not until after the divineˆ rest do they partake of the “essence of divinity” and the “spiritˆ of supremacy” and thus really begin to function in the circle of eternityˆˆ and in the presence of the Trinityˆ.

26:7.5 The ascenderˆ’s companions of the transit trio are not required to enable him to locate the geographic presence of the spiritˆual luminosity of the Trinityˆ, rather to afford all possible assistance to a pilgrimˆ in his difficult task of recognizing, discerning, and comprehending the Infinite Spiritˆˆ sufficiently to constitute personalityˆ recognition. Any ascendantˆ pilgrimˆ on Paradiseˆ can discern the geographic or locational presence of the Trinityˆ, the great majority are able to contact the intellectual reality of the Deities, especially the Third Person, but not all can recognize or even partially comprehend the reality of the spiritˆual presence of the Father and the Son. Still more difficult is even the minimum spiritˆual comprehension of the Universal Fatherˆ.

26:7.6 Seldom does the quest for the Infinite Spiritˆˆ fail of consummation, and when their subjects have succeeded in this phase of the Deityˆ adventure, the Trinityˆ guides prepare to transfer them to the ministry of the Son finders on the fourth circle of Havonaˆ.

8. The Son Finders

26:8.1 The fourth Havonaˆ circuitˆ is sometimes called the “circuitˆ of the Sons.” From the worlds of this circuitˆ the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ go to Paradiseˆ to achieve an understanding contact with the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ, while on the worlds of this circuitˆ the descending pilgrimsˆ achieve a new comprehension of the nature and mission of the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ of time and spaceˆ. There are seven worlds in this circuitˆ on which the reserve corpsˆ of the Paradiseˆ Michaelsˆ maintain special service schools of mutual ministry to both the ascendingˆ and descending pilgrims; and it is on these worlds of the Michael Sons that the pilgrimsˆ of time and the pilgrimsˆ of eternityˆ arrive at their first truly mutual understanding of one another. In many respects the experiences of this circuitˆ are the most intriguing of the entire Havonaˆ sojourn.

26:8.2 The Son finders are the superaphicˆ ministers to the ascendingˆ mortalsˆ of the fourth circuitˆ. In addition to the general work of preparing their candidates for a realization of the Trinityˆ relationships of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ, these Son finders must so fully instruct their subjects that they will be wholly successful: first, in the adequate spiritˆual comprehension of the Son; second, in the satisfactory personalityˆ recognition of the Son; and third, in the proper differentiation of the Son from the personalityˆ of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ.

26:8.3 After the attainment of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, no more examinations are conducted. The tests of the inner circles are the performances of the pilgrimˆ candidates when in the embrace of the enshroudment of the Deities. Advancement is determined purely by the spiritˆuality of the individual, and no one but the Gods presumes to pass upon this possession. In the event of failure no reasons are ever assigned, neither are the candidates themselves nor their various tutors and guides ever chided or criticized. On Paradiseˆ, disappointment is never regarded as defeat; postponement is never looked upon as disgrace; the apparent failures of time are never confused with the significant delays of eternityˆ.

26:8.4 Not many pilgrimsˆ experience the delay of seeming failure in the Deityˆ adventure. Nearly all attain the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, though occasionally a pilgrimˆ from superuniverseˆ number one does not succeed on the first attempt. The pilgrimsˆ who attain the Spiritˆ seldom fail in finding the Son; of those who do fail on the first adventure, almost all hail from superuniversesˆ three and five. The great majority of those who fail on the first adventure to attain the Father, after finding both the Spiritˆ and the Son, hail from superuniverseˆ number six, though a few from numbers two and three are likewise unsuccessful. And all this seems clearly to indicate that there is some good and sufficient reason for these apparent failures; in reality, simply unescapable delays.

26:8.5 The defeated candidates for the Deityˆ adventure are placed under the jurisdiction of the chiefs of assignment, a group of primary supernaphimˆ, and are remanded to the work of the realms of spaceˆ for a period of not less than one millennium. They never return to the superuniverseˆ of their nativity, always to that supercreation most propitious for their retraining in preparation for the second Deityˆ adventure. Following this service, on their own motion, they return to the outer circle of Havonaˆ, are immediately escorted to the circle of their interrupted career, and at once resume their preparations for the Deityˆ adventure. Never do the secondary supernaphimˆ fail to pilot their subjects successfully on the second attempt, and the same superaphicˆ ministers and other guides always attend these candidates during this second adventure.

9. The Father Guides

26:9.1 When the pilgrimˆ soulˆ attains the third circle of Havonaˆ, he comes under the tutelage of the Father guides, the older, highly skilled, and most experienced of the superaphicˆ ministers. On the worlds of this circuitˆ the Father guides maintain schools of wisdom and colleges of technique wherein all the beings inhabiting the central universeˆˆ serve as teachers. Nothing is neglected which would be of service to a creature of time in this transcendent adventure of eternityˆ attainment.

