Paper 25 : The Messenger Hosts of Spaceˆˆ

25:0.1 RANKING intermediately in the family of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ are the Messenger Hosts of Spaceˆˆ. These versatile beings function as the connecting links between the higher personalities and the ministering spiritsˆ. The messenger hosts include the following orders of celestialˆ beings:

25:0.2 1.  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ.

25:0.3 2. Universal Conciliatorsˆ.

25:0.4 3. Technical Advisersˆ.

25:0.5 4. Custodians of Records on Paradiseˆˆ.

25:0.6 5.  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ.

25:0.7 6.  Morontiaˆ Companionsˆ.

25:0.8 7.  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ.

25:0.9 Of the seven groups enumerated, only three — servitalsˆ, conciliators, and  Morontiaˆ Companionsˆ — are created as such; the remaining four represent attainment levels of the angelˆic orders. In accordance with inherent nature and attained status, the messenger hosts variously serve in the  universeˆ of universesˆ but always subject to the direction of those who rule the realms of their assignment.

1. The  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ

25:1.1 Though denominated servitalsˆ, these “midway creatures” of the central universeˆˆ are not servants in any menial sense of the word. In the spiritˆual world there is no such thing as menial work; all service is sacred and exhilarating; neither do the higher orders of beings look down upon the lower orders of existence.

25:1.2 The  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ are the joint creative work of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ and their associates, the Seven Supremeˆ Powerˆ Directorsˆ. This creative collaboration comes the nearest to being the patternˆ for the long list of reproductions of the dual order in the evolutionaryˆ universesˆ, extending from the creation of a Bright and Morning Star by a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ-Creative Spiritˆ liaison down to sex procreation on worlds like Urantiaˆ.

25:1.3 The number of servitalsˆ is prodigious, and more are being created all the time. They appear in groups of one thousand on the third moment following the assembly of the Master Spiritsˆ and the Supremeˆ Powerˆ Directors at their joint area in the far northerly sector of Paradiseˆ. Every fourth servitalˆ is more physical in type than the others; that is, out of each thousand, seven hundred and fifty are apparently true to spiritˆ type, but two hundred and fifty are semiphysical in nature. These fourth creatures are somewhat on the order of material beings (material in the Havonaˆ sense), resembling the physical powerˆ directors more than the Master Spiritsˆ.

25:1.4 In personalityˆ relationships the spiritˆual is dominant over the material, even though it does not now so appear on Urantiaˆ; and in the production of  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ the law of spiritˆ dominance prevails; the established ratio yields three spiritˆual beings to one semiphysical.

25:1.5 The newly created servitalsˆ, together with newly appearing Graduate Guidesˆ, all pass through the courses of training which the senior guides continuously conduct on each of the seven Havonaˆ circuitsˆ. Servitalsˆ are then assigned to the activities for which they are best adapted, and since they are of two types — spiritˆual and semiphysical — there are few limits to the range of work these versatile beings can do. The higher or spiritˆ groups are assigned selectively to the services of the Father, the Son, and the Spiritˆ, and to the work of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ. In large numbers they are dispatched, from time to time, to serve on the study worlds encircling the headquarters spheres of the seven superuniversesˆ, the worlds devoted to the final training and spiritˆual culture of the ascendingˆ souls of time who are preparing for advancement to the circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ. Both spiritˆ servitalsˆ and their more physical fellows are also designated assistants and associates of the Graduate Guidesˆ in helping and instructing the various orders of ascendingˆ creatures who have attained Havonaˆ, and who seek to attain Paradiseˆ.

25:1.6 The  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ and the Graduate Guidesˆ manifest a transcendent devotion to their work and a touching affection for one another, an affection which, while spiritˆual, you could only understand by comparison with the phenomenon of human love. There is divineˆ pathos in the separation of the servitalsˆ from the guides, as so often occurs when the servitalsˆ are dispatched on missions beyond the limits of the central universeˆˆ; but they go with joy and not with sorrow. The satisfying joy of high duty is the eclipsing emotion of spiritˆual beings. Sorrow cannot exist in the face of the consciousness of divineˆ duty faithfully performed. And when man’s ascendingˆ soulˆ stands before the Supremeˆ Judge, the decision of eternalˆ import will not be determined by material successes or quantitative achievements; the verdict reverberating through the high courts declares: “Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few essentials; you shall be made ruler over universeˆ realities.”

