Paper 22 : The Trinitized Sonsˆ of Godˆ

22:0.1 THERE are three groups of beings who are called Sons of Godˆ. In addition to descending and ascendingˆ orders of sonshipˆ there is a third group known as the Trinitized Sonsˆ of Godˆ. The trinitized order of sonshipˆ is subdivided into three primary divisions in accordance with the origins of its many types of personalities, revealed and unrevealed. These primary divisions are:

22:0.2 1. Deityˆ-trinitized Sons.

22:0.3 2.  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ Sons.

22:0.4 3. Creature-trinitizedˆ Sons.

22:0.5 Irrespective of origin all Trinitized Sonsˆ of Godˆ have in common the experience of trinitization, either as a part of their origin or as an experience of  Trinityˆ embraceˆ subsequently attained. The Deityˆ-trinitized Sons are unrevealed in these narratives; therefore will this presentation be confined to a portrayal of the remaining two groups, more particularly the  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons of Godˆ.

1. The  Trinityˆ-Embracedˆ Sons

22:1.1 All  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons are originally of dual or single origin, but subsequent to the  Trinityˆ embraceˆ they are forever devoted to Trinityˆ service and assignment. This corps, as revealed and as organized for superuniverseˆ service, embraces seven orders of personalities:

22:1.2 1. Mighty Messengersˆ.

22:1.3 2. Those High in Authorityˆ.

22:1.4 3. Those without Name and Numberˆ.

22:1.5 4. Trinitized Custodiansˆ.

22:1.6 5. Trinitized Ambassadorsˆ.

22:1.7 6.  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ.

22:1.8 7. High Son Assistantsˆ.

22:1.9 These seven groups of personalities are further classified, according to origin, nature, and function, into three major divisions: the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Attainmentˆ, the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Selectionˆ, and the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ.

22:1.10 The  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Attainmentˆ — the Mighty Messengersˆ, Those High in Authorityˆ, and Those without Name and Numberˆ — are all Adjusterˆ-fused ascendantˆ mortalsˆ who have attained Paradiseˆ and the Corps of the Finalityˆ. But they are not finaliters; when they have been  Trinityˆ embracedˆ, their names are removed from the finaliterˆ roll call. The new sons of this order pass through specific courses of training, for comparatively short periods, on the circuitˆ headquarters planets of the Havonaˆ circuitsˆ under the direction of the  Eternalsˆ of Daysˆ. Thereafter they are assigned to the services of the Ancients of Daysˆ in the seven superuniversesˆ.

22:1.11 The  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Selectionˆ embrace the Trinitized Custodiansˆ and the Trinitized Ambassadorsˆ. They are recruited from certain of the evolutionaryˆ seraphimˆ and translated midway creatures who have traversed Havonaˆ and have attained Paradiseˆ, as well as from certain of the  Spiritˆ-fusedˆ and the Son-fused mortalsˆ who have likewise ascended to the central Isle of Light and Lifeˆ. Subsequent to their embrace by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and after a brief training in Havonaˆ, the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Selectionˆ are assigned to the courts of the Ancients of Daysˆ.

22:1.12 The  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ. The  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ and their co-ordinates, the High Son Assistantsˆ, comprise a unique group of twice-trinitized personalities. They are the creature-trinitizedˆ sons of Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities or of perfected ascendantˆ mortalsˆ who have long distinguished themselves in the Corps of the Finalityˆ. Some of these creature-trinitizedˆ sons, after service with the Supremeˆ Executives of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ and after serving under the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ, are retrinitized (embraced) by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and then commissioned to the courts of the Ancients of Daysˆ as  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ and as High Son Assistantsˆ.  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ are assigned directly to the superuniverseˆ service without further training.

22:1.13 Our Trinityˆ-origin associates — Perfectors of Wisdomˆ,  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, and Universal Censorsˆ — are of stationary numbers, but the  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons are constantly increasing. All seven orders of  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons are commissioned as members of one of the seven superuniverseˆ governments, and the number in the service of each superuniverseˆ is exactly the same; not one has ever been lost.  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ beings have never gone astray; they may stumble temporarily, but not one has ever been adjudged in contempt of the superuniverseˆ governments. The Sons of Attainment and the Sons of Selection have never faltered in the service of Orvontonˆ, but the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ have sometimes erred in judgment and thereby caused transient confusion.

22:1.14 Under the direction of the Ancients of Daysˆ all seven orders function very much as self-governing groups. Their scope of service is far-flung;  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ do not leave the superuniverseˆ of assignment, but their trinitized associates range the grand universeˆˆ, journeying from the evolutionaryˆ worlds of time and spaceˆ to the eternalˆ Isle of Paradiseˆˆ. They may function in any of the superuniversesˆ, but they do so always as members of the supergovernment of original designation.