26:9.2 The attainment of the Universal Fatherˆ is the passport to eternityˆ, notwithstanding the remaining circuitsˆ to be traversed. It is therefore a momentous occasion on the pilot world of circle number three when the transit trio announce that the last venture of time is about to ensue; that another creature of spaceˆ seeks entry to Paradiseˆ through the portals of eternityˆ.

26:9.3 The test of time is almost over; the race for eternityˆ has been all but run. The days of uncertainty are ending; the temptation to doubt is vanishing; the injunction to be  perfectˆ has been obeyed. From the very bottom of intelligent existence the creature of time and material personalityˆ has ascended the evolutionaryˆ spheres of spaceˆ, thus proving the feasibility of the ascensionˆ plan while forever demonstrating the justice and righteousness of the command of the Universal Fatherˆ to his lowly creatures of the worlds: “Be you perfectˆ, even as I am perfectˆ.”

26:9.4 Step by step, life by life, world by world, the ascendantˆ career has been mastered, and the goal of Deityˆ has been attained. Survival is complete in perfectˆion, and perfectˆion is replete in the supremacyˆ of divinityˆ. Time is lost in eternityˆ; spaceˆ is swallowed up in worshipful identity and harmony with the Universal Fatherˆ. The broadcasts of Havonaˆ flash forth the spaceˆ reports of glory, the good news that in very truth the conscientious creatures of animal nature and material origin have, through evolutionaryˆ ascensionˆ, become in reality and eternallˆy the perfected sons of Godˆ.

10. The Counselors and Advisers

26:10.1 The superaphicˆ counselors and advisers of the second circle are the instructors of the children of time regarding the career of eternityˆ. The attainment of Paradiseˆ entails responsibilities of a new and higher order, and the sojourn on the second circle affords ample opportunity to receive the helpful counsel of these devoted supernaphimˆ.

26:10.2 Those who are unsuccessful in the first effort at Deityˆ attainment are advanced from the circle of failure directly to the second circle before they are returned to superuniverseˆ service. Thus the counselors and advisers also serve as the counselors and comforters of these disappointed pilgrimsˆ. They have just encountered their greatest disappointment, in no way differing from the long list of such experiences whereon they climbed, as on a ladder, from chaos to glory — except in its magnitude. These are they who have drained the experientialˆ cup to its dregs; and I have observed that they temporarily return to the services of the superuniversesˆ as the highest type of loving ministrators to the children of time and temporal disappointments.

26:10.3 After a long sojourn on circuitˆ number two the subjects of disappointment are examined by the councils of perfectˆion sitting on the pilot world of this circle and are certified as having passed the Havonaˆ test; and this, so far as nonspiritˆual status is concerned, grants them the same standing in the universesˆ of time as if they had actuallˆy succeeded in the Deityˆ adventure. The spiritˆ of such candidates was wholly acceptable; their failure was inherent in some phase of the technique of approach or in some part of their experientialˆ background.

26:10.4 They are then taken by the counselors of the circle before the chiefs of assignment on Paradiseˆ and are remanded to the service of time on the worlds of spaceˆ; and they go with joy and gladness to the tasks of former days and ages. In another day they will return to the circle of their greatest disappointment and attempt anew the Deityˆ adventure.

26:10.5 For the successful pilgrimsˆ on the second circuitˆ the stimulus of evolutionaryˆ uncertainty is over, but the adventure of the eternalˆ assignment has not yet begun; and while the sojourn on this circle is wholly pleasurable and highly profitable, it lacks some of the anticipative enthusiasm of the former circles. Many are the pilgrimsˆ who, at such a time, look back upon the long, long struggle with a joyous envy, really wishing they might somehow go back to the worlds of time and begin it all over again, just as you mortalsˆ, in approaching advanced age, sometimes look back over the struggles of youth and early life and truly wish you might live your lives over once again.

26:10.6 But the traversal of the innermost circle lies just ahead, and soon thereafter the last transit sleep will terminate, and the new adventure of the eternalˆ career will begin. The counselors and advisers on the second circle begin the preparation of their subjects for this great and final rest, the inevitable sleep which ever intervenes between the epochal stages of the ascendantˆ career.

26:10.7 When those ascendantˆ pilgrimsˆ who have attained the Universal Fatherˆ complete the second-circle experience, their ever-attendant Graduate Guidesˆ issue the order admitting them to the final circle. These guides personally pilot their subjects to the inner circle and there place them in the custody of the complements of rest, the last of those orders of secondary supernaphimˆ assigned to the ministry of the pilgrimsˆ of time on the world circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ.

