Paper 21 : The Paradiseˆ Creatorˆ Sons

21:0.1 THE  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ are the makers and rulers of the local universesˆ of time and spaceˆ. These universeˆ creatorsˆ and sovereigns are of dual origin, embodying the characteristics of  Godˆ the Fatherˆ and  Godˆ the Sonˆ. But each  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is different from every other; each is unique in nature as well as in personalityˆ; each is the “only-begotten Son” of the perfectˆ deityˆ ideal of his origin.

21:0.2 In the vast work of organizing, evolving, and perfectˆing a local universeˆˆ, these high Sons always enjoy the sustaining approval of the Universal Fatherˆ. The relationship of the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ with their  Paradiseˆ Fatherˆ is touching and superlative. No doubt the profound affection of the Deityˆ parents for their divineˆ progeny is the wellspring of that beautiful and well-nigh divineˆ love which even mortalˆ parents bear their children.

21:0.3 These primary Paradiseˆ Sons are personalized as Michaelsˆ. As they go forth from Paradiseˆ to found their universesˆ, they are known as Creatorˆ Michaelsˆ. When settled in supremeˆ authority, they are called Master Michaelsˆ. Sometimes we refer to the sovereign of your universeˆ of Nebadonˆ as  Christˆ Michaelˆ. Always and forever do they reign after the “order of Michael,” that being the designation of the first Son of their order and nature.

21:0.4 The original or first-born Michael has never experienced incarnationˆ as a material being, but seven times he passed through the experience of spiritˆual creature ascent on the seven circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ, advancing from the outer spheres to the innermost circuitˆ of the central creation. The order of Michael knows the grand universeˆˆ from one end to the other; there is no essential experience of any of the children of time and spaceˆ in which the Michaelsˆ have not personally participated; they are in fact partakers not only of the divineˆ nature but also of your nature, meaning all natures, from the highest to the lowest.

21:0.5 The original Michael is the presiding head of the primary Paradiseˆ Sons when they assemble for conference at the center of all things. Not long since on Uversaˆ we recorded a universal broadcast of a conclave extraordinary on the eternalˆ Isle of one hundred fifty thousand  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ assembled in the parental presence and engaged in deliberations having to do with the progress of the unification and stabilization of the  universeˆ of universesˆ. This was a selected group of Sovereign Michaelsˆ, sevenfoldˆ bestowalˆ Sons.

1. Origin and Nature of Creatorˆ Sons

21:1.1 When the fullness of absoluteˆ spiritˆual ideation in the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ encounters the fullness of absoluteˆ personalityˆ concept in the Universal Fatherˆ, when such a creative union is finally and fully attained, when such absoluteˆ identity of spiritˆ and such infinite oneness of personalityˆ concept occur, then, right then and there, without the loss of anything of personalityˆ or prerogative by either of the infinite Deities, there flashes into full-fledged being a new and original  Creatorˆ Sonˆ, the only-begotten Son of the perfectˆ ideal and the powerful idea whose union produces this new creatorˆ personalityˆ of powerˆ and perfectˆion.

21:1.2 Each  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is the only-begotten and only-begettable offspring of the perfectˆ union of the original concepts of the two infinite and eternalˆ and perfectˆ minds of the ever-existent Creatorsˆ of the  universeˆ of universesˆ. There never can be another such Son because each  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is the unqualified, finished, and final expression and embodiment of all of every phase of every feature of every possibility of every divineˆ reality that could, throughout all eternityˆ, ever be found in, expressed by, or evolved from, those divineˆ creative potentials which united to bring this Michael Son into existence. Each  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is the absoluteˆ of the united deityˆ concepts which constitute his divineˆ origin.

21:1.3 The divineˆ natures of these  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ are, in principle, derived equally from the attributes of both Paradiseˆ parents. All partake of the fullness of the divineˆ nature of the Universal Fatherˆ and of the creative prerogatives of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ, but as we observe the practical outworking of the Michael functions in the universesˆ, we discern apparent differences. Some  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ appear to be more like  Godˆ the Fatherˆ; others more like  Godˆ the Sonˆ. For example: The trend of administration in the universeˆ of Nebadonˆ suggests that its Creatorˆ and ruling Son is one whose nature and character more resemble that of the Eternalˆ Mother Son. It should be further stated that some universesˆ are presided over by Paradiseˆ Michaelsˆ who appear equally to resemble  Godˆ the Fatherˆ and  Godˆ the Sonˆ. And these observations are in no sense implied criticisms; they are simply a recording of fact.

