Paper 13 : The Sacred Spheres of Paradiseˆ

13:0.1 BETWEEN the central Isle of Paradiseˆˆ and the innermost of the Havonaˆ planetary circuitsˆ there are situated in spaceˆ three lesser circuitsˆ of special spheres. The innermost circuitˆ consists of the seven secret spheres of the Universal Fatherˆ; the second group is composed of the seven luminous worlds of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ; in the outermost are the seven immense spheres of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, the executive-headquarters worlds of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ.

13:0.2 These three seven-world circuitsˆ of the Father, the Son, and the Spiritˆ are spheres of unexcelled grandeur and unimagined glory. Even their material or physical construction is of an order unrevealed to you. Each circuitˆ is diverse in material, and each world of each circuitˆ is different excepting the seven worlds of the Son, which are alike in physical constitution. All twenty-one are enormous spheres, and each group of seven is differently eternalˆized. As far as we know they have always been; like Paradiseˆ they are eternalˆ. There exists neither record nor tradition of their origin.

13:0.3 The seven secret spheres of the Universal Fatherˆ, circulating about Paradiseˆ in close proximity to the eternalˆ Isle, are highly reflective of the spiritˆual luminosity of the central shining of the eternalˆ Deities, shedding this light of divineˆ glory throughout Paradiseˆ and even upon the seven circuitsˆ of Havonaˆ.

13:0.4 On the seven sacred worlds of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ there appear to take origin the impersonal energies of spiritˆ luminosity. No personal being may sojourn on any of these seven shining realms. With spiritˆual glory they illuminate all Paradiseˆ and Havonaˆ, and they directionize pure spiritˆ luminosity to the seven superuniversesˆ. These brilliant spheres of the second circuitˆ likewise emit their light (light without heat) to Paradiseˆ and to the billion worlds of the seven-circuited central universeˆˆ.

13:0.5 The seven worlds of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ are occupied by the Seven Master Spiritsˆ, who preside over the destinies of the seven superuniversesˆ, sending forth the spiritˆual illumination of the Third Person of Deityˆ to these creations of time and spaceˆ. And all Havonaˆ, but not the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ, is bathed in these spiritˆualizing influences.

13:0.6 Although the worlds of the Father are ultimateˆ status spheres for all Father-endowed personalities, this is not their exclusive function. Many beings and entities other than personal sojourn on these worlds. Each world in the circuitˆ of the Father and the circuitˆ of the Spiritˆ has a distinct type of permanent citizenship, but we think the Son’s worlds are inhabited by uniform types of other-than-personal beings. Father fragmentsˆ are among the natives of Diviningtonˆ; the other orders of permanent citizenship are unrevealed to you.

13:0.7 The twenty-one Paradiseˆ satellites serve many purposes in both central and superuniversesˆ not disclosed in these narratives. You are able to understand so little of the life of these spheres that you cannot hope to gain anything like a consistent view of them, either as to nature or function; thousands of activities are there going on which are unrevealed to you. These twenty-one spheres embrace the potentials of the function of the master universeˆˆ. These papers afford only a fleeting glimpse of certain circumscribed activities pertaining to the present universeˆ age of the grand universeˆˆ — rather, one of the seven sectors of the grand universeˆˆ.

1. The Seven Sacred Worlds of the Father

13:1.1 The Father’s circuitˆ of sacred life spheres contains the only inherent personalityˆ secrets in the  universeˆ of universesˆ. These satellites of Paradiseˆ, the innermost of the three circuitsˆ, are the only forbidden domains concerned with personalityˆ in the central universeˆˆ. Nether Paradiseˆ and the worlds of the Son are likewise closed to personalities, but neither of those realms is in any way directly concerned with personalityˆ.

13:1.2 The Paradiseˆ worlds of the Father are directed by the highest order of the Stationary Sons of the Trinityˆˆ, the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacyˆˆ. Of these worlds I can tell little; of their manifold activities I may tell less. Such information concerns only those beings who function thereon and go forth therefrom. And though I am somewhat familiar with six of these special worlds, never have I landed on Diviningtonˆ; that world is wholly forbidden to me.

13:1.3 One of the reasons for the secrecy of these worlds is because each of these sacred spheres enjoys a specialized representation, or manifestation, of the Deities composing the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ; not a personalityˆ, but a unique presence of Divinityˆ which can only be appreciated and comprehended by those particular groups of intelligences resident on, or admissible to, that particular sphere. The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacyˆˆ are the personal agents of these specialized and impersonal presences of Divinityˆ. And the Secrets of Supremacyˆ are highly personal beings, superbly endowed and marvelously adapted to their exalted and exacting work.

