Paper 23 : The Solitary Messengersˆ

23:0.1 SOLITARY Messengersˆ are the personal and universal corps of the Conjoint Creatorˆ; they are the first and senior order of the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spiritˆˆˆ. They represent the initial creative action of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ in solitary function for the purpose of bringing into existence solitary personalityˆ spiritsˆ. Neither the Father nor the Son directly participated in this stupendous spiritˆualization.

23:0.2 These spiritˆ messengers were personalized in a single creative episode, and their number is stationary. Although I have one of these extraordinary beings associated with me on this present mission, I do not know how many such personalities exist in the  universeˆ of universesˆ. I only know, from time to time, how many are of registry-record as functioning for the time being within the jurisdiction of our superuniverseˆ. From the last Uversaˆ report I observe that there were almost 7,690 trillion Solitary Messengersˆ then operating within the boundaries of Orvontonˆ; and I conjecture that this is considerably less than one seventh of their total number.

1. Nature and Origin of Solitary Messengersˆ

23:1.1 Immediately following the creation of the Seven Spiritsˆ of the Havonaˆ Circuitsˆ the Infinite Spiritˆˆ brought into being the vast corps of Solitary Messengersˆ. There is no part of the universal creation which is pre-existent to the Solitary Messengersˆ except Paradiseˆ and the Havonaˆ circuits; they have functioned throughout the grand universeˆˆ from near eternityˆ. They are fundamental to the divineˆ technique of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ for self-revelation to, and personal contact with, the far-flung creations of time and spaceˆ.

23:1.2 Notwithstanding that these messengers are existent from the near times of eternityˆ, they are all aware of a beginning of selfhood. They are conscious of time, being the first of the creation of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to possess such a time consciousness. They are the first-born creatures of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to be personalized in time and spiritˆualized in spaceˆ.

23:1.3 These solitary spiritsˆ came forth in the dawn of time as full-fledged and perfectlˆy endowed spiritˆ beings. They are all equal, and there are no classes or subdivisions founded on personal variation. Their classifications are based wholly on the type of work to which they are assigned from time to time.

23:1.4 Mortalsˆ start out as well-nigh material beings on the worlds of spaceˆ and ascend inward towards the Great Centers; these solitary spiritsˆ start out at the center of all things and crave assignment to the remote creations, even to the individual worlds of the outermost local universesˆ and even on beyond.

23:1.5 Though denominated Solitary Messengersˆ, they are not lonesome spiritsˆ, for they truly like to work alone. They are the only beings in all creation who can and do enjoy a solitary existence, albeit they equally enjoy association with the very few orders of universeˆ intelligence with whom they can fraternize.

23:1.6 Solitary Messengersˆ are not isolated in their service; they are constantly in touch with the wealth of the intellect of all creation as they are capable of “listening in” on all the broadcasts of the realms of their sojourn. They can also intercommunicate with members of their own immediate corps, those beings doing the same kind of work in the same superuniverseˆ. They could communicate with others of their number, but they have been directed by the council of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ not to do so, and they are a loyal group; they do not disobey or default. There is no record that a Solitary Messenger ever stumbled into darkness.

23:1.7 The Solitary Messengersˆ, like the   Universeˆ Powerˆˆ Directorsˆ, are among the very few types of beings operating throughout the realms who are exempt from apprehension or detention by the tribunals of time and spaceˆ. They could be cited to appear before no one except the Seven Master Spiritsˆ, but not in all the annals of the master universeˆˆ has this Paradiseˆ council ever been called upon to adjudicateˆ the case of a Solitary Messenger.

23:1.8 These messengers of solitary assignment are a dependable, self-reliant, versatile, thoroughly spiritˆual, and broadly sympathetic group of created beings derived from the Third Source and Centerˆ; they operate by the authority of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ resident on the central Isle of Paradiseˆˆ and as personalized on the headquarters spheres of the local universesˆ. They are constant partakers of the direct circuitˆ emanating from the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, even when they function in the local creations under the immediate influence of the local universeˆˆ Mother Spiritsˆ.