21:1.4 I do not know the exact number of  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ in existence, but I have good reasons for believing that there are more than seven hundred thousand. Now, we know that there are exactly seven hundred thousand Unions of Daysˆ and no more are being created. We also observe that the ordained plans of the present universeˆ age seem to indicate that one Union of Days is to be stationed in each local universeˆˆ as the counseling ambassador of the Trinityˆ. We note further that the constantly increasing number of  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ already exceeds the stationary number of the Unions of Daysˆ. But concerning the destinyˆ of the Michaelsˆ beyond seven hundred thousand, we have never been informed.

2. The Creatorsˆ of Local Universes

21:2.1 The Paradiseˆ Sons of the primary order are the designers, creatorsˆ, builders, and administrators of their respective domains, the local universesˆ of time and spaceˆ, the basic creative units of the seven evolutionaryˆ superuniversesˆ. A  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is permitted to choose the spaceˆ site of his future cosmic activity, but before he may begin even the physical organization of his universeˆ, he must spend a long period of observation devoted to the study of the efforts of his older brothers in various creations located in the superuniverseˆ of his projected action. And prior to all this, the Michael Son will have completed his long and unique experience of Paradiseˆ observation and Havonaˆ training.

21:2.2 When a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ departs from Paradiseˆ to embark upon the adventure of universeˆ making, to become the head — virtually the Godˆ — of the local universeˆˆ of his own organization, then, for the first time, he finds himself in intimate contact with, and in many respects dependent upon, the Third Source and Centerˆ. The Infinite Spiritˆˆ, though abiding with the Father and the Son at the center of all things, is destined to function as the actualˆ and effective helper of each  Creatorˆ Sonˆ. Therefore is each  Creatorˆ Sonˆ accompanied by a Creative Daughterˆ of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, that being who is destined to become the Divineˆ Minister, the Mother Spiritˆˆ of the new local universeˆˆ.

21:2.3 The departure of a Michael Son on this occasion forever liberates his creatorˆ prerogatives from the Paradiseˆ Sources and Centers, subject only to certain limitations inherent in the pre-existence of these Sources and Centers and to certain other antecedentˆ powersˆ and presences. Among these limitations to the otherwise all-powerful creatorˆ prerogatives of a local universeˆˆ Father are the following:

21:2.4 1.  Energyˆ-matter is dominated by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. Before any new forms of things, great or small, may be created, before any new transformations of energyˆ-matter may be attempted, a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ must secure the consent and working co-operation of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ.

21:2.5 2. Creature designs and types are controlled by the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ. Before a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ may engage in the creation of any new type of being, any new design of creature, he must secure the consent of the Eternalˆ and Original Mother Son.

21:2.6 3.  Personalityˆ is designed and bestowed by the Universal Fatherˆ.

21:2.7 The types and patternsˆ of  mindˆ are determined by the precreature factors of being. After these have been associated to constitute a creature (personal or otherwise), mindˆ is the endowment of the Third Source and Centerˆ, the universal source of mindˆ ministry to all beings below the level of Paradiseˆ Creatorsˆ.

21:2.8 The control of  spiritˆ designs and types depends on the level of their manifestation. In the last analysis, spiritˆual design is controlled by the Trinityˆ or by the pre-Trinityˆ spiritˆ endowments of the Trinityˆ personalities — Father, Son, and Spiritˆ.

21:2.9 When such a perfectˆ and divineˆ Son has taken possession of the spaceˆ site of his chosen universeˆ; when the initial problems of universeˆ materialization and of gross equilibrium have been resolved; when he has formed an effective and co-operative working union with the complemental Daughter of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ — then do this Universeˆ Son and this Universeˆ Spiritˆ initiate that liaison which is designed to give origin to the innumerable hosts of their local universeˆˆ children. In connection with this event the Creative Spiritˆˆ focalization of the Paradiseˆ Infinite Spiritˆˆ becomes changed in nature, taking on the personal qualities of the Mother Spiritˆˆ of a local universeˆˆ.

21:2.10 Notwithstanding that all  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ are divinelˆy like their Paradiseˆ parents, none exactly resembles another; each is unique, diverse, exclusive, and original in nature as well as in personalityˆ. And since they are the architects and makers of the life plans of their respective realms, this very diversity insures that their domains will also be diverse in every form and phase of Michael-derived living existence which may be created or subsequently evolved therein. Hence the orders of creatures native to the local universesˆ are quite varied. No two are administered or inhabited by dual-origin native beings who are in all respects identical. Within any superuniverseˆ, one half of their inherent attributes are quite alike, being derived from the uniform Creative Spirits; the other half vary, being derived from the diversified  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ. But such diversity does not characterize those creatures of sole origin in the Creative Spiritˆˆ nor those imported beings who are native to the central or superuniversesˆ.

