Paper 19 : The Co-ordinate  Trinityˆ-Origin Beingsˆ

19:0.1 THIS Paradiseˆ group, designated the Co-ordinate  Trinityˆ-origin Beingsˆ, embraces the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ, also classed among the Paradiseˆ Sons of Godˆ, three groups of high superuniverseˆ administrators, and the somewhat impersonal category of the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ. Even the  Havonaˆ nativesˆ may properly be included in this classification of Trinityˆ personalities along with numerous groups of beings resident on Paradiseˆ. Those  Trinityˆ-origin beingsˆ to be considered in this discussion are:

19:0.2 1.  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ.

19:0.3 2. Perfectors of Wisdomˆ.

19:0.4 3.  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ.

19:0.5 4. Universal Censorsˆ.

19:0.6 5. Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ.

19:0.7 6.  Havonaˆ Nativesˆ.

19:0.8 7.  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ.

19:0.9 Excepting the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ and possibly the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ, these groups are of definite numbers; their creation is a finished and past event.

1. The  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ

19:1.1 Of all the high orders of celestialˆ personalities revealed to you, the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ alone act in a dual capacity. By origin of Trinityˆ nature, in function they are almost wholly devoted to the services of divineˆ sonshipˆ. They are the liaison beings who bridge the universeˆ gulf between Trinityˆ- and dual-origin personalities.

19:1.2 While the Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ are of completed numbers, the Teacher Sons are constantly increasing. What the final number of Teacher Sons will be I do not know. I can, however, state that, at the last periodic report to Uversaˆ, the Paradiseˆ records indicated 21,001,624,821 of these Sons in service.

19:1.3 These beings are the only group of the Sons of Godˆ revealed to you whose origin is in the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. They range the central and superuniversesˆ, and an enormous corps is assigned to each local universeˆˆ. They also serve the individual planets as do the other Paradiseˆ Sons of Godˆ. Since the scheme of the grand universeˆˆ is not fully developed, large numbers of Teacher Sons are held in the reserves on Paradiseˆ, and they volunteer for emergency duty and unusual service in all divisions of the grand universeˆˆ, on the lone worlds of spaceˆ, in the local and superuniversesˆ, and on the worlds of Havonaˆ. They also function on Paradiseˆ, but it will be more helpful to postpone their detailed consideration until we come to the discussion of the Paradiseˆ Sons of Godˆ.

19:1.4 In this connection, however, it may be noted that Teacher Sons are the supremeˆ co-ordinating personalities of Trinityˆ origin. In such a far-flung  universeˆ of universesˆ there is always great danger of succumbing to the errorˆ of the circumscribed viewpoint, to the evil inherent in a segmentalized conception of reality and divinityˆ.

19:1.5 For example: The human mindˆ would ordinarily crave to approach the cosmic philosophy portrayed in these revelations by proceeding from the simple and the finiteˆ to the complex and the infinite, from human origins to divineˆ destinies. But that path does not lead to  spiritˆual wisdom. Such a procedure is the easiest path to a certain form of genetic knowledge, but at best it can only reveal man’s origin; it reveals little or nothing about his divineˆ destinyˆ.

19:1.6 Even in the study of man’s biologic evolution on Urantiaˆ, there are grave objections to the exclusive historic approach to his present-day status and his current problems. The true perspective of any reality problem — human or divineˆ, terrestrial or cosmic — can be had only by the full and unprejudiced study and correlation of three phases of universeˆ reality: origin, history, and destinyˆ. The proper understanding of these three experientialˆ realities affords the basis for a wise estimate of the current status.

19:1.7 When the human mindˆ undertakes to follow the philosophic technique of starting from the lower to approach the higher, whether in biology or theology, it is always in danger of committing four errorsˆ of reasoning:

19:1.8 1. It may utterly fail to perceive the final and completed evolutionaryˆ goal of either personal attainment or cosmic destinyˆ.

19:1.9 2. It may commit the supremeˆ philosophical blunder by oversimplifying cosmic evolutionaryˆ (experientialˆ) reality, thus leading to the distortion of facts, to the perversion of truth, and to the misconception of destinies.

19:1.10 3. The study of causation is the perusal of history. But the knowledge of how a being becomes does not necessarily provide an intelligent understanding of the present status and true character of such a being.

19:1.11 4. History alone fails adequately to reveal future development — destinyˆ. Finiteˆ origins are helpful, but only divineˆ causes reveal final effects. Eternalˆ ends are not shown in time beginnings. The present can be truly interpreted only in the light of the correlated past and future.