25:1.7 On superuniverseˆ service the  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ are always assigned to that domain presided over by the Master Spiritˆ whom they most resemble in general and special spiritˆ prerogatives. They serve only on the educational worlds surrounding the capitals of the seven superuniversesˆ, and the last report of Uversaˆ indicates that almost 138 billion servitalsˆ were ministering on its 490 satellites. They engage in an endless variety of activities in connection with the work of these educational worlds comprising the superuniversities of the superuniverseˆ of Orvontonˆ. Here they are your companions; they have come down from your next career to study you and to inspire you with the reality and certainty of your eventual graduation from the universesˆ of time to the realms of eternityˆ. And in these contacts the servitalsˆ gain that preliminary experience of ministering to the ascendingˆ creatures of time which is so helpful in their subsequent work on the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ as associates of the Graduate Guidesˆ or — as translated servitalsˆ — as Graduate Guidesˆ themselves.

2. The Universal Conciliatorsˆ

25:2.1 For every Havonaˆ Servitalˆ created, seven Universal Conciliatorsˆ are brought into being, one in each superuniverseˆ. This creative enactment involves a definite superuniverseˆ technique of reflective response to transactions taking place on Paradiseˆ.

25:2.2 On the headquarters worlds of the seven superuniversesˆ there function the seven reflections of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ. It is difficult to undertake to portray the natures of these Reflective Spiritsˆ to material minds. They are true personalities; still each member of a superuniverseˆ group is perfectlˆy reflective of just one of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ. And every time the Master Spiritsˆ associate themselves with the powerˆ directors for the purpose of creating a group of  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ, there is a simultaneous focalization upon one of the Reflective Spiritsˆ in each of the superuniverseˆ groups, and forthwith and full-fledgedly an equal number of Universal Conciliatorsˆ appear on the headquarters worlds of the supercreations. If, in the creation of servitalsˆ, Master Spiritˆ Number Seven should take the initiative, none but the Reflective Spiritsˆ of the seventh order would become pregnant with conciliators; and concurrently with the creation of one thousand Orvontonlˆike servitalsˆ, one thousand of the seventh-order conciliators would appear on each superuniverseˆ capital. Out of these episodes, reflecting the sevenfoldˆ nature of the Master Spiritsˆ, arise the seven created orders of conciliators serving in each superuniverseˆ.

25:2.3 Conciliators of pre-Paradise status do not serve interchangeably between superuniversesˆ, being restricted to their native segments of creation. Every superuniverseˆ corps, embracing one seventh of each created order, therefore spends a very long time under the influence of one of the Master Spiritsˆ to the exclusion of the others, for, while all seven are reflected on the superuniverseˆ capitals, only one is dominant in each supercreation.

25:2.4 Each of the seven supercreations is actuallˆy pervaded by that one of the Master Spiritsˆ who presides over its destinies. Each superuniverseˆ thus becomes like a gigantic mirror reflecting the nature and character of the supervising Master Spiritˆ, and all of this is further continued in every subsidiary local universeˆˆ by the presence and function of the Creative Mother Spiritsˆ. The effect of such an environment upon evolutionaryˆ growth is so profound that in their postsuperuniverse careers the conciliators collectively manifest forty-nine experientialˆ viewpoints, or insights, each angular — hence incomplete — but all mutually compensatory and together tending to encompass the circle of Supremacyˆ.

25:2.5 In each superuniverseˆ the Universal Conciliatorsˆ find themselves strangely and innately segregated into groups of four, associations in which they continue to serve. In each group, three are  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ, and one, like the fourth creatures of the servitalsˆ, is a semimaterial being. This quartet constitutes a conciliating commission and is made up as follows:

25:2.6 1. The Judge-Arbiter. The one unanimously designated by the other three as the most competent and best qualified to act as judicial head of the group.

25:2.7 2. The Spiritˆ-Advocate. The one appointed by the judge-arbiter to present evidence and to safeguard the rights of all personalities involved in any matter assigned to the adjudication of the conciliating commission.

25:2.8 3. The Divineˆ Executioner. The conciliator qualified by inherent nature to make contact with the material beings of the realms and to execute the decisions of the commission. Divineˆ executioners, being fourth creatures — quasi-material beings — are almost, but not quite, visible to the short-range vision of the mortalˆ races.