13:1.4 1. DIVININGTONˆ. This world is, in a unique sense, the “bosom of the Father,” the personal-communion sphere of the Universal Fatherˆ, and thereon is a special manifestation of his divinityˆ. Diviningtonˆ is the Paradiseˆ rendezvous of the Thought Adjustersˆ, but it is also the home of numerous other entities, personalities, and other beings taking origin in the Universal Fatherˆ. Many personalities besides the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ are of direct origin by the solitary acts of the Universal Fatherˆ. Only the Father fragmentsˆ and those personalities and other beings of direct and exclusive origin in the Universal Fatherˆ fraternize and function on this abode.

13:1.5 The secrets of Diviningtonˆ include the secret of the bestowalˆ and mission of Thought Adjustersˆ. Their nature, origin, and the technique of their contact with the lowly creatures of the evolutionaryˆ worlds is a secret of this Paradiseˆ sphere. These amazing transactions do not personally concern the rest of us, and therefore do the Deities deem it proper to withhold certain features of this great and divineˆ ministry from our full understanding. In so far as we come in contact with this phase of divineˆ activity, we are permitted full knowledge of these transactions, but concerning the intimate details of this great bestowalˆ we are not fully informed.

13:1.6 This sphere also holds the secrets of the nature, purpose, and activities of all other forms of Father fragmentsˆ, of the  Gravityˆ Messengersˆ, and of hosts of other beings unrevealed to you. It is highly probable that those truths pertaining to Diviningtonˆ which are withheld from me, if revealed, would merely confuse and handicap me in my present work, and still again, perhaps they are beyond the conceptual capacity of my order of being.

13:1.7 2. SONARINGTONˆ. This sphere is the “bosom of the Son,” the personal receiving world of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ. It is the Paradiseˆ headquarters of the descending and ascendingˆ Sons of Godˆ when, and after, they are fully accredited and finally approved. This world is the Paradiseˆ home for all Sons of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ and of his co-ordinate and associate Sons. There are numerous orders of divineˆ sonshipˆ attached to this supernal abode which have not been revealed to mortalsˆ since they are not concerned with the plans of the ascensionˆ scheme of human spiritˆual progression through the universesˆ and on to Paradiseˆ.

13:1.8 The secrets of Sonaringtonˆ include the secret of the incarnationˆ of the divineˆ Sons. When a Son of Godˆ becomes a Son of Manˆ, is literally born of woman, as occurred on your world nineteen hundred years ago, it is a universal mystery. It is occurring right along throughout the universesˆ, and it is a Sonaringtonˆ secret of divineˆ sonshipˆ. The Adjustersˆ are a mystery of  Godˆ the Fatherˆ. The incarnationˆ of the divineˆ Sons is a mystery of  Godˆ the Sonˆ; it is a secret locked up in the seventh sector of Sonaringtonˆ, a realm penetrated by none save those who have personally passed through this unique experience. Only those phases of incarnationˆ having to do with your ascensionˆ career have been brought to your notice. There are many other phases of the mystery of the incarnationˆ of the Paradiseˆ Sons of unrevealed types on missions of universeˆ service which are undisclosed to you. And there are still other Sonaringtonˆ mysteries.

13:1.9 3. SPIRITINGTONˆ. This world is the “bosom of the Spiritˆ,” the Paradiseˆ home of the high beings that exclusively represent the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. Here forgather the Seven Master Spiritsˆ and certain of their offspring from all universesˆ. At this celestialˆ abode may also be found numerous unrevealed orders of  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ, beings assigned to the manifold activities of the universeˆ not associated with the plans of upstepping the mortalˆ creatures of time to the Paradiseˆ levels of eternityˆ.

13:1.10 The secrets of Spiritˆington involve the impenetrable mysteries of reflectivityˆ. We tell you of the vast and universal phenomenon of reflectivityˆ, more particularly as it is operative on the headquarters worlds of the seven superuniversesˆ, but we never fully explain this phenomenon, for we do not fully understand it. Much, very much, we do comprehend, but many basic details are still mysterious to us. Reflectivityˆ is a secret of  Godˆ the Spiritˆˆ. You have been instructed concerning reflectivityˆ functions in relation to the ascensionˆ scheme of mortalˆ survival, and it does so operate, but reflectivityˆ is also an indispensable feature of the normal working of numerous other phases of universeˆ occupation. This endowment of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ is also utilized in channels other than those of intelligence gathering and information dissemination. And there are other secrets of Spiritˆington.