19:1.12 Therefore, because of these and for still other reasons, do we employ the technique of approaching man and his planetary problems by embarkation on the time-space journey from the infinite, eternalˆ, and divineˆ Paradiseˆ Source and Center of all personalityˆ reality and all cosmic existence.

2. The Perfectors of Wisdomˆ

19:2.1 The Perfectors of Wisdomˆ are a specialized creation of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ designed to personify the wisdom of divinityˆ in the superuniversesˆ. There are exactly seven billion of these beings in existence, and one billion are assigned to each of the seven superuniversesˆ.

19:2.2 In common with their co-ordinates, the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ and the Universal Censorsˆ, the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ passed through the wisdom of Paradiseˆ, of Havonaˆ, and except for Diviningtonˆ, of the Father’s Paradiseˆ spheres. After these experiences the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ were permanently assigned to the service of the Ancients of Daysˆ. They serve neither on Paradiseˆ nor on the worlds of the Paradiseˆ-Havona circuits; they are wholly occupied with the administration of the superuniverseˆ governments.

19:2.3 Wherever and whenever a Perfector of Wisdom functions, there and then divineˆ wisdom functions. There is actualˆity of presence and perfectˆion of manifestation in the knowledge and wisdom represented in the doings of these mighty and majestic personalities. They do not reflect the wisdom of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ; they are that wisdom. They are the sources of wisdom for all teachers in the application of universeˆ knowledge; they are the fountains of discretion and the wellsprings of discrimination to the institutions of learning and discernment in all universesˆ.

19:2.4 Wisdom is twofold in origin, being derived from the perfectˆion of divineˆ insight inherent in perfectˆ beings and from the personal experience acquired by evolutionaryˆ creatures. The Perfectors of Wisdomˆ are the divineˆ wisdom of the Paradiseˆ perfectˆion of Deityˆ insight. Their administrative associates on Uversaˆ, the Mighty Messengersˆ, Those without Name and Numberˆ, and Those High in Authorityˆ, when acting together, are the universeˆ wisdom of experience. A divineˆ being can have perfectˆion of divineˆ knowledge. An evolutionaryˆ mortalˆ can sometime attain perfectˆion of ascendantˆ knowledge, but neither of these beings alone exhausts the potentials of all possible wisdom. Accordingly, whenever in the conduct of the superuniverseˆ it is desired to achieve the maximum of administrative wisdom, these perfectors of the wisdom of divineˆ insight are always associated with those ascendantˆ personalities who have come up to the high responsibilities of superuniverseˆ authority through the experientialˆ tribulations of evolutionaryˆ progression.

19:2.5 The Perfectors of Wisdomˆ will always require this complement of experientialˆ wisdom for the completion of their administrative sagacity. But it has been postulated that a high and hitherto unattained level of wisdom may possibly be achieved by the Paradiseˆ finalitersˆ after they are sometime inducted into the seventh stage of spiritˆ existence. If this inference is correct, then would such perfected beings of evolutionaryˆ ascent undoubtedly become the most effective universeˆ administrators ever to be known in all creation. I believe that such is the high destinyˆ of finalitersˆ.

19:2.6 The versatility of the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ enables them to participate in practically all of the celestialˆ services of the ascendantˆ creatures. The Perfectors of Wisdomˆ and my order of personalityˆ, the  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, together with the Universal Censorsˆ, constitute the highest orders of beings who may and do engage in the work of revealing truth to the individual planets and systems, whether in their earlier epochsˆ or when settled in light and lifeˆ. From time to time we all make contact with the service of the ascendingˆ mortalsˆ, from an initial-life planet on up through a local universeˆˆ and the superuniverseˆ, particularly the latter.

3. The  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ

19:3.1 These  Trinityˆ-origin beingsˆ are the counsel of Deityˆ to the realms of the seven superuniversesˆ. They are not reflective of the divineˆ counsel of the Trinityˆ; they are that counsel. There are twenty-one billion Counselors in service, and three billion are assigned to each superuniverseˆ.

19:3.2  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ are the associates and equals of the Universal Censorsˆ and the Perfectors of Wisdomˆ, from one to seven Counselors being associated with each of these latter personalities. All three orders participate in the government of the Ancients of Daysˆ, including major and minor sectorsˆ, in the local universesˆ and constellationsˆ, and in the councils of the local systemˆ sovereigns.