11. The Complements of Rest

26:11.1 Much of an ascenderˆ’s time on the last circuitˆ is devoted to a continuation of the study of the impending problems of Paradiseˆ residence. A vast and diverse host of beings, the majority unrevealed, are permanent and transient residents of this inner ring of Havonaˆ worlds. And the commingling of these manifold types provides the superaphicˆ complements of rest with a rich situational environment which they effectively utilize in furthering the education of the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ, especially with regard to the problems of adjustment to the many groups of beings soon to be encountered on Paradiseˆ.

26:11.2 Among those who dwell on this inner circuitˆ are the creature-trinitizedˆ sons. The primary and the secondary supernaphimˆ are the general custodians of the conjoint corps of these sons, including the trinitized offspring of the mortalˆ finalitersˆ and similar progeny of the  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ. Certain of these sons are  Trinityˆ embracedˆ and commissioned in the supergovernments, others are variously assigned, but the great majority are being gathered together in the conjoint corps on the perfectˆ worlds of the inner Havonaˆ circuitˆ. Here, under the supervision of the supernaphimˆ, they are being prepared for some future work by a special and unnamed corps of high  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ who were, prior to the times of Grandfandaˆ, first executive assistants to the  Eternalsˆ of Daysˆ. There are many reasons for conjecturing that these two unique groups of trinitized beingsˆ are going to work together in the remote future, not the least of which is their common destinyˆ in the reserves of the Paradiseˆ Corps of Trinitized Finalitersˆ.

26:11.3 On this innermost circuitˆ, both the ascendingˆ and the descending pilgrimsˆ fraternize with each other and with the creature-trinitizedˆ sons. Like their parents, these sons derive great benefits from interassociation, and it is the special mission of the supernaphimˆ to facilitate and to insure the confraternity of the trinitized sonsˆ of the mortalˆ finalitersˆ and the trinitized sonsˆ of the  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ. The superaphicˆ complements of rest are not so much concerned with their training as with promoting their understanding association with diverse groups.

26:11.4 Mortalsˆ have received the Paradiseˆ command: “Be you perfectˆ, even as your  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ is perfectˆ.” To these trinitized sonsˆ of the conjoint corps the supervising supernaphimˆ never cease to proclaim: “Be you understanding of your ascendantˆ brethren, even as the Paradiseˆ  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ know and love them.”

26:11.5 The mortalˆ creature must find Godˆ. The  Creatorˆ Sonˆ never stops until he finds man — the lowest will creature. Beyond doubt, the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ and their mortalˆ children are preparing for some future and unknown universeˆ service. Both traverse the gamut of the experientialˆ universeˆ and so are educated and trained for their eternalˆ mission. Throughout the universesˆ there is occurring this unique blending of the human and the divineˆ, the commingling of creature and Creatorˆ. Unthinking mortalsˆ have referred to the manifestation of divineˆ mercy and tenderness, especially towards the weak and in behalf of the needy, as indicative of an anthropomorphic Godˆ. What a mistake! Rather should such manifestations of mercy and forbearance by human beings be taken as evidence that mortalˆ man is indwelt by the spiritˆ of the living God; that the creature is, after all, divinityˆ motivated.

26:11.6 Near the end of the first-circle sojourn the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ first meet the instigators of rest of the primary order of supernaphimˆ. These are the angelsˆ of Paradiseˆ coming out to greet those who stand at the threshold of eternityˆ and to complete their preparation for the transition slumber of the last resurrection. You are not really a child of Paradiseˆ until you have traversed the inner circle and have experienced the resurrection of eternityˆ from the terminal sleep of time. The perfected pilgrimsˆ begin this rest, go to sleep, on the first circle of Havonaˆ, but they awaken on the shores of Paradiseˆ. Of all who ascend to the eternalˆ Isle, only those who thus arrive are the children of eternityˆ; the others go as visitors, as guests without residential status.

26:11.7 And now, at the culmination of the Havonaˆ career, as you mortalsˆ go to sleep on the pilot world of the inner circuitˆ, you go not alone to your rest as you did on the worlds of your origin when you closed your eyes in the natural sleep of mortalˆ death, nor as you did when you entered the long transit trance preparatory for the journey to Havonaˆ. Now, as you prepare for the attainment rest, there moves over by your side your long-time associate of the first circle, the majestic complement of rest, who prepares to enter the rest as one with you, as the pledge of Havonaˆ that your transition is complete, and that you await only the final touches of perfectˆion.

26:11.8 Your first transition was indeed death, the second an ideal sleep, and now the third metamorphosis is the true rest, the relaxation of the ages.

26:11.9 [Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom from Uversaˆ.]