13:1.11 4. VICEGERINGTONˆ. This planet is the “bosom of the Father and the Son” and is the secret sphere of certain unrevealed beings who take origin by the acts of the Father and the Son. This is also the Paradiseˆ home of many glorifiedˆ beings of complex ancestry, those whose origin is complicated because of the many diverse techniques operative in the seven superuniversesˆ. Many groups of beings forgather on this world whose identity has not been revealed to Urantiaˆ mortalsˆ.

13:1.12 The secrets of Vicegeringtonˆ include the secrets of trinitization, and trinitization constitutes the secret of authority to represent the Trinityˆ, to act as vicegerentsˆ of the Gods. Authority to represent the Trinityˆ attaches only to those beings, revealed and unrevealed, who are trinitized, created, eventuated, or eternalˆized by any two or all three of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. Personalities brought into being by the trinitizingˆ acts of certain types of glorifiedˆ creatures represent no more than the conceptual potential mobilized in that trinitization, albeit such creatures may ascend the path of Deityˆ embrace open to all of their kind.

13:1.13 Nontrinitized beings do not fully understand the technique of trinitization by either two or three Creatorsˆ or by certain creatures. You will never fully understand such a phenomenon unless, in the far-distant future of your glorifiedˆ career, you should essay and succeed in such an adventure, because otherwise these secrets of Vicegeringtonˆ will always be forbidden you. But to me, a high Trinityˆ-origin being, all sectors of Vicegeringtonˆ are open. I fully understand, and just as fully and sacredly protect, the secret of my origin and destinyˆ.

13:1.14 There are still other forms and phases of trinitization which have not been brought to the notice of the Urantiaˆ peoples, and these experiences, in their personal aspects, are duly protected in the secret sector of Vicegeringtonˆ.

13:1.15 5. SOLITARINGTONˆ. This world is the “bosom of the Father and the Spirit” and is the rendezvous of a magnificent host of unrevealed beings of origin in the conjoint acts of the Universal Fatherˆ and the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, beings who partake of the traits of the Father in addition to their Spiritˆ inheritance.

13:1.16 This is also the home of the Solitary Messengersˆ and of other personalities of the superangelˆic orders. You know of very few of these beings; there are vast numbers of orders unrevealed on Urantiaˆ. Because they are domiciled on the fifth world, it does not necessarily follow that the Father had aught to do with the creation of Solitary Messengersˆ or their superangelˆic associates, but in this universeˆ age he does have to do with their function. During the present universeˆ age this is also the status sphere of the   Universeˆ Powerˆˆ Directorsˆ.

13:1.17 There are numerous additional orders of  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ, beings unknown to mortalˆ man, who look upon Solitaringtonˆ as their Paradiseˆ home sphere. It should be remembered that all divisions and levels of universeˆ activities are just as fully provided with spiritˆ ministers as is the realm concerned with helping mortalˆ man ascend to his divineˆ Paradiseˆ destinyˆ.

13:1.18 The secrets of Solitaringtonˆ. Besides certain secrets of trinitization, this world holds the secrets of the personal relation of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ with certain of the higher offspring of the Third Source and Centerˆ. On Solitaringtonˆ are held the mysteries of the intimate association of numerous unrevealed orders with the spiritsˆ of the Father, of the Son, and of the Spiritˆ, with the threefoldˆ spiritˆ of the Trinityˆ, and with the spiritsˆ of the Supremeˆ, the Ultimateˆ, and the  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ.

13:1.19 6. SERAPHINGTONˆ. This sphere is the “bosom of the Son and the Spirit” and is the home world of the vast hosts of unrevealed beings created by the Son and the Spiritˆ. This is also the destinyˆ sphere of all ministering orders of the angelˆic hosts, including supernaphimˆ, seconaphimˆ, and seraphimˆ. There also serve in the central and outlying universesˆ many orders of superb spiritsˆ who are not “ministering spiritsˆ to those who shall be heirs of salvation.” All these spiritˆ workers in all levels and realms of universeˆ activities look upon Seraphingtonˆ as their Paradiseˆ home.