23:1.9 There is a technical reason why these Solitary Messengersˆ must travel and work alone. For short periods and when stationary, they can collaborate in a group, but when thus ensembled, they are altogether cut off from the sustenance and direction of their Paradiseˆ circuitˆ; they are wholly isolated. When in transit, or when operating in the circuitsˆ of spaceˆ and the currents of time, if two or more of this order are in close proximity, both or all are thrown out of liaison with the higher circulating forcesˆ. They are “short circuited” as you might describe it in illustrative symbols. Therefore they have inherent within them a powerˆ of automatic alarm, a warning signal, which unerringly operates to apprise them of approaching conflicts and unfailingly keeps them sufficiently separated as not to interfere with their proper and effective functioning. They also possess inherent and automatic powersˆ which detect and indicate the proximity of both the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ and the divineˆ Thought Adjustersˆ.

23:1.10 These messengers possess no powerˆ of personalityˆ extension or reproduction, but there is practically no work of the universesˆ in which they cannot engage, and to which they cannot contribute something essential and helpful. Especially are they the great timesavers for those who are concerned in the administration of universeˆ affairs; and they assist us all, from the highest to the lowest.

2. Assignments of Solitary Messengersˆ

23:2.1 Solitary Messengersˆ are not permanently attached to any individual or group of celestialˆ personalities. They are on duty, always by assignment, and during such service they work under the immediate supervision of those who direct the realms of their attachment. Among themselves they have neither organization nor government of any kind; they are Solitary Messengers.

23:2.2 Solitary Messengersˆ are assigned by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to the following seven divisions of service:

23:2.3 1. Messengers of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ.

23:2.4 2. Messengers of the Havonaˆ Circuitsˆ.

23:2.5 3. Messengers of the Superuniversesˆ.

23:2.6 4. Messengers of the Local Universesˆ.

23:2.7 5. Explorers of Undirected Assignment.

23:2.8 6. Ambassadors and Emissaries of Special Assignment.

23:2.9 7. Revelatorsˆ of Truth.

23:2.10 These spiritˆ messengers are in every sense interchangeable from one type of service to another; such transfers are constantly taking place. There are no separate orders of Solitary Messengersˆ; they are spiritˆually alike and in every sense equal. While they are generally designated by number, they are known to the Infinite Spiritˆˆ by personal names. They are known to the rest of us by the name or number designative of their current assignment.

23:2.11 1. Messengers of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. I am not permitted to reveal much of the work of the group of messengers assigned to the Trinityˆ. They are the trusted and secret servants of the Deities, and when intrusted with special messages which involve the unrevealed policies and future conduct of the Gods, they have never been known to divulge a secret or betray the confidence reposed in their order. And all this is related in this connection, not to appear boastful of their perfectˆion, but rather to point out that the Deities can and do create  perfectˆ beings.

23:2.12 The confusion and turmoil of Urantiaˆ do not signify that the Paradiseˆ Rulers lack either interest or ability to manage affairs differently. The Creatorsˆ are possessed of full powerˆ to make Urantiaˆ a veritable paradiseˆ, but such an Edenˆ would not contribute to the development of those strong, noble, and experienced characters which the Gods are so surely forging out on your world between the anvils of necessity and the hammers of anguish. Your anxieties and sorrows, your trials and disappointments, are just as much a part of the divineˆ plan on your sphere as are the exquisite perfectˆion and infinite adaptation of all things to their supremeˆ purpose on the worlds of the central and perfectˆ universeˆ.

23:2.13 2. Messengers of the Havonaˆ Circuitsˆ. Throughout the ascendantˆ career you will be vaguely, but increasingly, able to detect the presence of the Solitary Messengersˆ, but not until you reach Havonaˆ will you recognize them unmistakably. The first of the messengers you will see face to face will be those of the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ.

23:2.14 Solitary Messengersˆ enjoy special relations with the natives of the Havonaˆ worlds. These messengers, who are so functionally handicapped when associating with one another, can and do have a very close and personal communion with the  Havonaˆ nativesˆ. But it is quite impossible to convey to human minds the supremeˆ satisfactions consequent upon the contact of the minds of these divinelˆy perfectˆ beings with the spiritsˆ of such near-transcendent personalities.

23:2.15 3. Messengers of the Superuniversesˆ. The Ancients of Daysˆ, those personalities of Trinityˆ origin who preside over the destinies of the seven superuniversesˆ, those trios of divineˆ powerˆ and administrative wisdom, are bountifully supplied with Solitary Messengersˆ. It is only through this order of messengers that the triune rulers of one superuniverseˆ can directly and personally communicate with the rulers of another. Solitary Messengersˆ are the only available type of spiritˆ intelligence — aside, possibly, from the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ — that can be dispatched from the headquarters of one superuniverseˆ directly to the headquarters of another. All other personalities must make such excursions by way of Havonaˆ and the executive worlds of the Master Spiritsˆ.