25:2.9 4. The Recorder. The remaining member of the commission automatically becomes the recorder, the clerk of the tribunal. He makes certain that all records are properly prepared for the archives of the superuniverseˆ and for the records of the local universeˆˆ. If the commission is serving on an evolutionaryˆ world, a third report, with the assistance of the executioner, is prepared for the physical records of the system government of jurisdiction.

25:2.10 When in session a commission functions as a group of three since the advocate is detached during adjudication and participates in the formulation of the verdict only at the conclusion of the hearing. Hence these commissions are sometimes called referee trios.

25:2.11 The conciliators are of great value in keeping the  universeˆ of universesˆ running smoothly. Traversing spaceˆ at the seraphicˆ rate of triple velocityˆ, they serve as the traveling courts of the worlds, commissions devoted to the quick adjudication of minor difficulties. Were it not for these mobile and eminently fair commissions, the tribunals of the spheres would be hopelessly overspread with the minor misunderstandings of the realms.

25:2.12 These referee trios do not pass upon matters of eternalˆ import; the soulˆ, the eternalˆ prospects of a creature of time, is never placed in jeopardy by their acts. Conciliators do not deal with questions extending beyond the temporal existence and the cosmic welfare of the creatures of time. But when a commission has once accepted jurisdiction of a problem, its rulings are final and always unanimous; there is no appeal from the decision of the judge-arbiter.

3. The Far-Reaching Service of Conciliators

25:3.1 Conciliators maintain group headquarters on the capital of their superuniverseˆ, where their primary reserve corpsˆ is held. Their secondary reserves are stationed on the capitals of the local universesˆ. The younger and less experienced commissioners begin their service on the lower worlds, worlds like Urantiaˆ, and are advanced to the adjudication of greater problems after they have acquired riper experience.

25:3.2 The order of conciliators is wholly dependable; not one has ever gone astray. Though not infallible in wisdom and judgment, they are of unquestioned reliability and unerring in faithfulness. They take origin on the headquarters of a superuniverseˆ and eventually return thereto, advancing through the following levels of universeˆ service:

25:3.3 1. Conciliators to the Worlds. Whenever the supervising personalities of the individual worlds become greatly perplexed or actuallˆy deadlocked concerning the proper procedure under existing circumstances, and if the matter is not of sufficient importance to be brought before the regularly constituted tribunals of the realm, then, upon the receipt of a petition of two personalities, one from each contention, a conciliating commission will begin to function forthwith.

25:3.4 When these administrative and jurisdictional difficulties have been placed in the hands of the conciliators for study and adjudication, they are supremeˆ in authority. But they will not formulate a decision until all the evidence has been heard, and there is absolutelˆy no limit to their authority to call witnesses from anywhere and everywhere. And while their decisions may not be appealed, sometimes matters so develop that the commission closes its records at a given point, concludes its opinions, and transfers the whole question to the higher tribunals of the realm.

25:3.5 The commissioners’ decisions are placed on the planetary records and, if necessary, are put into effect by the divineˆ executioner. His powerˆ is very great, and the range of his activities on an inhabited world is very wide. Divineˆ executioners are masterful manipulators of that which is in the interests of that which ought to be. Their work is sometimes carried out for the apparent welfare of the realm, and sometimes their acts on the worlds of time and spaceˆ are difficult of explanation. Though executing decrees in defiance of neither natural law nor the ordained usages of the realm, they do ofttimes effect their strange doings and enforce the mandates of the conciliators in accordance with the higher laws of the system administration.

25:3.6 2. Conciliators to the System Headquarters. From service on the evolutionaryˆ worlds these commissions of four are advanced to duty on a system headquarters. Here they have much work to do, and they prove to be the understanding friends of men, angelsˆ, and other spiritˆ beings. The referee trios are not so much concerned with personal differences as with group contentions and with misunderstandings arising between different orders of creatures; and on a system headquarters there live both spiritˆual and material beings, as well as the combined types, such as the Material Sons.