13:1.20 The secrets of Seraphingtonˆ involve a threefoldˆ mystery, only one of which I may mention — the mystery of seraphicˆ transport. The ability of various orders of seraphimˆ and allied spiritˆ beings to envelop within their spiritˆ forms all orders of nonmaterial personalities and to carry them away on lengthy interplanetary journeys, is a secret locked up in the sacred sectors of Seraphingtonˆ. The transport seraphimˆ comprehend this mystery, but they do not communicate it to the rest of us, or perhaps they cannot. The other mysteries of Seraphingtonˆ pertain to the personal experiences of types of spiritˆ servers as yet not revealed to mortalsˆ. And we refrain from discussing the secrets of such closely related beings because you can almost comprehend such near orders of existence, and it would be akin to betrayal of trust to present even our partial knowledge of such phenomena.

13:1.21 7. ASCENDINGTONˆ. This unique world is the “bosom of the Father, Son, and Spiritˆ,” the rendezvous of the ascendantˆ creatures of spaceˆ, the receiving sphere of the pilgrimsˆ of time who are passing through the Havonaˆ universeˆ on their way to Paradiseˆ. Ascendingtonˆ is the actualˆ Paradiseˆ home of the ascendantˆ souls of time and spaceˆ until they attain Paradiseˆ status. You mortalsˆ will spend most of your Havonaˆ “vacations” on Ascendingtonˆ. During your Havonaˆ life Ascendingtonˆ will be to you what the reversion directorsˆ were during the local and superuniverseˆ ascensionˆ. Here you will engage in thousands of activities which are beyond the grasp of mortalˆ imagination. And as on every previous advance in the Godwardˆ ascent, your human self will here enter into new relationships with your divineˆ self.

13:1.22 The secrets of Ascendingtonˆ include the mystery of the gradual and certain building up in the material and mortalˆ mindˆ of a spiritˆual and potentially immortal counterpart of character and identity. This phenomenon constitutes one of the most perplexing mysteries of the universesˆ — the evolution of an immortal soulˆ within the mindˆ of a mortalˆ and material creature.

13:1.23 You will never fully understand this mysterious transaction until you reach Ascendingtonˆ. And that is just why all Ascendingtonˆ will be open to your wondering gaze. One seventh of Ascendingtonˆ is forbidden to me — that sector concerned with this very secret which is (or will be) the exclusive experience and possession of your type of being. This experience belongs to your human order of existence. My order of personalityˆ is not directly concerned with such transactions. It is therefore forbidden to me and eventually revealed to you. But even after it is revealed to you, for some reason it forever remains your secret. You do not reveal it to us nor to any other order of beings. We know about the eternalˆ fusionˆ of a divineˆ Adjusterˆ and an immortal soulˆ of human origin, but the ascendantˆ finalitersˆ know this very experience as an absoluteˆ reality.

2. Father-World Relationships

13:2.1 These home worlds of the diverse orders of spiritˆual beings are tremendous and stupendous spheres, and they are equal to Paradiseˆ in their matchless beauty and superb glory. They are rendezvous worlds, reunion spheres, serving as permanent cosmic addresses. As finalitersˆ you will be domiciled on Paradiseˆ, but Ascendingtonˆ will be your home address at all times, even when you enter service in outer spaceˆˆ. Through all eternityˆ you will regard Ascendingtonˆ as your home of sentimental memories and reminiscent recollections. When you become seventh-stage spiritˆ beings, possibly you will give up your residential status on Paradiseˆ.

13:2.2 If outer universesˆ are in the making, if they are to be inhabited by time creatures of ascensionˆ potential, then we infer that these children of the future will also be destined to look upon Ascendingtonˆ as their Paradiseˆ home world.

13:2.3 Ascendingtonˆ is the only sacred sphere that will be unreservedly open to your inspection as a Paradiseˆ arrival. Vicegeringtonˆ is the only sacred sphere that is wholly and unreservedly open to my scrutiny. Though its secrets are concerned in my origin, in this universeˆ age I do not regard Vicegeringtonˆ as my home.  Trinityˆ-origin beingsˆ and trinitized beingsˆ are not the same.

13:2.4 The  Trinityˆ-origin beingsˆ do not fully share the Father’s worlds; they have their sole homes on the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ in close proximity to the Most Holyˆ Sphere. They often appear on Ascendingtonˆ, the “bosom of the Father-Son-Spirit,” where they fraternize with their brethren who have come up from the lowly worlds of spaceˆ.