22:1.15 Apparently the  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons have been permanently assigned to the service of the seven superuniverses; certainly this assignment is for the duration of the present universeˆ age, but we have never been informed that it is to be eternalˆ.

2. The Mighty Messengers

22:2.1 Mighty Messengersˆ belong to the ascendantˆ group of the Trinitized Sonsˆ. They are a class of perfected mortalsˆ who have been rebellion tested or otherwise equally proved as to their personal loyalty; all have passed through some definite test of universeˆ allegiance. At some time in their Paradiseˆ ascent they stood firm and loyal in the face of the disloyalty of their superiors, and some did actively and loyally function in the places of such unfaithful leaders.

22:2.2 With such personal records of fidelity and devotion, these ascendingˆ mortalsˆ pass on through Havonaˆ with the stream of the pilgrimsˆ of time, attain Paradiseˆ, graduate therefrom, and are mustered into the Corps of the Finalityˆ. Thereupon they are trinitized in the secret embrace of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and subsequently are commissioned to become associated with the Ancients of Daysˆ in the administration of the governments of the seven superuniversesˆ.

22:2.3 Every ascendantˆ mortalˆ of insurrectionary experience who functions loyally in the face of rebellion is eventually destined to become a Mighty Messengerˆ of the superuniverseˆ service. Likewise is any ascendantˆ creature who effectively prevents such upheavals of errorˆ, evil, or sin; for action designed to prevent rebellion or to effect higher types of loyalty in a universeˆ crisis is regarded as of even greater value than loyalty in the face of actualˆ rebellion.

22:2.4 The senior Mighty Messengersˆ were chosen from those ascendantˆ mortalsˆ of time and spaceˆ who were among the earlier  Paradiseˆ arrivalsˆ, many having traversed Havonaˆ in the times of Grandfandaˆ. But the first trinitizingˆ of Mighty Messengersˆ was not effected until the candidate corps contained representatives from each of the seven superuniversesˆ. And the last group of this order to qualify on Paradiseˆ embraced ascendantˆ pilgrimsˆ from the local universeˆˆ of Nebadonˆ.

22:2.5 Mighty Messengersˆ are embraced by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ in classes of seven hundred thousand, one hundred thousand for assignment to each superuniverseˆ. Almost one trillion Mighty Messengersˆ are commissioned on Uversaˆ, and there is every reason to believe that the number serving in each of the seven superuniversesˆ is exactly the same.

22:2.6 I am a Mighty Messengerˆ, and it may interest Urantians to know that the companion and associate of my mortalˆ experience was also triumphant in the great test, and that, though we were many times and for long periods separated in the agelong inward ascent to Havonaˆ, we were embraced in the same seven-hundred-thousand group, and that we spent our time passing through Vicegeringtonˆ in close and loving association. We were finally commissioned and together assigned to Uversaˆ of Orvontonˆ, and we are often dispatched in company for the execution of assignments requiring the services of two Messengers.

22:2.7 Mighty Messengersˆ, in common with all  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons, are assigned to all phases of superuniverseˆ activities. They maintain constant connection with their headquarters through the superuniverseˆ reflectivityˆ service. Mighty Messengersˆ serve in all sectors of a superuniverseˆ and frequently execute missions to the local universesˆ and even to the individual worlds, as I do on this occasion.

22:2.8 In the superuniverseˆ courts, Mighty Messengersˆ act as defenders of both individuals and planets when they come up for adjudication; they also assist the  Perfectˆions of Daysˆ in the direction of the affairs of the major sectorsˆ. As a group, their chief assignment is that of superuniverseˆ observers. They are stationed on the various headquarters worlds and on individual planets of importance as the official observers of the Ancients of Daysˆ. When so assigned, they also serve as advisers to the authorities directing the affairs of the spheres of their sojourn. The Messengers take active part in all phases of the ascendantˆ scheme of mortalˆ progression. With their associates of mortalˆ origin they keep the supergovernments in close and personal touch with the status and progression of the plans of the descending Sonsˆ of Godˆ.

22:2.9 Mighty Messengersˆ are fully conscious of their entire ascendantˆ careers, and that is why they are such useful and sympathetic ministers, understanding messengers, for service on any world of spaceˆ and to any creature of time. As soon as you are delivered from the flesh, you will communicate freely and understandingly with us since we spring from all the races on all the evolutionaryˆ worlds of spaceˆ, that is, from those mortalˆ races that are indwelt by, and subsequently fused with, Thought Adjustersˆ.