23:2.16 There are some kinds of information which cannot be obtained either by  Gravityˆ Messengersˆ, reflectivityˆ, or broadcast. And when the Ancients of Daysˆ would certainly know these things, they must dispatch a Solitary Messenger to the source of knowledge. Long before the presence of life on Urantiaˆ the messenger now associated with me was assigned on a mission out of Uversaˆ to the central universeˆˆ — was absent from the roll calls of Orvontonˆ for almost a million years but returned in due time with the desired information.

23:2.17 There is no limitation upon the service of Solitary Messengersˆ in the superuniverses; they may function as executioners of the high tribunals or as intelligence gatherers for the good of the realm. Of all the supercreations they most delight to serve in Orvontonˆ because here the need is greatest and the opportunities for heroic effort are greatly multiplied. In the more needy realms we all enjoy the satisfaction of a more replete function.

23:2.18 4. Messengers of the Local Universesˆ. In the services of a local universeˆˆ there is no limit upon the functioning of the Solitary Messengersˆ. They are the faithful revealers of the motives and intent of the local universeˆˆ Mother Spiritˆˆ, although they are under the full jurisdiction of the reigning Master Sonˆ. And this is true of all messengers operating in a local universeˆˆ, whether they are traveling out directly from universeˆ headquarters, or whether they are acting temporarily in liaison with Constellationˆ Fathers, System Sovereigns, or Planetary Princes. Before the concentration of all powerˆ in the hands of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ at the time of his elevation as sovereign ruler of his universeˆ, these messengers of the local universesˆ function under the general direction of the Ancients of Daysˆ and are immediately responsible to their resident representative, the Union of Days.

23:2.19 5. Explorers of Undirected Assignment. When the reserve corpsˆ of the Solitary Messengersˆ is overrecruited, there issues from one of the Seven Supremeˆ Powerˆ Directorsˆ a call for exploration volunteers; and there is never a lack of volunteers, for they delight to be dispatched as free and untrammeled explorers, to experience the thrill of finding the organizing nucleuses of new worlds and universesˆ.

23:2.20 They go forth to investigate the clues furnished by the spaceˆ contemplators of the realms. Undoubtedly the  Paradiseˆ Deitiesˆ know of the existence of these undiscovered energyˆ systems of spaceˆ, but they never divulge such information. If the Solitary Messengersˆ did not explore and chart these newly organizing energyˆ centers, such phenomena would long remain unnoticed even by the intelligences of adjacent realms. Solitary Messengersˆ, as a class, are highly sensitive to gravityˆ; accordingly they can sometimes detect the probable presence of very small dark planets, the very worlds which are best adapted to life experiments.

23:2.21 These messenger-explorers of undirected assignment patrol the master universeˆˆ. They are constantly out on exploring expeditions to the uncharted regions of all outer spaceˆˆ. Very much of the information which we possess of transactions in the realms of outer spaceˆˆ, we owe to the explorations of the Solitary Messengersˆ as they often work and study with the  celestialˆ astronomersˆ.

23:2.22 6. Ambassadors and Emissaries of Special Assignment. Local universesˆ situated within the same superuniverseˆ customarily exchange ambassadors selected from their native orders of sonshipˆ. But to avoid delay, Solitary Messengersˆ are frequently asked to go as ambassadors from one local creation to another, to represent and interpret one realm to another. For example: When a newly inhabited realm is discovered, it may prove to be so remote in spaceˆ that a long time will pass before an enseraphimed ambassador can reach this far-distant universeˆ. An enseraphimed being cannot possibly exceed the velocity of 558,840 Urantiaˆ miles in one second of your time. Massive stars, crosscurrents, and detours, as well as attraction tangents, will all tend to retard such speed so that on a long journey the velocity will average about 550,000 miles per second.

23:2.23 When it develops that it will require hundreds of years for a native ambassador to reach a far-distant local universeˆˆ, a Solitary Messenger is often asked to proceed there immediately to act as ambassador ad interim. Solitary Messengersˆ can go in very short order, not independently of time and spaceˆ as do the  Gravityˆ Messengersˆ, but nearly so. They also serve in other circumstances as emissaries of special assignment.