25:3.7 The moment the Creatorsˆ bring into existence evolving individuals with the powerˆ of choice, that moment a departure is made from the smooth working of divineˆ perfectˆion; misunderstandings are certain to arise, and provision for the fair adjustment of these honest differences of viewpoint must be made. We should all remember that the all-wise and all-powerful Creatorsˆ could have made the local universesˆ just as perfectˆ as Havonaˆ. No conciliating commissions need function in the central universeˆˆ. But the Creatorsˆ did not choose in their all-wisdom to do this. And while they have produced universesˆ which abound in differences and teem with difficulties, they have likewise provided the mechanisms and the means for composing all these differences and for harmonizing all this seeming confusion.

25:3.8 3. The Constellationˆ Conciliators. From service in the systems the conciliators are promoted to the adjudication of the problems of a constellationˆ, taking up the minor difficulties arising between its one hundred systems of inhabited worlds. Not many problems developing on the constellationˆ headquarters fall under their jurisdiction, but they are kept busy going from system to system gathering evidence and preparing preliminary statements. If the contention is honest, if the difficulties arise out of sincere differences of opinion and honest diversity of viewpoints, no matter how few persons may be involved, no matter how apparently trivial the misunderstanding, a conciliating commission can always be had to pass upon the merits of the controversy.

25:3.9 4. Conciliators to the Local Universesˆ. In this larger work of a universeˆ the commissioners are of great assistance to both the Melchizedeksˆ and the Magisterial Sonsˆ and to the constellationˆ rulers and the hosts of personalities concerned with the co-ordination and administration of the one hundred constellationsˆ. The different orders of seraphimˆ and other residents of the headquarters spheres of a local universeˆˆ also avail themselves of the help and decisions of the referee trios.

25:3.10 It is almost impossible to explain the nature of those differences which may arise in the detailed affairs of a system, a constellationˆ, or a universeˆ. Difficulties do develop, but they are very unlike the petty trials and travails of material existence as it is lived on the evolutionaryˆ worlds.

25:3.11 5. Conciliators to the Superuniverseˆ Minor Sectorsˆ. From the problems of local universesˆ the commissioners are advanced to the study of questions arising in the minor sectorsˆ of their superuniverseˆ. The farther they ascend inward from the individual planets, the fewer are the material duties of the divineˆ executioner; gradually he assumes a new role of mercy-justice interpreter, at the same time — being quasi-material — keeping the commission as a whole in sympathetic touch with the material aspects of its investigations.

25:3.12 6. Conciliators to the Superuniverseˆ Major Sectorsˆ. The character of the work of the commissioners continues to change as they advance. There is less and less of misunderstanding to adjudicateˆ and more and more of mysterious phenomena to explain and interpret. From stage to stage they are evolving from arbiters of differences to explainers of mysteries — judges evolving into interpretative teachers. Arbiters of those who through ignorance permit difficulties and misunderstandings to arise, they once were; but they are now becoming instructors of those who are sufficiently intelligent and tolerant to avoid clashes of mindˆ and wars of opinions. The higher a creature’s education, the more respect he has for the knowledge, experience, and opinions of others.

25:3.13 7. Conciliators to the Superuniverseˆ. Here the conciliators become co-ordinate — four mutually understood and perfectlˆy functioning arbiter-teachers. The divineˆ executioner is divested of retributive powerˆ and becomes the physical voice of the spiritˆ trio. By this time these counselors and teachers have become expertly familiar with most of the actualˆ problems and difficulties encountered in the conduct of superuniverseˆ affairs. Thus they become wonderful advisers and wise teachers of the ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ who are in residence on the educational spheres surrounding the headquarters worlds of the superuniversesˆ.

25:3.14 All conciliators serve under the general supervision of the Ancients of Daysˆ and under the immediate direction of the Image Aids until such time as they are advanced to Paradiseˆ. During the Paradiseˆ sojourn they report to the Master Spiritˆ who presides over the superuniverseˆ of their origin.

25:3.15 The superuniverseˆ registries do not enumerate those conciliators who have passed beyond their jurisdiction, and such commissions are widely scattered through the grand universeˆˆ. The last report of registry on Uversaˆ gives the number operating in Orvontonˆ as almost eighteen trillion commissions — over seventy trillion individuals. But these are only a very small fraction of the multitude of conciliators that have been created in Orvontonˆ; that number is of an altogether higher magnitude and is the equivalent of the total number of  Havonaˆ Servitalsˆ, with allowances for the transmutation into Graduate Guidesˆ.