21:2.11 When a Michael Son is absent from his universeˆ, its government is directed by the first-born native being, the Bright and Morning Star, the local universeˆˆ chief executive. The advice and counsel of the Union of Days is invaluable at such times. During these absences a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is able to invest the associated Mother Spiritˆˆ with the overcontrol of his spiritˆual presence on the inhabited worlds and in the hearts of his mortalˆ children. And the Mother Spiritˆˆ of a local universeˆˆ remains always at its headquarters, extending her fostering care and spiritˆual ministry to the uttermost parts of such an evolutionaryˆ domain.

21:2.12 The personal presence of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ in his local universeˆˆ is not necessary to the smooth running of an established material creation. Such Sons may journey to Paradiseˆ, and still their universesˆ swing on through spaceˆ. They may lay down their lines of powerˆ to incarnate as the children of time; still their realms whirl on about their respective centers. No material organization is independent of the absoluteˆ-gravity grasp of Paradiseˆ or of the cosmic overcontrol inherent in the spaceˆ presence of the Unqualified Absoluteˆˆ.

3. Local Universeˆˆ Sovereignty

21:3.1 A  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is given the range of a universeˆ by the consent of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and with the confirmation of the supervising Master Spiritˆ of the superuniverseˆ concerned. Such action constitutes title of physical possession, a cosmic leasehold. But the elevation of a Michael Son from this initial and self-limited stage of rulership to the experientialˆ supremacyˆ of self-earned sovereignty comes as a result of his own personal experiences in the work of universeˆ creation and incarnated bestowalˆ. Until the achievement of bestowalˆ-earned sovereignty, he rules as vicegerentˆ of the Universal Fatherˆ.

21:3.2 A  Creatorˆ Sonˆ could assert full sovereignty over his personal creation at any time, but he wisely chooses not to. If, prior to passing through the creature bestowalsˆ, he assumed an unearned supremeˆ sovereignty, the Paradiseˆ personalities resident in his local universeˆˆ would withdraw. But this has never happened throughout all the creations of time and spaceˆ.

21:3.3 The fact of creatorship implies the fullness of sovereignty, but the Michaelsˆ choose to experientiallˆy earn it, thereby retaining the full co-operation of all Paradiseˆ personalities attached to the local universeˆˆ administration. We know of no Michael who ever did otherwise; but they all could, they are truly freewillˆ Sons.

21:3.4 The sovereignty of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ in a local universeˆˆ passes through six, perhaps seven, stages of experientialˆ manifestation. These appear in the following order:

21:3.5 1. Initial vicegerentˆ sovereignty — the solitary provisional authority exercised by a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ before the acquirement of personal qualities by the associated Creative Spiritˆˆ.

21:3.6 2. Conjoint vicegerentˆ sovereignty — the joint rule of the Paradiseˆ pair subsequent to the personalityˆ achievement of the  Universeˆ Mother Spiritˆˆˆ.

21:3.7 3. Augmenting vicegerentˆ sovereignty — the advancing authority of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ during the period of his seven creature bestowalsˆ.

21:3.8 4. Supremeˆ sovereignty — the settled authority following the completion of the seventh bestowalˆ. In Nebadonˆ, supremeˆ sovereignty dates from the completion of Michael’s bestowalˆ on Urantiaˆ. It has existed just slightly over nineteen hundred years of your planetary time.

21:3.9 5. Augmenting supremeˆ sovereignty — the advanced relationship growing out of the settling of a majority of the creature domains in light and lifeˆ. This stage pertains to the unachieved future of your local universeˆˆ.

21:3.10 6. Trinitarianˆ sovereignty — exercised subsequent to the settling of the entire local universeˆˆ in light and lifeˆ.

21:3.11 7. Unrevealed sovereignty — the unknown relationships of a future universeˆ age.

21:3.12 In accepting the initial vicegerentˆ sovereignty of a projected local universeˆˆ, a Creatorˆ Michael takes an oath to the Trinityˆ not to assume supremeˆ sovereignty until the seven creature bestowalsˆ have been completed and certified by the superuniverseˆ rulers. But if a Michael Son could not, at will, assert such unearned sovereignty, there would be no meaning in taking an oath not to do so.