19:3.3 We act as individuals, as I do in inditing this statement, but we also function as a trio whenever the occasion requires. When we act in an executive capacity, always there are associated together a Perfector of Wisdom, a Universal Censor, and from one to seven  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ.

19:3.4 One Perfector of Wisdom, seven  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, and one Universal Censor constitute a tribunal of Trinityˆ divinityˆ, the highest mobile advisory body in the universesˆ of time and spaceˆ. Such a group of nine is known either as a fact-finding or as a truth-revealing tribunal, and when it sits in judgment upon a problem and renders a decision, it is just as if an Ancient of Days had adjudicated the matter, for in all the annals of the superuniversesˆ such a verdict has never been reversed by the Ancients of Daysˆ.

19:3.5 When the three Ancients of Daysˆ function, the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ functions. When the tribunal of nine arrives at a decision following its united deliberations, to all intents and purposes the Ancients of Daysˆ have spoken. And it is in this manner that the Paradiseˆ Rulers make personal contact, in administrative matters and governmental regulation, with the individual worlds, systems, and universesˆ.

19:3.6  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ are the perfectˆion of the divineˆ counsel of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. We represent, in fact are, the counsel of perfectˆion. When we are supplemented by the experientialˆ counsel of our associates, the perfected and  Trinityˆ-embracedˆ beings of evolutionaryˆ ascent, our combined conclusions are not only complete but replete. When our united counsel has been associated, adjudicated, confirmed, and promulgated by a Universal Censor, it is very probable that it approaches the threshold of universal totality. Such verdicts represent the nearest possible approach to the absoluteˆ attitude of Deityˆ within the time-space limits of the situation involved and the problem concerned.

19:3.7 Seven  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ in liaison with a trinitized evolutionaryˆ trio — a Mighty Messengerˆ, One High in Authority, and One without Name and Number — represent the nearest superuniverseˆ approach to the union of the human viewpoint and the divineˆ attitude on near-paradisiacal levels of spiritˆual meanings and reality values. Such close approximation of the united cosmic attitudes of the creature and the Creatorˆ is only surpassed in the Paradiseˆ bestowalˆ Sons, who are, in every phase of personalityˆ experience, Godˆ and man.

4. The Universal Censorsˆ

19:4.1 There are exactly eight billion Universal Censorsˆ in existence. These unique beings are the judgment of Deityˆ. They are not merely reflective of the decisions of perfectˆion; they are the judgment of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. Even the Ancients of Daysˆ do not sit in judgment except in association with the Universal Censorsˆ.

19:4.2 One Censor is commissioned on each of the billion worlds of the central universeˆˆ, being attached to the planetary administration of the resident Eternalˆ of Days. Neither Perfectors of Wisdomˆ nor  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ are thus permanently attached to the Havonaˆ administrations, nor do we altogether understand why Universal Censorsˆ are stationed in the central universeˆˆ. Their present activities hardly account for their assignment in Havonaˆ, and we therefore suspect that they are there in anticipation of the needs of some future universeˆ age in which the Havonaˆ population may partially change.

19:4.3 One billion Censors are assigned to each of the seven superuniversesˆ. Both in an individual capacity and in association with Perfectors of Wisdomˆ and  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, they operate throughout all divisions of the seven superuniversesˆ. Thus the Censors act on all levels of the grand universeˆˆ, from the perfectˆ worlds of Havonaˆ to the councils of the System Sovereigns, and they are an organic part of all dispensational adjudications of the evolutionaryˆ worlds.

19:4.4 Whenever and wherever a Universal Censor is present, then and there is the judgment of Deityˆ. And since the Censors always render their verdicts in liaison with Perfectors of Wisdomˆ and  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, such decisions embrace the united wisdom, counsel, and judgment of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. In this juridical trio the Perfector of Wisdom would be the “I was,” the Divineˆ Counselor the “I will be,” but the Universal Censor is always “I am.”

19:4.5 The Censors are universeˆ totaling personalities. When a thousand witnesses have given testimony — or a million — when the voice of wisdom has spoken and the counsel of divinityˆ has recorded, when the testimony of ascendantˆ perfectˆion has been added, then the Censor functions, and there is immediately revealed an unerring and divineˆ totaling of all that has transpired; and such a disclosure represents the divineˆ conclusion, the sum and substance of a final and perfectˆ decision. Therefore, when a Censor has spoken, no one else may speak, for the Censor has depicted the true and unmistakable total of all that has gone before. When he speaks, there is no appeal.