3. Those High in Authorityˆ

22:3.1 Those High in Authorityˆ, the second group of the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Attainmentˆ, are all Adjusterˆ-fused beings of mortalˆ origin. These are the perfected mortalsˆ who have exhibited superior administrative ability and have shown extraordinary executive genius throughout their long ascendingˆ careers. They are the cream of governing ability derived from the surviving mortalsˆ of spaceˆ.

22:3.2 Seventy thousand of Those High in Authorityˆ are trinitized at each Trinityˆ liaison. Though the local universeˆˆ of Nebadonˆ is a comparatively young creation, it has representatives among a recently trinitized class of this order. There are now commissioned in Orvontonˆ more than ten billion of these skillful administrators. Like all separate orders of celestialˆ beings, they maintain their own headquarters on Uversaˆ, and like the other  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons, their reserves on Uversaˆ act as the central directing body of their order in Orvontonˆ.

22:3.3 Those High in Authorityˆ are administrators without limitation. They are the everywhere-present and always-efficient executives of the Ancients of Daysˆ. They serve on any sphere, on any inhabited world, and in any phase of activity in any of the seven superuniversesˆ.

22:3.4 Having superb administrative wisdom and unusual executive skill, these brilliant beings assume to present the cause of justice in behalf of the superuniverseˆ tribunals; they foster the execution of justice and the rectification of misadaptations in the evolutionaryˆ universesˆ. Therefore, if you should ever be cited for errorsˆ of judgment while you are ascendingˆ the worlds and spheres of your ordained cosmic progression, it is hardly likely that you would suffer injustice since your prosecutors would be onetime ascendantˆ creatures who are personally familiar with every step of the career you have traversed and are traversing.

4. Those Without Name and Numberˆ

22:4.1 Those without Name and Numberˆ constitute the third and last group of the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Attainmentˆ; they are the ascendantˆ souls who have developed the ability to worship beyond the skill of all the sons and daughters of the evolutionaryˆ races from the worlds of time and spaceˆ. They have acquired a spiritˆual concept of the eternalˆ purpose of the Universal Fatherˆ which comparatively transcends the comprehension of the evolutionaryˆ creatures of name or number; therefore are they denominated Those without Name and Numberˆ. More strictly translated, their name would be “Those above Name and Number.”

22:4.2 This order of sons is embraced by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ in groups of seven thousand. There are of record on Uversaˆ over one hundred million of these sons commissioned in Orvontonˆ.

22:4.3 Since Those without Name and Numberˆ are the superior spiritˆual minds of the survival races, they are especially qualified to sit in judgment and to render opinions when a spiritˆual viewpoint is desirable, and when experience in the ascendantˆ career is essential to an adequate comprehension of the questions involved in the problem to be adjudicated. They are the supremeˆ jurors of Orvontonˆ. A maladministered jury system may be more or less of a travesty of justice on some worlds, but on Uversaˆ and its extension tribunals we employ the highest type of evolved spiritˆual mentality as juror-judges. Adjudication is the highest function of any government, and those who are intrusted with verdict rendering should be chosen from the highest and most noble types of the most experienced and understanding individuals.

22:4.4 The selection of candidates for the trinitization classes of Mighty Messengersˆ, Those High in Authorityˆ, and Those without Name and Numberˆ is inherent and automatic. The selective techniques of Paradiseˆ are not in any sense arbitrary. Personal experience and spiritˆual values determine the personnel of the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Attainmentˆ. Such beings are equal in authority and uniform in administrative status, but they all possess individuality and diverse characters; they are not standardized beings. All are characteristically different, depending on the differentials of their ascendantˆ careers.

22:4.5 In addition to these experientialˆ qualifications, the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Attainmentˆ have been trinitized in the divineˆ embrace of the  Paradiseˆ Deitiesˆ. Consequently they function as the co-ordinate associates of the Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ, for the  Trinityˆ embraceˆ does seem to precipitate out of the stream of future time many of the unrealized potentials of creature beings. But this is true concerning only that which pertains to the present universeˆ age.

22:4.6 This group of sons is chiefly, but not wholly, concerned with the services of the ascendantˆ career of the time-space mortalsˆ. If the viewpoint of a mortalˆ creature is ever in doubt, the question is settled by appeal to an ascendantˆ commission consisting of a Mighty Messengerˆ, One High in Authority, and One without Name and Number.

22:4.7 You mortalsˆ who read this message may yourselves ascend to Paradiseˆ, attain the  Trinityˆ embraceˆ, and in remote future ages be attached to the service of the Ancients of Daysˆ in one of the seven superuniversesˆ, and sometime be assigned to enlarge the revelation of truth to some evolving inhabited planet, even as I am now functioning on Urantiaˆ.