21:3.13 Even in the prebestowal ages a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ rules his domain well-nigh supremelˆy when there is no dissent in any of its parts. Limited rulership would hardly be manifest if sovereignty were never challenged. The sovereignty exercised by a prebestowal  Creatorˆ Sonˆ in a universeˆ without rebellion is no greater than in a universeˆ with rebellion; but in the first instance sovereignty limitations are not apparent; in the second, they are.

21:3.14 If ever the authority or administration of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is challenged, attacked, or jeopardized, he is eternallˆy pledged to uphold, protect, defend, and if necessary retrieve his personal creation. Such Sons can be troubled or harassed only by the creatures of their own making or by higher beings of their own choosing. It might be inferred that “higher beings,” those of origin on levels above a local universeˆˆ, would be unlikely to trouble a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ, and this is true. But they could if they chose to. Virtue is volitionalˆ with personalityˆ; righteousness is not automatic in freewillˆ creatures.

21:3.15 Before the completion of the bestowalˆ career a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ rules with certain self-imposed limitations of sovereignty, but subsequent to his finished bestowalˆ service he rules by virtue of his actualˆ experience in the form and likeness of his manifold creatures. When a Creatorˆ has seven times sojourned among his creatures, when the bestowalˆ career is finished, then is he supremelˆy settled in universeˆ authority; he has become a Master Sonˆ, a sovereign and supremeˆ ruler.

21:3.16 The technique of obtaining supremeˆ sovereignty over a local universeˆˆ involves the following seven experientialˆ steps:

21:3.17 1. Experientiallˆy to penetrate seven creature levels of being through the technique of incarnated bestowalˆ in the very likeness of the creatures on the level concerned.

21:3.18 2. To make an experientialˆ consecration to each phase of the sevenfoldˆ will of Paradiseˆ Deityˆ as it is personified in the Seven Master Spiritsˆ.

21:3.19 3. To traverse each of the seven experiences on the creature levels simultaneously with the execution of one of the seven consecrations to the will of Paradiseˆ Deityˆ.

21:3.20 4. On each creature level, experientiallˆy to portray the acme of creature life to Paradiseˆ Deityˆ and to all universeˆ intelligences.

21:3.21 5. On each creature level, experientiallˆy to reveal one phase of the sevenfoldˆ will of Deityˆ to the bestowalˆ level and to all the universeˆ.

21:3.22 6. Experientiallˆy to unify the sevenfoldˆ creature experience with the sevenfoldˆ experience of consecration to the revelation of the nature and will of Deityˆ.

21:3.23 7. To achieve new and higher relationship with the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. The repercussion of the totality of this Creatorˆ-creature experience augments the superuniverseˆ reality of  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ and the time-space sovereignty of the  Almightyˆ Supremeˆˆˆ and factualizes the supremeˆ local universeˆˆ sovereignty of a Paradiseˆ Michael.

21:3.24 In settling the question of sovereignty in a local universeˆˆ, the  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is not only demonstrating his own fitness to rule but is also revealing the nature and portraying the sevenfoldˆ attitude of the  Paradiseˆ Deitiesˆ. The finiteˆ understanding and creature appreciation of the Father’s primacy is concerned in the adventure of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ when he condescends to take upon himself the form and experiences of his creatures. These primary Paradiseˆ Sons are the real revealers of the Father’s loving nature and beneficent authority, the same Father who, in association with the Son and the Spiritˆ, is the universal head of all powerˆ, personalityˆ, and government throughout all the universal realms.

4. The Michael Bestowals

21:4.1 There are seven groups of bestowalˆ  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ, and they are so classified in accordance with the number of times they have bestowed themselves upon the creatures of their realms. They range from the initial experience up through five additional spheres of progressive bestowalˆ until they attain the seventh and final episode of creature-Creator experience.

21:4.2 Avonal bestowalsˆ are always in the likeness of mortalˆ flesh, but the seven bestowalsˆ of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ involve his appearing on seven creature levels of being and pertain to the revelation of the seven primary expressions of the will and nature of Deityˆ. Without exception, all  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ pass through this seven times giving of themselves to their created children before they assume settled and supremeˆ jurisdiction over the universesˆ of their own creation.