19:4.6 Most fully do I understand the operation of the mindˆ of a Perfector of Wisdom, but I certainly do not fully comprehend the working of the adjudicating mindˆ of a Universal Censor. It appears to me that the Censors formulate new meanings and originate new values from the association of the facts, truths, and findings presented to them in the course of an investigation of universeˆ affairs. It seems probable that the Universal Censorsˆ are able to bring forth original interpretations of the combination of perfectˆ Creatorˆ insight and the perfected creature experience. This association of Paradiseˆ perfectˆion and universeˆ experience undoubtedly eventuatesˆ a new value in  ultimatesˆˆ.

19:4.7 But this is not the end of our difficulties regarding the working of the minds of the Universal Censorsˆ. Having made due allowances for all that we know or conjecture about the functioning of a Censor in any given universeˆ situation, we find that we are still unable to predict decisions or to forecast verdicts. We very accurately determine the probable result of the association of Creatorˆ attitude and creature experience, but such conclusions are not always accurate forecasts of Censor disclosures. It seems likely that the Censors are in some manner in liaison with the  Deityˆ Absoluteˆˆ; we are otherwise unable to explain many of their decisions and rulings.

19:4.8 Perfectors of Wisdomˆ,  Divineˆ Counselorsˆ, and Universal Censorsˆ, together with the seven orders of Supremeˆ Trinityˆ Personalities, constitute those ten groups which have been sometimes designated  Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ. Together they comprise the grand corps of Trinityˆ administrators, rulers, executives, advisers, counselors, and judges. Their numbers slightly exceed thirty-seven billion. Two billion and seventy are stationed in the central universeˆˆ and just over five billion in each superuniverseˆ.

19:4.9 It is very difficult to portray the functional limits of the Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ. It would be incorrect to state that their acts are finiteˆ limited, for there are transactions of superuniverseˆ record which indicate otherwise. They act on any level of universeˆ administration or adjudication that may be required by time-space conditions and that pertains to the past, present, and future evolution of the master universeˆˆ.

5. Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ

19:5.1 I will be able to tell you very little concerning the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ, for they are one of the few wholly secret orders of beings in existence, secret, no doubt, because it is impossible for them fully to reveal themselves even to those of us whose origin is so near the source of their creation. They come into being by the act of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ and may be utilized by any one or two of the Deities as well as by all three. We do not know whether these Spiritsˆ are of completed numbers or are constantly increasing, but we incline to the belief that their number is not fixed.

19:5.2 We fully understand neither the nature nor the conduct of the Inspired Spiritsˆ. They may possibly belong to the category of  superpersonalˆ spiritsˆ. They seem to operate over all known circuitsˆ and appear to act well-nigh independently of time and spaceˆ. But we know little about them except as we deduce their character from the nature of their activities, the results of which we certainly observe here and there in the universesˆ.

19:5.3 Under certain conditions these Inspired Spiritsˆ can individualize themselves sufficiently for recognition by beings of Trinityˆ origin. I have seen them; but it would never be possible for the lower orders of celestialˆ beings to recognize one of them. Certain circumstances also arise from time to time in the conduct of the evolving universesˆ in which any being of Trinityˆ origin may directly employ these Spiritsˆ in the furtherance of his assignments. We therefore know that they exist, and that under certain conditions we may command and receive their assistance, sometimes recognize their presence. But they are not a part of the manifest and definitely revealed organization intrusted with the conduct of the time-space universesˆ before such material creations are settled in light and lifeˆ. They have no clearly discernible place in the present economy or administration of the evolving seven superuniversesˆ. They are a secret of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ.

19:5.4 The Melchizedeksˆ of Nebadonˆ teach that Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ are destined, sometime in the eternalˆ future, to function in the places of the Solitary Messengersˆ, whose ranks are slowly but certainly being depleted by their assignment as associates of certain types of trinitized sonsˆ.

19:5.5 The Inspired Spiritsˆ are the solitary Spiritsˆ of the  universeˆ of universesˆ. As Spiritsˆ they are very much like the Solitary Messengersˆ except that the latter are distinct personalities. We obtain much of our knowledge of the Inspired Spiritsˆ from the Solitary Messengersˆ, who detect their nearness by virtue of an inherent sensitivity to the presence of the Inspired Spiritsˆ which functions just as unfailingly as a magnetic needle points to a magnetic pole. When a Solitary Messenger is near an Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritˆ, he is conscious of a qualitative indication of such a divineˆ presence and also of a very definite quantitative registration which enables him actuallˆy to know the classification or number of the Spiritˆ presence or presences.