13:2.5 You might assume that  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ, being of Father-Son origin, would regard Vicegeringtonˆ as their home, but such is not the case in this universeˆ age of the function of  Godˆ the Sevenfoldˆˆ. And there are many similar problems that will perplex you, for you are sure to encounter many difficulties as you attempt to understand these things which are so near Paradiseˆ. Nor can you successfully reason out these questions; you know so little. And if you knew more about the Father’s worlds, you would simply encounter more difficulties until you knew all about them. Status on any of these secret worlds is acquired by service as well as by nature of origin, and the successive universeˆ ages may and do redistribute certain of these personalityˆ groupings.

13:2.6 The worlds of the inner circuitˆ are really fraternal or status worlds more than actualˆ residential spheres. Mortalsˆ will attain some status on each of the Father’s worlds save one. For example: When you mortalsˆ attain Havonaˆ, you are granted clearance for Ascendingtonˆ, where you are most welcome, but you are not permitted to visit the other six sacred worlds. Subsequent to your passage through the Paradiseˆ regime and after your admission to the Corps of the Finalityˆ, you are granted clearance for Sonaringtonˆ since you are sons of Godˆ as well as ascendersˆ — and you are even more. But there will always remain one seventh of Sonaringtonˆ, the sector of the incarnationˆ secrets of the divineˆ Sons, which will not be open to your scrutiny. Never will those secrets be revealed to the ascendantˆ sons of Godˆ.

13:2.7 Eventually you will have full access to Ascendingtonˆ and relative access to the other spheres of the Father except Diviningtonˆ. But even when you are granted permission to land on five additional secret spheres, after you have become a finaliterˆ, you will not be allowed to visit all sectors of such worlds. Nor will you be permitted to land on the shores of Diviningtonˆ, the “bosom of the Father,” though you shall surely stand repeatedly at the “right hand of the Father.” Never throughout all eternityˆ will there arise any necessity for your presence on the world of the Thought Adjustersˆ.

13:2.8 These rendezvous worlds of spiritˆ life are forbidden ground to the extent that we are asked not to negotiate entrance to those phases of these spheres which are wholly outside our realms of experience. You may become creature perfectˆ even as the Universal Fatherˆ is deityˆ perfectˆ, but you may not know all the experientialˆ secrets of all other orders of universeˆ personalities. When the Creatorˆ has an experientialˆ personalityˆ secret with his creature, the Creatorˆ preserves that secret in eternalˆ confidence.

13:2.9 All these secrets are supposedly known to the collective body of the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacyˆˆ. These beings are fully known only by their special world groups; they are little comprehended by other orders. After you attain Paradiseˆ, you will know and ardently love the ten Secrets of Supremacyˆ who direct Ascendingtonˆ. Excepting Diviningtonˆ, you will also achieve a partial understanding of the Secrets of Supremacyˆ on the other worlds of the Father, though not so perfectlˆy as on Ascendingtonˆ.

13:2.10 The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacyˆˆ, as their name might suggest, are related to the Supremeˆ; they are likewise related to the Ultimateˆ and to the future  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ. These Secrets of Supremacyˆ are the secrets of the Supremeˆ and also the secrets of the Ultimateˆ, even the secrets of the  Supremeˆ-Ultimateˆ.

3. The Sacred Worlds of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ

13:3.1 The seven luminous spheres of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ are the worlds of the seven phases of pure-spirit existence. These shining orbs are the source of the threefoldˆ light of Paradiseˆ and Havonaˆ, their influence being largely, but not wholly, confined to the central universeˆˆ.

13:3.2 Personalityˆ is not present on these Paradiseˆ satellites; therefore is there little concerning these pure-spirit abodes which can be presented to the mortalˆ and material personalityˆ. We are taught that these worlds teem with the otherwise-than-personal life of the beings of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ. We infer that these entities are being assembled for ministry in the projected new universesˆ of outer spaceˆˆ. The Paradiseˆ philosophers maintain that each Paradiseˆ cycle, about two billion years of Urantiaˆ time, witnesses the creation of additional reserves of these orders on the secret worlds of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ.

13:3.3 As far as I am informed, no personalityˆ has ever been on any one of these spheres of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ. I have never been assigned to visit one of these worlds in all my long experience in and out of Paradiseˆ. Even the personalities cocreated by the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ do not go to these worlds. We infer that all types of impersonal spiritsˆ — regardless of parentage — are admitted to these spiritˆ homes. As I am a person and have a spiritˆ form, no doubt such a world would seem empty and deserted even if I were permitted to pay it a visit. High  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ are not given to the gratification of purposeless curiosity, purely useless adventure. There is at all times altogether too much intriguing and purposeful adventure to permit the development of any great interest in those projects which are either futile or unreal.