23:2.24 7.  Revelatorsˆ of Truth. The Solitary Messengersˆ regard the assignment to reveal truth as the highest trust of their order. And they function ever and anon in this capacity, from the superuniversesˆ to the individual planets of spaceˆ. They are frequently attached to commissions which are sent to enlarge the revelation of truth to the worlds and systems.

3. Time and Spaceˆ Services of Solitary Messengersˆ

23:3.1 The Solitary Messengersˆ are the highest type of perfectˆ and confidential personalityˆ available in all realms for the quick transmission of important and urgent messages when it is inexpedient to utilize either the broadcast service or the reflectivityˆ mechanism. They serve in an endless variety of assignments, helping out the spiritˆual and material beings of the realms, particularly where the element of time is involved. Of all orders assigned to the services of the superuniverseˆ domains, they are the highest and most versatile personalized beings who can come so near to defying time and spaceˆ.

23:3.2 The universeˆ is well supplied with spiritsˆ who utilize gravityˆ for purposes of transit; they can go anywhere any time — instanter — but they are not persons. Certain other gravityˆ traversers are personal beings, such as  Gravityˆ Messengersˆ and  Transcendentalˆ Recordersˆ, but they are not available to the super- and the local universeˆˆ administrators. The worlds teem with angelsˆ and men and other highly personal beings, but they are handicapped by time and space: The limit of velocity for most nonenseraphimed beings is 186,280 miles of your world per second of your time; the midway creatures and certain others can, often do, attain double velocity — 372,560 miles per second — while the seraphimˆ and others can traverse spaceˆ at triple velocityˆ, about 558,840 miles per second. There are, however, no transit or messenger personalities who function between the instantaneous velocities of the gravityˆ traversers and the comparatively slow speeds of the seraphimˆ, except the Solitary Messengersˆ.

23:3.3 Solitary Messengersˆ are, therefore, generally used for dispatch and service in those situations where personalityˆ is essential to the achievement of the assignment, and where it is desired to avoid the loss of time which would be occasioned by the sending of any other readily available type of personal messenger. They are the only definitely personalized beings who can synchronize with the combined universal currents of the grand universeˆˆ. Their velocity in traversing spaceˆ is variable, depending on a great variety of interfering influences, but the record shows that on the journey to fulfill this mission my associate messenger proceeded at the rate of 841,621,642,000 of your miles per second of your time.

23:3.4 It is wholly beyond my ability to explain to the material type of mindˆ how a spiritˆ can be a real person and at the same time traverse spaceˆ at such tremendous velocities. But these very Solitary Messengersˆ actuallˆy come to, and go from, Urantiaˆ at these incomprehensible speeds; indeed, the whole economy of universal administration would be largely deprived of its personal element were this not a fact.

23:3.5 The Solitary Messengersˆ are able to function as emergency lines of communication throughout remote spaceˆ regions, realms not embraced within the established circuitsˆ of the grand universeˆˆ. It develops that one messenger, when so functioning, can transmit a message or send an impulse through spaceˆ to a fellow messenger about one hundred light-years away as Urantiaˆ astronomers estimate stellar distances.

23:3.6 Of the myriads of beings who co-operate with us in the conduct of the affairs of the superuniverseˆ, none are more important in practical helpfulness and timesaving assistance. In the universesˆ of spaceˆ we must reckon with the handicaps of time; hence the great service of the Solitary Messengersˆ, who, by means of their personal prerogatives of communication, are somewhat independent of spaceˆ and, by virtue of their tremendous transit velocities, are so nearly independent of time.

23:3.7 I am at a loss to explain to Urantiaˆ mortalsˆ how the Solitary Messengersˆ can be without form and yet possess real and definite personalities. Although they are without that form which would naturally be associated with personalityˆ, they do possess a spiritˆ presence which is discernible by all higher types of spiritˆ beings. The Solitary Messengersˆ are the only class of beings who seem to be possessed of well-nigh all the advantages of a formless spiritˆ coupled with all the prerogatives of a full-fledged personalityˆ. They are true persons, yet endowed with nearly all of the attributes of impersonal spiritˆ manifestation.

23:3.8 In the seven superuniversesˆ, ordinarily — but not always — everything which tends to increase any creature’s liberation from the handicaps of time and spaceˆ proportionately diminishes personalityˆ prerogatives. Solitary Messengersˆ are an exception to this general law. They are in their activities all but unrestricted in the utilization of any and all of the limitless avenues of spiritˆual expression, divineˆ service, personal ministry, and cosmic communication. If you could view these extraordinary beings in the light of my experience in universeˆ administration, you would comprehend how difficult it would be to co-ordinate superuniverseˆ affairs were it not for their versatile co-operation.