19:5.6 I may relate a further interesting fact: When a Solitary Messenger is on a planet whose inhabitants are indwelt by Thought Adjustersˆ, as on Urantiaˆ, he is aware of a qualitative excitation in his detection-sensitivity to spiritˆ presence. In such instances there is no quantitative excitation, only a qualitative agitation. When on a planet to which Adjustersˆ do not come, contact with the natives does not produce any such reaction. This suggests that Thought Adjustersˆ are in some manner related to, or are connected with, the Inspired Spiritsˆ of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. In some way they may possibly be associated in certain phases of their work; but we do not really know. They both originate near the center and source of all things, but they are not the same order of being. Thought Adjustersˆ spring from the Father alone; Inspired Spiritsˆ are the offspring of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ.

19:5.7 The Inspired Spiritsˆ do not apparently belong to the evolutionaryˆ scheme of the individual planets or universesˆ, and yet they seem to be almost everywhere. Even as I am engaged in the formulation of this statement, my associated Solitary Messenger’s personal sensitivity to the presence of this order of Spiritˆ indicates that there is with us at this very moment, not over twenty-five feet away, a Spiritˆ of the Inspired order and of the third volume of powerˆ presence. The third volume of powerˆ presence suggests to us the probability that three Inspired Spiritsˆ are functioning in liaison.

19:5.8 Of more than twelve orders of beings associated with me at this time, the Solitary Messenger is the only one aware of the presence of these mysterious entities of the Trinityˆ. And further, while we are thus apprised of the nearness of these divineˆ Spiritsˆ, we are all equally ignorant of their mission. We really do not know whether they are merely interested observers of our doings, or whether they are, in some manner unknown to us, actuallˆy contributing to the success of our undertaking.

19:5.9 We know that the  Trinityˆ Teacher Sonsˆ are devoted to the conscious enlightenment of universeˆ creatures. I have arrived at the settled conclusion that the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ, by superconscious techniques, are also functioning as teachers of the realms. I am persuaded that there is a vast body of essential spiritˆual knowledge, truth indispensable to high spiritˆual attainment, which cannot be consciously received; self-consciousness would effectively jeopardize the certainty of reception. If we are right in this concept, and my entire order of being shares it, it may be the mission of these Inspired Spiritsˆ to overcome this difficulty, to bridge this gap in the universal scheme of moralˆ enlightenment and spiritˆual advancement. We think that these two types of Trinityˆ-origin teachers effect some kind of liaison in their activities, but we do not really know.

19:5.10 On the superuniverseˆ training worldsˆ and on the eternalˆ circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ, I have fraternized with the perfectˆing mortalsˆspiritˆualized and ascendantˆ souls from the evolutionaryˆ realms — but never have they been aware of the Inspired Spiritsˆ, which ever and anon the powersˆ of detection resident in the Solitary Messengersˆ would indicate were very near us. I have freely conversed with all orders of the Sons of Godˆ, high and low, and they likewise are unconscious of the admonitions of the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ. They can and do look back in their experiences and recount happenings which are difficult to explain if the action of such Spiritsˆ is not taken into account. But excepting Solitary Messengersˆ, and sometimes  Trinityˆ-origin beingsˆ, none of the celestialˆ family have ever been conscious of the nearness of the Inspired Spiritsˆ.

19:5.11 I do not believe the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ are playing hide and seek with me. They are probably trying just as hard to disclose themselves to me as I am to communicate with them; our difficulties and limitations must be mutual and inherent. I am satisfied that there are no arbitrary secrets in the universeˆ; therefore will I never cease in my efforts to solve the mystery of the isolation of these Spiritsˆ belonging to my order of creation.

19:5.12 And from all this, you mortalsˆ, just now taking your first step on the eternalˆ journey, can well see that you must advance a long way before you will progress by “sight” and “material” assurance. You will long use faithˆ and be dependent on revelation if you hope to progress quickly and safely.

6.  Havonaˆ Nativesˆ

19:6.1 The  Havonaˆ nativesˆ are the direct creation of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ, and their number is beyond the concept of your circumscribed minds. Neither is it possible for Urantians to conceive of the inherent endowments of such divinelˆy perfectˆ creatures as these Trinityˆ-origin races of the eternalˆ universeˆ. You can never truly envisage these glorious creatures; you must await your arrival in Havonaˆ, when you can greet them as spiritˆ comrades.