5. The Trinitized Custodiansˆ

22:5.1 The Trinitized Custodiansˆ are  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Selectionˆ. Not only do your races and other mortalsˆ of survival value traverse Havonaˆ, attain Paradiseˆ, and sometimes find themselves destined to superuniverseˆ service with the Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ, but your faithful seraphicˆ guardians and your equally faithful midway associates may also become candidates for the same Trinityˆ recognition and superb personalityˆ destinyˆ.

22:5.2 Trinitized Custodiansˆ are ascendantˆ seraphimˆ and translated midway creatures who have passed through Havonaˆ and have attained Paradiseˆ and the Corps of the Finalityˆ. Subsequently they were embraced by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and were assigned to the service of the Ancients of Daysˆ.

22:5.3 The candidates for the  Trinityˆ embraceˆ from among the ascendantˆ seraphimˆ are accorded this recognition because of their valiant co-operation with some ascendantˆ mortalˆ who attained the Corps of the Finalityˆ and was subsequently trinitized. My own seraphicˆ guardian of the mortalˆ career went through with me, was later trinitized, and now is attached to the Uversaˆ government as a Trinitized Custodian.

22:5.4 And so with the midway creatures; many are translated and achieve Paradiseˆ and, along with the seraphimˆ and for the same reasons, are  Trinityˆ embracedˆ and commissioned as Custodians in the superuniversesˆ.

22:5.5 The Trinitized Custodiansˆ are embraced by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ in groups of seventy thousand, and one seventh of each group is assigned to a superuniverseˆ. There are now in the service of Orvontonˆ slightly over ten million of these trusted and high Custodians. They serve on Uversaˆ and on the major and minor headquarters spheres. In their labors they are assisted by a corps of several billion seconaphimˆ and other able superuniverseˆ personalities.

22:5.6 The Trinitized Custodiansˆ start out their careers as custodians, and they continue as such in the affairs of the supergovernments. In a way, they are officers of their superuniverseˆ governments, but they do not deal with individuals, as do the  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ. The Trinitized Custodiansˆ administer group affairs and foster collective projects. They are the custodians of records, plans, and institutions; they act as the trustees of undertakings, personalityˆ groups, ascendantˆ projects, morontiaˆ plans, universeˆ projections, and innumerable other enterprises.

6. The Trinitized Ambassadorsˆ

22:6.1 Trinitized Ambassadorsˆ are the second order of the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Selectionˆ and like their associates, the Custodians, are recruited from two types of ascendantˆ creatures. Not all ascendingˆ mortalsˆ are Adjusterˆ or Father fused; some are Spiritˆ fused, some are Son fused. Certain of these Spiritˆ- and Son-fused mortalsˆ reach Havonaˆ and attain Paradiseˆ. From among these Paradiseˆ ascendersˆ, candidates are selected for the  Trinityˆ embraceˆ, and from time to time they are trinitized in classes of seven thousand. They are then commissioned in the superuniversesˆ as Trinitized Ambassadorsˆ of the Ancients of Daysˆ. Almost one-half billion are registered on Uversaˆ.

22:6.2 Trinitized Ambassadorsˆ are selected for the  Trinityˆ embraceˆ upon the advices of their Havonaˆ teachers. They represent the superior minds of their respective groups and are, therefore, best qualified to assist the superuniverseˆ rulers in understanding and in administering the interests of those worlds from which the  Spiritˆ-fusedˆ mortalsˆ hail. The Son-fused Ambassadors are of great assistance in our dealings with problems involving the Son-fused order of personalityˆ.

22:6.3 Trinitized Ambassadorsˆ are the emissaries of the Ancients of Daysˆ for any and all purposes, to any and all worlds or universesˆ within the superuniverseˆ of their assignment. They render particular and important services on the headquarters of the minor sectorsˆ, and they perform the numberless miscellaneous assignments of a superuniverseˆ. They are the emergency or reserve corpsˆ of the Trinitized Sonsˆ of the supergovernments, and they are therefore available for a great range of duties. They engage in thousands upon thousands of undertakings in superuniverseˆ affairs which it is impossible to portray to human minds since there is nothing transpiring on Urantiaˆ that is in any way analogous to these activities.

7. Technique of Trinitization

22:7.1 I cannot fully unfold to the material mindˆ the experience of the supremeˆ creative performance of perfectˆ and perfected spiritˆual beings — the act of trinitization. The techniques of trinitization are among the secrets of Vicegeringtonˆ and Solitaringtonˆ and are revealable to, and understandable by, none save those who have passed through these unique experiences. Therefore is it beyond the possibility of any being successfully to portray to the human mindˆ the nature and purport of this extraordinary transaction.