25:3.16 From time to time, as the numbers of the superuniverseˆ conciliators increase, they are translated to the council of perfectˆion on Paradiseˆ, from which they subsequently emerge as the co-ordinating corps evolved by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ for the  universeˆ of universesˆ, a marvelous group of beings which is constantly increasing in numbers and efficiency. By experientialˆ ascent and Paradiseˆ training they have acquired a unique grasp of the emerging reality of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, and they roam the  universeˆ of universesˆ on special assignment.

25:3.17 The members of a conciliating commission are never separated. A group of four forever serve together just as they were originally associated. Even in their glorifiedˆ service they continue to function as quartets of accumulated cosmic experience and perfected experientialˆ wisdom. They are eternallˆy associated as the embodiment of the supremeˆ justice of time and spaceˆ.

4. Technical Advisersˆ

25:4.1 These legal and technical minds of the spiritˆ world were not created as such. From the early supernaphimˆ and omniaphimˆ, one million of the most orderly minds were chosen by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ as the nucleus of this vast and versatile group. And ever since that far-distant time, actualˆ experience in the application of the laws of perfectˆion to the plans of evolutionaryˆ creation has been required of all who aspire to become Technical Advisersˆ.

25:4.2 The Technical Advisersˆ are recruited from the ranks of the following personalityˆ orders:

25:4.3 1. The Supernaphimˆ.

25:4.4 2. The Seconaphimˆ.

25:4.5 3. The Tertiaphimˆ.

25:4.6 4. The Omniaphimˆ.

25:4.7 5. The Seraphimˆ.

25:4.8 6. Certain Types of Ascendingˆ Mortalsˆ.

25:4.9 7. Certain Types of Ascendingˆ Midwayersˆ.

25:4.10 At the present time, not counting the mortalsˆ and midwayersˆ who are all of transient attachment, the number of Technical Advisersˆ registered on Uversaˆ and operating in Orvontonˆ is slightly in excess of sixty-one trillion.

25:4.11 Technical Advisersˆ frequently function as individuals but are organized for service and maintain common headquarters on the spheres of assignment in groups of seven. In each group at least five must be of permanent status, while two may be of temporary association. Ascendingˆ mortalsˆ and ascendingˆ midway creatures serve on these advisory commissions while pursuing the Paradiseˆ ascent, but they do not enter the regular courses of training for Technical Advisersˆ, nor do they ever become permanent members of the order.

25:4.12 Those mortalsˆ and midwayersˆ who serve transiently with the advisers are chosen for such work because of their expertness in the concept of universal law and supremeˆ justice. As you journey toward your Paradiseˆ goal, constantly acquiring added knowledge and enhanced skill, you are continuously afforded the opportunity to give out to others the wisdom and experience you have already accumulated; all the way in to Havonaˆ you enact the role of a pupil-teacher. You will work your way through the ascendingˆ levels of this vast experientialˆ university by imparting to those just below you the new-found knowledge of your advancing career. In the universal regime you are not reckoned as having possessed yourself of knowledge and truth until you have demonstrated your ability and your willingness to impart this knowledge and truth to others.

25:4.13 After long training and actualˆ experience, any of the ministering spiritsˆ above the status of cherubimˆ are permitted to receive permanent appointment as Technical Advisersˆ. All candidates voluntarily enter this order of service; but having once assumed such responsibilities, they may not relinquish them. Only the Ancients of Daysˆ can transfer these advisers to other activities.

25:4.14 The training of Technical Advisersˆ, begun in the Melchizedekˆ colleges of the local universesˆ, continues to the courts of the Ancients of Daysˆ. From this superuniverseˆ training they proceed to the “schools of the seven circles” located on the pilot worlds of the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ. And from the pilot worlds they are received into the “college of the ethics of law and the technique of Supremacyˆ,” the Paradiseˆ training school for the perfectˆing of Technical Advisersˆ.

25:4.15 These advisers are more than legal experts; they are students and teachers of applied law, the laws of the universeˆ applied to the lives and destinies of all who inhabit the vast domains of the far-flung creation. As time passes, they become the living law libraries of time and spaceˆ, preventing endless trouble and needless delays by instructing the personalities of time regarding the forms and modes of procedure most acceptable to the rulers of eternityˆ. They are able so to counsel the workers of spaceˆ as to enable them to function in harmony with the requirements of Paradiseˆ; they are the teachers of all creatures concerning the technique of the Creatorsˆ.