23:3.9 No matter how much the universeˆ may enlarge, no more Solitary Messengersˆ will probably ever be created. As the universesˆ grow, the expanded work of administration must be increasingly borne by other types of spiritˆ ministers and by those beings who take origin in these new creations, such as the creatures of the Sovereign Sons and the local universeˆˆ Mother Spiritsˆ.

4. Special Ministry of Solitary Messengersˆ

23:4.1 The Solitary Messengersˆ seem to be personalityˆ co-ordinators for all types of spiritˆ beings. Their ministry helps to make all the personalities of the far-flung spiritˆual world akin. They contribute much to the development, in all spiritˆ beings, of a consciousness of group identity. Every type of spiritˆ being is served by special groups of Solitary Messengersˆ who foster the ability of such beings to understand and fraternize with all other types and orders, however dissimilar.

23:4.2 The Solitary Messengersˆ demonstrate such an amazing ability to co-ordinate all types and orders of finiteˆ personalityˆ — even to make contact with the absoniteˆ regime of the master universeˆˆ overcontrollers — that some of us postulate that the creation of these messengers by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ is in some manner related to the Conjoint Actorˆ’s bestowalˆ of  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ Mindˆ.

23:4.3 When a finaliterˆ and a Paradiseˆ Citizen co-operate in the trinitization of a “child of time and eternity” — a transaction involving the unrevealed mindˆ potentials of the  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ — and when such an unclassified personalityˆ is dispatched to Vicegeringtonˆ, a Solitary Messenger (a conjectured personalityˆ repercussion of the bestowalˆ of such deityˆ mind) is always assigned as guardian-companion to such a creature-trinitizedˆ son. This messenger accompanies the new son of destinyˆ to the world of his assignment and nevermore leaves Vicegeringtonˆ. When thus attached to the destinies of a child of time and eternityˆ, a Solitary Messenger is forever transferred to the sole supervision of the Architects of the Master Universeˆˆˆ. What the future of such an extraordinary association may be, we do not know. For ages these partnerships of unique personalities have continued to forgather on Vicegeringtonˆ, but not even a single pair has ever gone forth therefrom.

23:4.4 Solitary Messengersˆ are of stationary numbers, but the trinitization of the sons of destinyˆ is apparently an unlimited technique. Since each trinitized son of destinyˆ has assigned to him a Solitary Messenger, it appears to us that at some time in the remote future the supply of messengers will become exhausted. Who will take up their work in the grand universeˆˆ? Will their service be assumed by some new development among the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ? Is the grand universeˆˆ at some remote period going to be more nearly administered by  Trinityˆ-origin beingsˆ while the single- and dual-origin creatures move on into the realms of outer spaceˆˆ? If the messengers return to their former service, will these sons of destinyˆ accompany them? Will the trinitizations between finalitersˆ and  Paradiseˆ-Havonersˆ cease when the supply of Solitary Messengersˆ has been absorbed as guardian-companions of these sons of destinyˆ? Are all our efficient Solitary Messengersˆ going to be concentrated on Vicegeringtonˆ? Are these extraordinary  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ going to be eternallˆy associated with these trinitized sonsˆ of unrevealed destinyˆ? What significance should we attach to the fact that these couples forgathering on Vicegeringtonˆ are under the exclusive direction of those mighty mystery beings, the Architects of the Master Universeˆˆˆ? These and many similar questions we ask ourselves, and ask numerous other orders of celestialˆ beings, but we do not know the answers.

23:4.5 This transaction, together with many similar occurrences in universeˆ administration, unmistakably indicates that the personnel of the grand universeˆˆ, even that of Havonaˆ and Paradiseˆ, is undergoing a definite and certain reorganization in co-ordination with, and with reference to, the vast energyˆ evolutions now taking place throughout the realms of outer spaceˆˆ.

23:4.6 We incline to the belief that the eternalˆ future will witness phenomena of universeˆ evolution which will far transcend all that the eternalˆ past has experienced. And we anticipate such tremendous adventures, even as you should, with keen relish and ever-heightening expectation.

23:4.7 [Presented by a Divineˆ Counselor from Uversaˆ.]