21:4.3 Though these seven bestowalsˆ vary in the different sectors and universesˆ, they always embrace the mortalˆ-bestowal adventure. In the final bestowalˆ a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ appears as a member of one of the higher mortalˆ races on some inhabited world, usually as a member of that racial group which contains the largest hereditary legacy of the Adamic stock which has previously been imported to upstep the physical status of the animal-origin peoples. Only once in his sevenfoldˆ career as a bestowalˆ Son is a Paradiseˆ Michael born of woman as you have the record of the babe of Bethlehemˆ. Only once does he live and die as a member of the lowest order of evolutionaryˆ will creatures.

21:4.4 After each of his bestowalsˆ a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ proceeds to the “right hand of the Father,” there to gain the Father’s acceptance of the bestowalˆ and to receive instruction preparatory to the next episode of universeˆ service. Following the seventh and final bestowalˆ a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ receives from the Universal Fatherˆ supremeˆ authority and jurisdiction over his universeˆ.

21:4.5 It is of record that the divineˆ Son of last appearance on your planet was a Paradiseˆ  Creatorˆ Sonˆ who had completed six phases of his bestowalˆ career; consequently, when he gave up the conscious grasp of the incarnated life on Urantiaˆ, he could, and did, truly say, “It is finished” — it was literally finished. His death on Urantiaˆ completed his bestowalˆ career; it was the last step in fulfilling the sacred oath of a Paradiseˆ  Creatorˆ Sonˆ. And when this experience has been acquired, such Sons are supremeˆ universeˆ sovereigns; no longer do they rule as vicegerentsˆ of the Father but in their own right and name as “King of Kings and Lordˆ of Lords.” With certain stated exceptions these sevenfoldˆ bestowalˆ Sons are unqualifiedlyˆ supremeˆ in the universesˆ of their abode. Concerning his local universeˆˆ, “all powerˆ in heaven and on earth” was relegated to this triumphant and enthroned Master Sonˆ.

21:4.6  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ, subsequent to the completion of their bestowalˆ careers, are reckoned as a separate order, sevenfoldˆ Master Sonsˆ. In person the Master Sonsˆ are identical with the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ, but they have undergone such a unique bestowalˆ experience that they are commonly regarded as a different order. When a Creatorˆ deigns to effect a bestowalˆ, a real and permanent change is destined to take place. True, the bestowalˆ Son is still and none the less a Creatorˆ, but he has added to his nature the experience of a creature, which forever removes him from the divineˆ level of a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ and elevates him to the experientialˆ plane of a Master Sonˆ, one who has fully earned the right to rule a universeˆ and administer its worlds. Such beings embody all that can be secured from divineˆ parentage and embrace everything to be derived from perfected-creature experience. Why should man bemoan his lowly origin and enforced evolutionaryˆ career when the very Gods must pass through an equivalent experience before they are accounted experientiallˆy worthy and competent finally and fully to rule over their universeˆ domains!

5. Relation of Master Sonsˆ to the Universeˆ

21:5.1 The powerˆ of a Master Michael is unlimited because derived from experienced association with the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ, is unquestioned because derived from actualˆ experience as the very creatures subject to such authority. The nature of the sovereignty of a sevenfoldˆ  Creatorˆ Sonˆ is supremeˆ because it:

21:5.2 1. Embraces the sevenfoldˆ viewpoint of Paradiseˆ Deityˆ.

21:5.3 2. Embodies a sevenfoldˆ attitude of time-space creatures.

21:5.4 3. Perfectlˆy synthesizes Paradiseˆ attitude and creature viewpoint.

21:5.5 This experientialˆ sovereignty is thus all-inclusive of the divinityˆ of  Godˆ the Sevenfoldˆˆ culminating in the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. And the personal sovereignty of a sevenfoldˆ Son is like the future sovereignty of the sometime-to-be-completed  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, embracing as it does the fullest possible content of the powerˆ and authority of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ manifestable within the time-space limits concerned.

21:5.6 With the achievement of supremeˆ local universeˆˆ sovereignty, there passes from a Michael Son the powerˆ and opportunity to create entirely new types of creature beings during the present universeˆ age. But a Master Sonˆ’s loss of powerˆ to originate entirely new orders of beings in no way interferes with the work of life elaboration already established and in process of unfoldment; this vast program of universeˆ evolution goes on without interruption or curtailment. The acquirement of supremeˆ sovereignty by a Master Sonˆ implies the responsibility of personal devotion to the fostering and the administering of that which has already been designed and created, and of that which will subsequently be produced by those who have been thus designed and created. In time there may develop an almost endless evolution of diverse beings, but no entirely new patternˆ or type of intelligent creature will henceforth take direct origin from a Master Sonˆ. This is the first step, the beginning, of a settled administration in any local universeˆˆ.

