Paper 9 : Relation of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to the Universeˆ

9:0.1 A STRANGE thing occurred when, in the presence of Paradiseˆ, the Universal Fatherˆ and the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ unite to personalize themselves. Nothing in this eternityˆ situation foreshadows that the Conjoint Actorˆ would personalize as an unlimited spiritˆuality co-ordinated with absoluteˆ mindˆ and endowed with unique prerogatives of energyˆ manipulation. His coming into being completes the Father’s liberation from the bonds of centralized perfectˆion and from the fetters of personalityˆ absolutism. And this liberation is disclosed in the amazing powerˆ of the Conjoint Creatorˆ to create beings well adapted to serve as ministering spiritsˆ even to the material creatures of the subsequently evolving universesˆ.

9:0.2 The Father is infinite in love and volition, in spiritˆual thought and purpose; he is the universal upholder. The Son is infinite in wisdom and truth, in spiritˆual expression and interpretation; he is the universal revealer. Paradiseˆ is infinite in potential for forceˆ endowment and in capacity for energyˆ dominance; it is the universal stabilizer. The Conjoint Actorˆ possesses unique prerogatives of synthesis, infinite capacity to co-ordinate all existing universeˆ energies, all actualˆ universeˆ spiritsˆ, and all real universeˆ intellects; the Third Source and Centerˆ is the universal unifier of the manifold energies and diverse creations which have appeared in consequence of the divineˆ plan and the eternalˆ purpose of the Universal Fatherˆ.

9:0.3 The Infinite Spiritˆˆ, the Conjoint Creatorˆ, is a universal and divineˆ minister. The Spiritˆ unceasingly ministers the Son’s mercy and the Father’s love, even in harmony with the stable, unvarying, and righteous justice of the Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ. His influence and personalities are ever near you; they really know and truly understand you.

9:0.4 Throughout the universesˆ the agencies of the Conjoint Actorˆ ceaselessly manipulate the forcesˆ and energies of all spaceˆ. Like the First Source and Centerˆ, the Third is responsive to both the spiritˆual and the material. The Conjoint Actorˆ is the revelation of the unity of Godˆ, in whom all things consist — things, meanings, and values; energies, minds, and spiritsˆ.

9:0.5 The Infinite Spiritˆˆ pervades all spaceˆ; he indwellsˆ the circle of eternityˆˆ; and the Spiritˆ, like the Father and the Son, is perfectˆ and changeless — absoluteˆ.

1. Attributes of the Third Source and Centerˆ

9:1.1 The Third Source and Centerˆ is known by many names, all designative of relationship and in recognition of function: As  Godˆ the Spiritˆˆ, he is the personalityˆ co-ordinate and divineˆ equal of  Godˆ the Sonˆ and  Godˆ the Fatherˆ. As the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, he is an omnipresent spiritˆual influence. As the Universal Manipulatorˆ, he is the ancestor of the powerˆ-control creatures and the activator of the cosmic forcesˆ of spaceˆ. As the Conjoint Actorˆ, he is the joint representative and partnership executive of the Father-Son. As the Absoluteˆ Mindˆ, he is the source of the endowment of intellect throughout the universesˆ. As the Godˆ of Action, he is the apparent ancestor of motion, change, and relationship.

9:1.2 Some of the attributes of the Third Source and Centerˆ are derived from the Father, some from the Son, while still others are not observed to be actively and personally present in either the Father or the Son — attributes that can hardly be explained except by assuming that the Father-Son partnership which eternalˆizes the Third Source and Centerˆ consistently functions in consonance with, and in recognition of, the eternalˆ fact of the absoluteness of Paradiseˆ. The Conjoint Creatorˆ embodies the fullness of the combined and infinite concepts of the First and Second Persons of Deityˆ.

9:1.3 While you envisage the Father as an original creatorˆ and the Son as a spiritˆual administrator, you should think of the Third Source and Centerˆ as a universal co-ordinator, a minister of unlimited co-operation. The Conjoint Actorˆ is the correlator of all actualˆ reality; he is the Deityˆ repository of the Father’s thought and the Son’s word and in action is eternallˆy regardful of the material absoluteness of the central Isle. The Paradiseˆ Trinityˆ has ordained the universal order of progress, and the providenceˆ of Godˆ is the domain of the Conjoint Creatorˆ and the evolving  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. No actualˆ or actualˆizing reality can escape eventual relationship with the Third Source and Centerˆ.