22:7.2 Aside from the Deities, only Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities and certain members of each of the finaliterˆ corps engage in trinitization. Under specialized conditions of Paradiseˆ perfectˆion, these superb beings may embark upon the unique adventure of concept-identity, and they are many times successful in the production of a new being, a creature-trinitizedˆ son.

22:7.3 The glorifiedˆ creatures who engage in such adventures of trinitization may participate in only one such experience, whereas with the  Paradiseˆ Deitiesˆ there seems to be no limit to the continued enactment of trinitization episodes. Deityˆ seems to be limited in just one respect: There can be only one Original and Infinite Spiritˆˆ, only one infinite executive of the united will of the Father-Son.

22:7.4 The ascendantˆ Adjusterˆ-fused mortalˆ finalitersˆ who have attained certain levels of Paradiseˆ culture and spiritˆual development are among those who can essay to trinitizeˆ a creature being. Mortalˆ-finaliter companies, when stationed on Paradiseˆ, are granted a recess every millennium of Havonaˆ time. There are seven different ways such finalitersˆ may elect to spend this duty-free period, and one of these is, in association with some fellow finaliterˆ or some Paradiseˆ-Havona personalityˆ, to attempt the enactment of creature trinitization.

22:7.5 If two mortalˆ finalitersˆ, on going before the Architects of the Master Universeˆˆˆ, demonstrate that they have independently chosen an identical concept for trinitization, the Architects are empowered, on their own discretion, to promulgate mandates permitting these glorifiedˆ mortalˆ ascendersˆ to extend their recess and to remove themselves for a time to the trinitizingˆ sector of the  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ. At the end of this assigned retreat, if they report that they have singly and jointly elected to make the paradisiacalˆ effort to spiritˆualize, idealize, and actualˆize a selected and original concept which has not theretofore been trinitized, then does Master Spiritˆ Number Seven issue orders authorizing such an extraordinary undertaking.

22:7.6 Unbelievably long periods of time are sometimes consumed in these adventures; an age seems to pass before these faithful and determined onetime mortalsˆ — and sometimes Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities — finally achieve their goal, really succeed in bringing their chosen concept of universal truth into actualˆ being. And not always do these devoted couples meet with success; many times they fail, and that through no discoverable errorˆ on their part. Candidates for trinitization who thus fail are admitted to a special group of finalitersˆ who are designated as beings who have made the supremeˆ effort and sustained the supremeˆ disappointment. When the  Paradiseˆ Deitiesˆ unite to trinitizeˆ, they always succeed, but not so with a homogeneous pair of creatures, the attempted union of two members of the same order of being.

22:7.7 When a new and original being is trinitized by the Gods, the divineˆ parents are in deityˆ potential unchanged; but when exalted creature beings enact such a creative episode, one of the contracting and participating individuals undergoes a unique personalityˆ modification. The two ancestors of a creature-trinitizedˆ son become in a certain sense spiritˆually as one. We believe that this status of bi-unification of certain spiritˆual phases of personalityˆ will probably prevail until such time as the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ shall have attained full and completed manifestation of personalityˆ in the grand universeˆˆ.

22:7.8 Simultaneously with the appearance of a new creature-trinitizedˆ son, there occurs this functional spiritˆual union of the two ancestors; the two trinitizingˆ parents become one on the ultimateˆ functional level. No created being in the universeˆ can fully explain this amazing phenomenon; it is a near-divine experience. When the Father and the Son united to eternalˆize the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, upon the accomplishment of their purpose they immediately became as one and ever since have been one. And while the trinitization union of two creatures is on the order of the infinite scope of the perfectˆ Deityˆ union of the Universal Fatherˆ and the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ, the repercussions of creature trinitization are not eternalˆ in nature; they will terminate upon the completed factualization of the experientialˆ Deities.

22:7.9 While these parents of creature-trinitizedˆ sons become as one in their universeˆ assignments, they continue to be reckoned as two personalities in the make-up and roll calls of the Corps of the Finalityˆ and of the Architects of the Master Universeˆˆˆ. During the current universeˆ age, all trinitization-united parents are inseparable in assignment and function; where one goes the other goes, what one does the other does. If parental bi-unification involves a mortalˆ (or other) finaliterˆ and a Paradiseˆ-Havona personalityˆ, the united parental beings function neither with the Paradiserˆs, Havonersˆ, nor finalitersˆ. Such mixed unions forgather in a special corps made up of similar beings. And in all trinitization unions, mixed or otherwise, the parental beings are conscious of, and can communicate with, each other, and they can perform duties that neither could have previously discharged.