25:4.16 Such a living library of applied law could not be created; such beings must be evolved by actualˆ experience. The infinite Deities are existentialˆ, hence are compensated for lack of experience; they know all even before they experience all, but they do not impart this nonexperiential knowledge to their subordinate creatures.

25:4.17 Technical Advisersˆ are dedicated to the work of preventing delay, facilitating progress, and counseling achievement. There is always a best and right way to do things; there is always the technique of perfectˆion, a divineˆ method, and these advisers know how to direct us all in the finding of this better way.

25:4.18 These exceedingly wise and practical beings are always closely associated with the service and work of the Universal Censorsˆ. The Melchizedeksˆ are provided with an able corps. The rulers of the systems, constellationsˆ, universesˆ, and superuniverseˆ sectors are all bountifully supplied with these technical or legal reference minds of the spiritˆual world. A special group act as law counselors to the Life Carriersˆ, advising these Sons concerning the extent of permissible departure from the established order of life propagation and otherwise instructing them respecting their prerogatives and latitudes of function. They are the advisers of all classes of beings regarding the proper usages and techniques of all spiritˆ-world transactions. But they do not directly and personally deal with the material creatures of the realms.

25:4.19 Besides counseling regarding legal usages, Technical Advisersˆ are equally devoted to the efficient interpretation of all laws concerning creature beings — physical, mindal, and spiritˆual. They are available to the Universal Conciliatorsˆ and to all others who desire to know the truth of law; in other words, to know how the Supremacyˆ of Deityˆ may be depended upon to react in a given situation having factors of an established physical, mindal, and spiritˆual order. They even essay to elucidate the technique of the Ultimateˆ.

25:4.20 Technical Advisersˆ are selected and tested beings; I have never known one of them to go astray. We have no records on Uversaˆ of their ever having been adjudged in contempt of the divineˆ laws they so effectively interpret and so eloquently expound. There is no known limit to the domain of their service, neither has any been placed upon their progress. They continue as advisers even to the portals of Paradiseˆ; the whole universeˆ of law and experience is open to them.

5. The Custodians of Records on Paradiseˆˆ

25:5.1 From among the tertiary supernaphimˆ in Havonaˆ, certain of the senior chief recorders are chosen as Custodians of Records, as keepers of the formal archives of the Isle of Light, those archives which stand in contrast to the living records of registry in the minds of the custodians of knowledge, sometimes designated the “living library of Paradiseˆ.”

25:5.2 The recording angelsˆ of the inhabited planets are the source of all individual records. Throughout the universesˆ other recorders function regarding both formal records and living records. From Urantiaˆ to Paradiseˆ, both recordings are encountered: in a local universeˆˆ, more of the written records and less of the living; on Paradiseˆ, more of the living and less of the formal; on Uversaˆ, both are equally available.

25:5.3 Every occurrence of significance in the organized and inhabited creation is a matter of record. While events of no more than local importance find only a local recording, those of wider significance are dealt with accordingly. From the planets, systems, and constellationsˆ of Nebadonˆ, everything of universeˆ import is posted on Salvingtonˆ; and from such universeˆ capitals those episodes are advanced to higher recording which pertain to the affairs of the sector and supergovernments. Paradiseˆ also has a relevant summary of superuniverseˆ and Havonaˆ data; and this historic and cumulative story of the  universeˆ of universesˆ is in the custody of these exalted tertiary supernaphimˆ.

25:5.4 While certain of these beings have been dispatched to the superuniversesˆ to serve as Chiefs of Records directing the activities of the  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ, not one has ever been transferred from the permanent roll call of their order.

6. The  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ

25:6.1 These are the recorders who execute all records in duplicate, making an original spiritˆ recording and a semimaterial counterpart — what might be called a carbon copy. This they can do because of their peculiar ability simultaneously to manipulate both spiritˆual and material energyˆ.  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ are not created as such; they are ascendantˆ seraphimˆ from the local universesˆ. They are received, classified, and assigned to their spheres of work by the councils of the Chiefs of Records on the headquarters of the seven superuniversesˆ. There also are located the schools for training  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ. The school on Uversaˆ is conducted by the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ and the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ.