4. The Worlds of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ

13:4.1 Between the inner circuitˆ of Havonaˆ and the shining spheres of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ there circle the seven orbs of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, worlds inhabited by the offspring of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, by the trinitized sonsˆ of glorifiedˆ created personalities, and by other types of unrevealed beings concerned with the effective administration of the many enterprises of the various realms of universeˆ activities.

13:4.2 The Seven Master Spiritsˆ are the supremeˆ and ultimateˆ representatives of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. They maintain their personal stations, their powerˆ focuses, on the periphery of Paradiseˆ, but all operations concerned with their management and direction of the grand universeˆˆ are conducted on and from these seven special executive spheres of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ. The Seven Master Spiritsˆ are, in reality, the mind-spirit balance wheel of the  universeˆ of universesˆ, an all-embracing, all-encompassing, and all-co-ordinating powerˆ of central location.

13:4.3 From these seven special spheres the Master Spiritsˆ operate to equalize and stabilize the cosmic-mindˆ circuitsˆ of the grand universeˆˆ. They also have to do with the differential spiritˆual attitude and presence of the Deities throughout the grand universeˆˆ. Physical reactions are uniform, unvarying, and always instantaneous and automatic. But experientialˆ spiritˆual presence is in accordance with the underlying conditions or states of spiritˆual receptivity inherent in the individual minds of the realms.

13:4.4 Physical authority, presence, and function are unvarying in all the universesˆ, small or great. The differing factor in spiritˆual presence, or reaction, is the fluctuating differential in its recognition and reception by will creatures. Whereas the spiritˆual presence of absoluteˆ and existentialˆ Deityˆ is in no manner whatever influenced by attitudes of loyalty or disloyalty on the part of created beings, at the same time it is true that the functioning presence of subabsoluteˆ and experientialˆ Deityˆ is definitely and directly influenced by the decisions, choices, and will-attitudes of such finiteˆ creature beings — by the loyalty and devotion of the individual being, planet, system, constellationˆ, or universeˆ. But this spiritˆual presence of divinityˆ is not whimsical nor arbitrary; its experientialˆ variance is inherent in the freewillˆ endowment of personal creatures.

13:4.5 The determiner of the differential of spiritˆual presence exists in your own hearts and minds and consists in the manner of your own choosing, in the decisions of your minds, and in the determination of your own wills. This differential is inherent in the freewillˆ reactions of intelligent personal beings, beings whom the Universal Fatherˆ has ordained shall exercise this liberty of choosing. And the Deities are ever true to the ebb and flow of their spiritsˆ in meeting and satisfying the conditions and demands of this differential of creature choice, now bestowing more of their presence in response to a sincere desire for the same and again withdrawing themselves from the scene as their creatures decide adversely in the exercise of their divinelˆy bestowed freedom of choice. And thus does the spiritˆ of divinityˆ become humbly obedient to the choosing of the creatures of the realms.

13:4.6 The executive abodes of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ are, in reality, the Paradiseˆ headquarters of the seven superuniversesˆ and their correlated segments in outer spaceˆˆ. Each Master Spiritˆ presides over one superuniverseˆ, and each of these seven worlds is exclusively assigned to one of the Master Spiritsˆ. There is literally no phase of the sub-Paradiseˆ administration of the seven superuniversesˆ which is not provided for on these executive worlds. They are not so exclusive as the spheres of the Father or those of the Son, and though residential status is limited to native beings and those who work thereon, these seven administrative planets are always open to all beings who desire to visit them, and who can command the necessary means of transit.

13:4.7 To me, these executive worlds are the most interesting and intriguing spots outside of Paradiseˆ. In no other place in the wide universeˆ can one observe such varied activities, involving so many different orders of living beings, having to do with operations on so many diverse levels, occupations at once material, intellectual, and spiritˆual. When I am accorded a period of release from assignment, if I chance to be on Paradiseˆ or in Havonaˆ, I usually proceed to one of these busy worlds of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ, there to inspire my mindˆ with such spectacles of enterprise, devotion, loyalty, wisdom, and effectiveness. Nowhere else can I observe such an amazing interassociation of personalityˆ performances on all seven levels of universeˆ reality. And I am always stimulated by the activities of those who well know how to do their work, and who so thoroughly enjoy doing it.

13:4.8 [Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom commissioned thus to function by the Ancients of Daysˆ on Uversaˆ.]