22:7.10 The Seven Master Spiritsˆ have authority to sanction the trinitizingˆ union of finalitersˆ and Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities, and such mixed liaisons are always successful. The resultant magnificent creature-trinitizedˆ sons are representative of concepts unsuited to the comprehension of either the eternalˆ creatures of Paradiseˆ or the time creatures of spaceˆ; hence they become the wards of the Architects of the Master Universeˆˆˆ. These  trinitized sonsˆ of destinyˆˆ embody ideas, ideals, and experience which apparently pertain to a future universeˆ age and are therefore of no immediate practical value to either the super- or central universeˆˆ administrations. These unique sons of the children of time and the citizens of eternityˆ are all held in reserve on Vicegeringtonˆ, where they are engaged in the study of the concepts of time and the realities of eternityˆ in a special sector of the sphere occupied by the secret colleges of the corps of the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ.

22:7.11 The  Supremeˆ Beingˆ is the unification of three phases of Deityˆ reality:  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ, the spiritˆual unification of certain finiteˆ aspects of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ; the  Almightyˆ Supremeˆˆ, the powerˆ unification of the grand universeˆˆ Creators; and the  Supremeˆ Mindˆ, the individual contribution of the Third Source and Centerˆ and his co-ordinates to the reality of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. In their trinitization adventures the superb creatures of the central universeˆˆ and Paradiseˆ are engaged in a threefoldˆ exploration of the Deityˆ of the Supremeˆ which results in the production of three orders of creature-trinitizedˆ sons:

22:7.12 1.   Ascenderˆ-trinitizedˆ Sons. In their creative efforts the finalitersˆ are attempting to trinitizeˆ certain conceptual realities of the  Almightyˆ Supremeˆˆ which they have experientiallˆy acquired in their ascensionˆ through time and spaceˆ to Paradiseˆ.

22:7.13 2.   Paradiseˆ-Havona-trinitized Sonsˆ. The creative efforts of the  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ and the Havonersˆ result in the trinitization of certain high spiritˆual aspects of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ which they have experientiallˆy acquired on a supersupreme background bordering on the Ultimateˆ and the Eternalˆ.

22:7.14 3.   Trinitized Sonsˆ of Destinyˆˆ. But when a finaliterˆ and a  Paradiseˆ-Havonerˆ together trinitizeˆ a new creature, this conjoint effort repercusses in certain phases of the  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ Mindˆ. The resulting creature-trinitizedˆ sons are supercreational; they represent actualˆities of  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ Deityˆ which have not been otherwise experientiallˆy attained, and which, therefore, automatically fall within the province of the Architects of the Master Universeˆˆˆ, custodians of those things which transcend the creational limits of the present universeˆ age. The  trinitized sonsˆ of destinyˆˆ embody certain aspects of the unrevealed master universeˆˆ function of the  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ. We do not know a great deal about these conjoint children of time and eternityˆ, but we know much more than we are permitted to reveal.

8. The Creature-Trinitizedˆ Sons

22:8.1 In addition to the creature-trinitizedˆ sons considered in this narrative, there are numerous unrevealed orders of creature-trinitizedˆ beings — the diverse progeny of the multiple liaisons of seven finaliterˆ corps and Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities. But all these creature-trinitizedˆ beings, revealed and unrevealed, are endowed with personalityˆ by the Universal Fatherˆ.

22:8.2 When new  ascenderˆ-trinitizedˆ and  Paradiseˆ-Havona-trinitized sonsˆ are young and untrained, they are usually dispatched for long periods of service on the seven Paradiseˆ spheres of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, where they serve under the tutelage of the Seven Supremeˆ Executivesˆ. Subsequently they may be adopted for further training in the local universesˆ by the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ.

22:8.3 These adopted sons of high and glorifiedˆ creature origin are the apprentices, student helpers, of the Teacher Sons, and as regards classification they are often temporarily numbered with these Sons. They may and do execute many noble assignments in self-denial in behalf of their chosen realms of service.

22:8.4 The Teacher Sons in the local universesˆ may nominate their creature-trinitizedˆ wards for embrace by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. Emerging from this embrace as  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ, they enter the service of the Ancients of Daysˆ in the seven superuniversesˆ, that being the present known destinyˆ of this unique group of twice-trinitized beings.