25:6.2 As the recorders advance in universeˆ service, they continue their system of dual recording, thus making their records always available to all classes of beings, from those of the material order to the high spiritsˆ of light. In your transition experience, as you ascend from this material world, you will always be able to consult the records of, and to be otherwise conversant with, the history and traditions of your status sphere.

25:6.3 The recorders are a tested and tried corps. Never have I known of the defection of a Celestialˆ Recorder, and never has there been discovered a falsification in their records. They are subjected to a dual inspection, their records being scrutinized by their exalted fellows from Uversaˆ and by the Mighty Messengersˆ, who certify to the correctness of the quasi-physical duplicates of the original spiritˆ records.

25:6.4 While the advancing recorders stationed on the subordinate spheres of record in the Orvontonˆ universesˆ number trillions upon trillions, those of attained status on Uversaˆ are not quite eight million in number. These senior or graduate recorders are the superuniverseˆ custodians and forwarders of the sponsored records of time and spaceˆ. Their permanent headquarters are in the circular abodes surrounding the area of records on Uversaˆ. They never leave the custody of these records to others; as individuals they may be absent, but never in large numbers.

25:6.5 Like those supernaphimˆ who have become Custodians of Records, the corps of  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ is of permanent assignment. Once seraphimˆ and supernaphimˆ are mustered into these services, they will respectively remain  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ and Custodians of Records until the day of the new and modified administration of the full personalization of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ.

25:6.6 On Uversaˆ these senior  Celestialˆ Recordersˆ can show the records of everything of cosmic import in all Orvontonˆ since the far-distant times of the arrival of the Ancients of Daysˆ, while on the eternalˆ Isle the Custodians of Records guard the archives of that realm which testify to the transactions of Paradiseˆ since the times of the personification of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ.

7. The  Morontiaˆ Companionsˆ

25:7.1 These children of the local universeˆˆ Mother Spiritsˆ are the friends and associates of all who live the ascendingˆ morontiaˆ life. They are not indispensable to an ascenderˆ’s real work of creature progression, neither do they in any sense displace the work of the seraphicˆ guardians who often accompany their mortalˆ associates on the Paradiseˆ journey. The  Morontiaˆ Companionsˆ are simply gracious hosts to those who are just beginning the long inward ascent. They are also skillful play sponsors and are ably assisted in this work by the reversion directorsˆ.

25:7.2 Though you will have earnest and progressively difficult tasks to perform on the morontiaˆ training worldsˆ of Nebadonˆ, you will always be provided with regular seasons of rest and reversion. Throughout the journey to Paradiseˆ there will always be time for rest and spiritˆ play; and in the career of light and lifeˆ there is always time for worship and new achievement.

25:7.3 These  Morontiaˆ Companionsˆ are such friendly associates that, when you finally leave the last phase of the morontiaˆ experience, as you prepare to embark upon the superuniverseˆ spiritˆ adventure, you will truly regret that these companionable creatures cannot accompany you, but they serve exclusively in the local universesˆ. At every stage of the ascendingˆ career all contactable personalities will be friendly and companionable, but not until you meet the  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ will you find another group so devoted to friendship and companionship.

25:7.4 The work of the  Morontiaˆ Companionsˆ is more fully depicted in those narratives dealing with the affairs of your local universeˆˆ.

8. The  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ

25:8.1 The  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ are a composite or assembled group recruited from the ranks of the seraphimˆ, seconaphimˆ, supernaphimˆ, and omniaphimˆ. Though serving for what you would regard as an extraordinary length of time, they are not of permanent status. When this ministry has been completed, as a rule (but not invariably) they return to those duties they performed when summoned to Paradiseˆ service.

25:8.2 Members of the angelˆic hosts are nominated for this service by the local universeˆˆ Mother Spiritsˆ, by the superuniverseˆ Reflective Spiritsˆ, and by Majestonˆ of Paradiseˆ. They are summoned to the central Isle and are commissioned as  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ by one of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ. Aside from permanent status on Paradiseˆ, this temporary service of Paradiseˆ companionship is the highest honor ever conferred upon the ministering spiritsˆ.