19:6.2 During your long sojourn on the billion worlds of Havonaˆ culture you will develop an eternalˆ friendship for these superb beings. And how deep is that friendship which grows up between the lowest personal creature from the worlds of spaceˆ and these high personal beings native to the perfectˆ spheres of the central universe! Ascendingˆ mortalsˆ, in their long and loving association with the  Havonaˆ nativesˆ, do much to compensate for the spiritˆual impoverishment of the earlier stages of mortalˆ progression. At the same time, through their contacts with ascendingˆ pilgrimsˆ, the Havonersˆ gain an experience which to no small extent overcomes the experientialˆ handicap of having always lived a life of divineˆ perfectˆion. The good to both ascendingˆ mortalˆ and Havonaˆ native is great and mutual.

19:6.3  Havonaˆ nativesˆ, like all other Trinityˆ-origin personalities, are projected in divineˆ perfectˆion, and as with other Trinityˆ-origin personalities, the passing of time may add to their stores of experientialˆ endowments. But unlike the Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ, Havonersˆ may evolve in status, may have an unrevealed future eternityˆ-destiny. This is illustrated by those Havonersˆ who service-factualize capacity for fusionˆ with a non-Adjuster Father fragmentˆ and so qualify for membership in the  Mortalˆ Corps of the Finalityˆˆ. And there are other finaliterˆ corps open to these natives of the central universeˆˆ.

19:6.4 The status evolution of  Havonaˆ nativesˆ has occasioned much speculation on Uversaˆ. Since they are constantly filtering into the several  Paradiseˆ Corps of the Finalityˆˆ, and since no more are being created, it is apparent that the number of natives remaining in Havonaˆ is constantly diminishing. The ultimateˆ consequences of these transactions have never been revealed to us, but we do not believe that Havonaˆ will ever be entirely depleted of its natives. We have entertained the theory that Havonersˆ will possibly cease entering the finaliterˆ corps sometime during the ages of the successive creations of the outer spaceˆˆ levels. We have also entertained the thought that in these subsequent universeˆ ages the central universeˆˆ may be peopled by a mixed group of resident beings, a citizenship consisting only in part of the original  Havonaˆ nativesˆ. We do not know what order or type of creature may be thus destined to residential status in the future Havonaˆ, but we have thought of:

19:6.5 1. The univitatiaˆ, who are at present the permanent citizens of the local universeˆˆ constellationsˆ.

19:6.6 2. Future types of mortalsˆ who may be born on the inhabited spheres of the superuniversesˆ in the flowering of the ages of light and lifeˆ.

19:6.7 3. The incoming spiritˆual aristocracy of the successive outer universesˆ.

19:6.8 We know that the Havonaˆ of the previous universeˆ age was somewhat different from the Havonaˆ of the present age. We deem it no more than reasonable to assume that we are now witnessing those slow changes in the central universeˆˆ that are anticipatory of the ages to come. One thing is certain: The universeˆ is nonstatic; only Godˆ is changeless.

7.  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ

19:7.1 There are resident on Paradiseˆ numerous groups of superb beings, the  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ. They are not directly concerned with the scheme of perfectˆing ascendingˆ will creatures and are not, therefore, fully revealed to Urantiaˆ mortalsˆ. There are more than three thousand orders of these supernal intelligences, the last group having been personalized simultaneously with the mandate of the Trinityˆ which promulgated the creative plan of the seven superuniversesˆ of time and spaceˆ.

19:7.2  Paradiseˆ Citizensˆ and  Havonaˆ nativesˆ are sometimes designated collectively as  Paradiseˆ-Havona personalities.

19:7.3 This completes the story of those beings who are brought into existence by the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. None of them have ever gone astray. And yet, in the highest sense, they are all freewillˆ endowed.

19:7.4  Trinityˆ-origin beingsˆ possess prerogatives of transit which make them independent of transport personalities, such as seraphimˆ. We all possess the powerˆ of moving about freely and quickly in the  universeˆ of universesˆ. Excepting the Inspired Trinityˆ Spiritsˆ, we cannot attain the almost unbelievable velocity of the Solitary Messengersˆ, but we are able so to utilize the sum total of the transport facilities in spaceˆ that we can reach any point in a superuniverseˆ, from its headquarters, in less than one year of Urantiaˆ time. It required 109 days of your time for me to journey from Uversaˆ to Urantiaˆ.

19:7.5 Through these same avenues we are enabled to intercommunicate instantaneously. Our entire order of creation finds itself in touch with every individual embraced within every division of the children of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ save only the Inspired Spiritsˆ.

19:7.6 [Presented by a Divineˆ Counselor of Uversaˆ.]