22:8.5 Not all creature-trinitizedˆ sons are  Trinityˆ embracedˆ; many become the associates and ambassadors of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ of Paradiseˆ, of the Reflective Spiritsˆ of the superuniversesˆ, and of the Mother Spiritsˆ of the local creations. Others may accept special assignments on the eternalˆ Isle. Still others may enter the special services on the secret worlds of the Father and on the Paradiseˆ spheres of the Spiritˆ. Eventually many find their way into the conjoint corps of the Trinitized Sonsˆ on the inner circuitˆ of Havonaˆ.

22:8.6 Excepting the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ and those who are forgathering on Vicegeringtonˆ, the supremeˆ destinyˆ of all creature-trinitizedˆ sons appears to be entrance into the Corps of Trinitized Finalitersˆ, one of the seven  Paradiseˆ Corps of the Finalityˆˆ.

9. The  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ

22:9.1 Creature-trinitizedˆ sons are embraced by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ in classes of seven thousand. These trinitized offspring of perfected humans and of Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities are all equally embraced by the Deities, but they are assigned to the superuniversesˆ in accordance with the advice of their former instructors, the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ. Those of more acceptable service are commissioned High Son Assistantsˆ; those of less distinguished performance are designated  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ.

22:9.2 When these unique beings have been  Trinityˆ embracedˆ, they become valuable adjuncts to the superuniverseˆ governments. They are versed in the affairs of the ascendantˆ career, not by personal ascensionˆ, but as a result of their service with the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ on the worlds of spaceˆ.

22:9.3 Almost one billion  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ have been commissioned in Orvontonˆ. They are chiefly assigned to the administrations of the  Perfectˆions of Daysˆ on the headquarters of the major sectorsˆ and are ably assisted by a corps of ascendantˆ Son-fused mortalsˆ.

22:9.4 The  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ are the officers of the courts of the Ancients of Daysˆ, functioning as court messengers and as bearers of the summonses and decisions of the various tribunals of the superuniverseˆ governments. They are the apprehending agents of the Ancients of Daysˆ; they go forth from Uversaˆ to bring back beings whose presence is required before the superuniverseˆ judges; they execute the mandates for the detention of any personalityˆ in the superuniverseˆ. They also accompany  Spiritˆ-fusedˆ mortalsˆ of the local universesˆ when, for any reason, their presence is required on Uversaˆ.

22:9.5 The  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ and their associates, the High Son Assistantsˆ, have never been indwelt by Adjustersˆ. Neither are they Spiritˆ nor Son fused. The embrace of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ does, however, compensate for the nonfused status of the  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ. The  Trinityˆ embraceˆ may act solely upon the idea which is personified in a creature-trinitizedˆ son, leaving the embraced son otherwise unchanged, but such a limitation occurs only when so planned.

22:9.6 These twice-trinitized sons are marvelous beings, but they are neither as versatile nor dependable as their ascendantˆ associates; they lack that tremendous and profound personal experience which the rest of the sons belonging to this group have acquired by actuallˆy climbing up to glory from the dark domains of spaceˆ. We of the ascendantˆ career love them and do all in our powerˆ to compensate their deficiencies, but they make us ever grateful for our lowly origin and our capacity for experience. Their willingness to recognize and acknowledge their deficiencies in the experiencible realities of universeˆ ascensionˆ is transcendently beautiful and sometimes most touchingly pathetic.

22:9.7  Trinitized Sonsˆ of Perfectˆionˆ are limited in contrast to other  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ sons because their experientialˆ capacity is time-space inhibited. They are experience-deficient, despite long training with the Supremeˆ Executives and the Teacher Sons, and if this were not the case, experientialˆ saturation would preclude their being left in reserve for acquiring experience in a future universeˆ age. There is simply nothing in all universal existence which can take the place of actualˆ personal experience, and these creature-trinitizedˆ sons are held in reserve for experientialˆ function in some future universeˆ epochˆ.

22:9.8 On the mansion worldsˆ I have often seen these dignified officers of the high courts of the superuniverseˆ look so longingly and appealingly at even the recent arrivals from the evolutionaryˆ worlds of spaceˆ that one could not help realizing that these possessors of nonexperiential trinitization really envied their supposedly less fortunate brethren who ascend the universal path by steps of bona fide experience and actualˆ living. Notwithstanding their handicaps and limitations they are a wonderfully useful and ever-willing corps of workers when it comes to the execution of the complex administrative plans of the superuniverseˆ governments.

10. High Son Assistantsˆ

22:10.1 The High Son Assistantsˆ are the superior group of the retrinitized trinitized sonsˆ of glorifiedˆ ascendantˆ beings of the  Mortalˆ Corps of the Finalityˆˆ and of their eternalˆ associates, the Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities. They are assigned to the superuniverseˆ service and function as personal aids to the high sons of the governments of the Ancients of Daysˆ. They might fittingly be denominated private secretaries. They act, from time to time, as clerks for special commissions and other group associations of the high sons. They serve Perfectors of Wisdomˆ,  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, Universal Censorsˆ, Mighty Messengersˆ, Those High in Authorityˆ, and Those without Name and Numberˆ.