25:8.3 These selected angelsˆ are dedicated to the service of companionship and are assigned as associates to all classes of beings who may chance to be alone on Paradiseˆ, chiefly to the ascendantˆ mortalsˆ but also to all others who are alone on the central Isle.  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ have nothing especial to accomplish in behalf of those with whom they fraternize; they are simply companions. Almost every other being you mortalsˆ will encounter during your Paradiseˆ sojourn — aside from your fellow pilgrimsˆ — will have something definite to do with you or for you; but these companions are assigned only to be with you and to commune with you as personalityˆ associates. They are often assisted in their ministry by the gracious and brilliant  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ.

25:8.4 Mortalsˆ come from races that are very social. The Creatorsˆ well know that it is “not good for man to be alone,” and provision is accordingly made for companionship, even on Paradiseˆ.

25:8.5 If you, as an ascendantˆ mortalˆ, should reach Paradiseˆ in the company of the companion or close associate of your earthly career, or if your seraphicˆ guardian of destinyˆˆ should chance to arrive with you or were waiting for you, then no permanent companion would be assigned you. But if you arrive alone, a companion will certainly welcome you as you awaken on the Isle of Light from the terminal sleep of time. Even if it is known that you will be accompanied by someone of ascendantˆ association, temporary companions will be designated to welcome you to the eternalˆ shores and to escort you to the reservation made ready for the reception of you and your associates. You may be certain of being warmly welcomed when you experience the resurrection into eternityˆ on the everlasting shores of Paradiseˆ.

25:8.6 Reception companions are assigned during the terminal days of the ascenders’ sojourn on the last circuitˆ of Havonaˆ, and they carefully examine the records of mortalˆ origin and eventful ascent through the worlds of spaceˆ and the circles of Havonaˆ. When they greet the mortalsˆ of time, they are already well versed in the careers of these arriving pilgrimsˆ and immediately prove to be sympathetic and intriguing companions.

25:8.7 During your prefinaliter sojourn on Paradiseˆ, if for any reason you should be temporarily separated from your associate of the ascendingˆ career — mortalˆ or seraphicˆ — a Paradiseˆ Companion would be forthwith assigned for counsel and companionship. When once assigned to an ascendantˆ mortalˆ of solitary residence on Paradiseˆ, the companion remains with this person until he either is rejoined by his ascendantˆ associates or is duly mustered into the Corps of the Finalityˆ.

25:8.8  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ are assigned in order of waiting except that an ascenderˆ is never placed in the charge of a companion whose nature is unlike his superuniverseˆ type. If a Urantiaˆ mortalˆ were arriving on Paradiseˆ today, there would be assigned to him the first waiting companion either of origin in Orvontonˆ or otherwise of the nature of the Seventh Master Spiritˆ. Hence the omniaphimˆ serve not with the ascendantˆ creatures from the seven superuniversesˆ.

25:8.9 Many additional services are performed by the Paradiseˆ Companions: If an ascendingˆ mortalˆ should reach the central universeˆˆ alone and, while traversing Havonaˆ, should fail in some phase of the Deityˆ adventure, in due course he would be remanded to the universesˆ of time, and forthwith a call would be made to the reserves of the  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ. One of this order would be assigned to follow the defeated pilgrimˆ, to be with him and to comfort and cheer him, and to remain with him until he returned to the central universeˆˆ to resume the Paradiseˆ ascent.

25:8.10 If an ascendingˆ pilgrimˆ met defeat in the Deityˆ adventure while traversing Havonaˆ in the company of an ascendingˆ seraphimˆ, the guardian angelˆ of the mortalˆ career, she would elect to accompany her mortalˆ associate. These seraphimˆ always volunteer and are permitted to accompany their long-time mortalˆ comrades back to the service of time and spaceˆ.

25:8.11 But not so with two closely associated mortalˆ ascenders: If one attains Godˆ while the other temporarily fails, the successful individual invariably chooses to go back to the evolutionaryˆ creations with the disappointed personalityˆ, but this is not permitted. Instead, a call is made to the reserves of the  Paradiseˆ Companionsˆ, and one of the volunteers is selected to accompany the disappointed pilgrimˆ. A volunteer Paradiseˆ Citizen then becomes associated with the successful mortalˆ, who tarries on the central Isle awaiting the Havonaˆ return of the defeated comrade and in the meantime teaches in certain Paradiseˆ schools, presenting the adventurous story of the evolutionaryˆ ascent.

25:8.12 [Sponsored by One High in Authority from Uversaˆ.]