21:5.7 The elevation of a sevenfoldˆ bestowalˆ Son to the unquestioned sovereignty of his universeˆ means the beginning of the end of agelong uncertainty and relative confusion. Subsequent to this event, that which cannot be sometime spiritˆualized will eventually be disorganized; that which cannot be sometime co-ordinated with cosmic reality will eventually be destroyed. When the provisions of endless mercy and nameless patience have been exhausted in an effort to win the loyalty and devotion of the will creatures of the realms, justice and righteousness will prevail. That which mercy cannot rehabilitate justice will eventually annihilate.

21:5.8 The Master Michaelsˆ are supremeˆ in their own local universesˆ when once they have been installed as sovereign rulers. The few limitations upon their rule are those inherent in the cosmic pre-existence of certain forcesˆ and personalities. Otherwise these Master Sonsˆ are supremeˆ in authority, responsibility, and administrative powerˆ in their respective universes; they are as Creatorsˆ and Gods, supremeˆ in virtually all things. There is no penetration beyond their wisdom regarding the functioning of a given universeˆ.

21:5.9 After his elevation to settled sovereignty in a local universeˆˆ a Paradiseˆ Michael is in full control of all other Sons of Godˆ functioning in his domain, and he may freely rule in accordance with his concept of the needs of his realms. A Master Sonˆ may at will vary the order of the spiritˆual adjudication and evolutionaryˆ adjustment of the inhabited planets. And such Sons do make and carry out the plans of their own choosing in all matters of special planetary needs, in particular regarding the worlds of their creature sojourn and still more concerning the realm of terminal bestowalˆ, the planet of incarnationˆ in the likeness of mortalˆ flesh.

21:5.10 The Master Sonsˆ seem to be in perfectˆ communication with their bestowalˆ worlds, not only the worlds of their personal sojourn but all worlds whereon a Magisterial Son has bestowed himself. This contact is maintained by their own spiritˆual presence, the  Spiritˆ of Truthˆ, which they are able to “pour out upon all flesh.” These Master Sonsˆ also maintain an unbroken connection with the Eternalˆ Mother Son at the center of all things. They possess a sympathetic reach which extends from the Universal Fatherˆ on high to the lowly races of planetary life in the realms of time.

6. Destinyˆ of the Master Michaelsˆ

21:6.1 No one may with finality of authority presume to discuss either the natures or the destinies of the sevenfoldˆ Master Sovereigns of the local universes; nevertheless, we all speculate much regarding these matters. We are taught, and we believe, that each Paradiseˆ Michael is the  absoluteˆ of the dual deityˆ concepts of his origin; thus he embodies actualˆ phases of the infinity of the Universal Fatherˆ and the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ. The Michaelsˆ must be partial in relation to total infinity, but they are probably absoluteˆ in relation to that part of infinity concerned in their origin. But as we observe their work in the present universeˆ age, we detect no action that is more than finiteˆ; any conjectured superfiniteˆ capacities must be self-contained and as yet unrevealed.

21:6.2 The completion of the creature-bestowal careers and the elevation to supremeˆ universeˆ sovereignty must signify the completed liberation of a Michael’s finiteˆ-action capacities accompanied by the appearance of capacity for more-than-finite service. For in this connection we note that such Master Sonsˆ are then restricted in the production of new types of creature beings, a restriction undoubtedly made necessary by the liberation of their superfiniteˆ potentialities.

21:6.3 It is highly probable that these undisclosed creatorˆ powersˆ will remain self-contained throughout the present universeˆ age. But sometime in the far-distant future, in the now mobilizing universesˆ of outer spaceˆˆ, we believe that the liaison between a sevenfoldˆ Master Sonˆ and a seventh-stage Creative Spiritˆˆ may attain to absoniteˆ levels of service attended by the appearance of new things, meanings, and values on transcendentalˆ levels of ultimateˆ universeˆ significance.

21:6.4 Just as the Deityˆ of the Supremeˆ is actualˆizing by virtue of experientialˆ service, so are the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ achieving the personal realization of the Paradiseˆ-divinity potentials bound up in their unfathomable natures. When on Urantiaˆ,  Christˆ Michaelˆ once said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” And we believe that in eternityˆ the Michaelsˆ are literally destined to be “the way, the truth, and the life,” ever blazing the path for all universeˆ personalities as it leads from supremeˆ divinityˆ through ultimateˆ absonityˆ to eternalˆ deityˆ finality.

21:6.5 [Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom from Uversaˆ.]