22:10.2 If, in discussing the  Celestialˆ Guardiansˆ, I have seemed to call attention to the limitations and handicaps of these twice-trinitized sons, let me now, in all fairness, call attention to their one point of great strength, the attribute which makes them almost invaluable to us. These beings owe their very existence to the fact that they are the personification of a single and supremeˆ concept. They are the personalityˆ embodiment of some divineˆ idea, some universal ideal, as it has never before been conceived, expressed, or trinitized. And they have subsequently been  Trinityˆ embracedˆ; thus they show forth and actuallˆy embody the very wisdom of the divineˆ Trinityˆ as concerns the idea-ideal of their personalityˆ existence. As far as that particular concept is revealable to the universesˆ, these personalities embody all of everything that any creature or Creatorˆ intelligence could possibly conceive, express, or exemplify. They are that idea personified.

22:10.3 Can you not see that such living concentrations of a single supremeˆ concept of universeˆ reality would be of untold service to those who are intrusted with the administration of the superuniverses?

22:10.4 Not long since I was directed to head a commission of six — one of each of the high sons — assigned to the study of three problems pertaining to a group of new universesˆ in the south parts of Orvontonˆ. I was made acutely aware of the value of the High Son Assistantsˆ when I made requisition on the chief of their order on Uversaˆ for temporary assignment of such secretaries to my commission. The first of our ideas was represented by a High Son Assistant on Uversaˆ, who was forthwith attached to our group. Our second problem was embodied in a High Son Assistant assigned to superuniverseˆ number three. We secured much help from this source through the central universeˆˆ clearinghouse for the co-ordination and dissemination of essential knowledge, but nothing comparable to the assistance afforded by the actualˆ presence of a personalityˆ who is a concept creature-trinitizedˆ in supremacyˆ and Deityˆ-trinitized in finality. Concerning our third problem, the records of Paradiseˆ disclosed that such an idea had never been creature trinitized.

22:10.5 High Son Assistantsˆ are unique and original personalizations of tremendous concepts and stupendous ideals. And as such they are able to impart inexpressible illumination to our deliberations from time to time. When I am acting on some remote assignment out in the universesˆ of spaceˆ, think what it means, by way of assistance, if I am so fortunate as to have attached to my mission a High Son Assistant who is the fullness of divineˆ concept regarding the very problem I have been sent to attack and solve; and I have repeatedly had this very experience. The only difficulty with this plan is that no superuniverseˆ can have a complete edition of these trinitized ideas; we only get one seventh of these beings; so it is only about one time in seven that we enjoy the personal association of these beings even when the records indicate that the idea has been trinitized.

22:10.6 We could use to great advantage much larger numbers of these beings on Uversaˆ. Because of their value to the superuniverseˆ administrations, we, in every way possible, encourage the pilgrimsˆ of spaceˆ and also the residents of Paradiseˆ to attempt trinitization after they have contributed to one another those experientialˆ realities which are essential to the enactment of such creative adventures.

22:10.7 We now have in our superuniverseˆ about one and a quarter million High Son Assistantsˆ, and they serve on both the major and minor sectorsˆ, even as they function on Uversaˆ. They very often accompany us on our assignments to the remote universesˆ. High Son Assistantsˆ are not permanently assigned to any Son or to any commission. They are in constant circulation, serving where the idea or ideal which they are can best further the eternalˆ purposes of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ, whose sons they have become.

22:10.8 They are touchingly affectionate, superbly loyal, exquisitely intelligent, supremelˆy wise — regarding a single idea — and transcendently humble. While they can impart to you the lore of the universeˆ concerning their one idea or ideal, it is well-nigh pathetic to observe them seeking knowledge and information on hosts of other subjects, even from the ascendingˆ mortalsˆ.

22:10.9 And this is the narrative of the origin, nature, and functioning of certain of those who are called the Trinitized Sonsˆ of Godˆ, more particularly of those who have passed through the divineˆ embrace of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ, and who have then been assigned to the services of the superuniversesˆ, there to give wise and understanding co-operation with the administrators of the Ancients of Daysˆ in their untiring efforts to facilitate the inward progress of the ascendingˆ mortalsˆ of time toward their immediate Havonaˆ destination and their eventual Paradiseˆ goal.

22:10.10 [Narrated by a Mighty Messengerˆ of the revelatory corps of Orvontonˆ.]