9:1.4 The Universal Fatherˆ presides over the realms of pre-energy, prespirit, and personalityˆ; the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ dominates the spheres of spiritˆual activities; the presence of the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ unifies the domain of physical energyˆˆ and materializing powerˆ; the Conjoint Actorˆ operates not only as an infinite spiritˆˆ representing the Son but also as a universal manipulatorˆ of the forcesˆ and energies of Paradiseˆ, thus bringing into existence the universal and absoluteˆ mindˆ. The Conjoint Actorˆ functions throughout the grand universeˆˆ as a positive and distinct personalityˆ, especially in the higher spheres of spiritˆual values, physical-energy relationships, and true mindˆ meanings. He functions specifically wherever and whenever energyˆ and spiritˆ associate and interact; he dominates all reactions with mindˆ, wields great powerˆ in the spiritˆual world, and exerts a mighty influence over energyˆ and matter. At all times the Third Source is expressive of the nature of the First Source and Centerˆ.

9:1.5 The Third Source and Centerˆ perfectlˆy and without qualification shares the omnipresenceˆ of the First Source and Centerˆ, sometimes being called the Omnipresent Spiritˆ. In a peculiar and very personal manner the Godˆ of mindˆ shares the omniscienceˆ of the Universal Fatherˆ and his  Eternalˆ Sonˆ; the knowledge of the Spiritˆ is profound and complete. The Conjoint Creatorˆ manifests certain phases of the omnipotenceˆ of the Universal Fatherˆ but is actuallˆy omnipotentˆ only in the domain of mindˆ. The Third Person of Deityˆ is the intellectual center and the universal administrator of the mindˆ realms; herein is he absoluteˆ — his sovereignty is unqualified.

9:1.6 The Conjoint Actorˆ seems to be motivated by the Father-Son partnership, but all his actions appear to recognize the Father-Paradise relationship. At times and in certain functions he seems to compensate for the incompleteness of the development of the experientialˆ Deities —  Godˆ the Supremeˆˆ and Godˆ the Ultimateˆ.

9:1.7 And herein is an infinite mystery: That the Infinite simultaneously revealed his infinity in the Son and as Paradiseˆ, and then there springs into existence a being equal to Godˆ in divinityˆ, reflective of the Son’s spiritˆual nature, and capable of activating the Paradiseˆ patternˆ, a being provisionally subordinate in sovereignty but in many ways apparently the most versatile in action. And such apparent superiority in action is disclosed in an attribute of the Third Source and Centerˆ which is superior even to physical gravityˆˆ — the universal manifestation of the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ.

9:1.8 In addition to this supercontrol of energyˆ and things physical, the Infinite Spiritˆˆ is superbly endowed with those attributes of patience, mercy, and love which are so exquisitely revealed in his spiritˆual ministry. The Spiritˆ is supremelˆy competent to minister love and to overshadow justice with mercy.  Godˆ the Spiritˆˆ possesses all the supernal kindness and merciful affection of the Original and  Eternalˆ Sonˆ. The universeˆ of your origin is being forged out between the anvil of justice and the hammer of suffering; but those who wield the hammer are the children of mercy, the spiritˆ offspring of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ.

2. The Omnipresent Spiritˆ

9:2.1 Godˆ is spiritˆ in a threefoldˆ sense: He himself is spiritˆ; in his Son he appears as spiritˆ without qualification; in the Conjoint Actorˆ, as spiritˆ allied with mindˆ. And in addition to these spiritˆual realities, we think we discern levels of experientialˆ spiritˆ phenomena — the spiritsˆ of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, Ultimateˆ Deityˆ, and  Deityˆ Absoluteˆˆ.

9:2.2 The Infinite Spiritˆˆ is just as much a complement of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ as the Son is a complement of the Universal Fatherˆ. The  Eternalˆ Sonˆ is a spiritˆualized personalization of the Father; the Infinite Spiritˆˆ is a personalized spiritˆualization of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ and the Universal Fatherˆ.

9:2.3 There are many untrammeled lines of spiritˆual forceˆ and sources of supermaterial powerˆ linking the people of Urantiaˆ directly with the Deities of Paradiseˆ. There exist the connection of the Thought Adjustersˆ direct with the Universal Fatherˆ, the widespread influence of the spiritˆual-gravity urge of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ, and the spiritˆual presence of the Conjoint Creatorˆ. There is a difference in function between the spiritˆ of the Son and the spiritˆ of the Spiritˆ. The Third Person in his spiritˆual ministry may function as mindˆ plus spiritˆ or as spiritˆ alone.

9:2.4 In addition to these Paradiseˆ presences, Urantians benefit by the spiritˆual influences and activities of the local and the superuniverseˆ, with their almost endless array of loving personalities who ever lead the true of purpose and the honest of heart upward and inward towards the ideals of divinityˆ and the goal of supremeˆ perfectˆion.

9:2.5 The presence of the universal spiritˆ of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ we know — we can unmistakably recognize it. The presence of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, the Third Person of Deityˆ, even mortalˆ man may know, for material creatures can actuallˆy experience the beneficence of this divineˆ influence which functions as the  Holyˆ Spiritˆˆ of local universeˆˆ bestowalˆ upon the races of mankind. Human beings can also in some degree become conscious of the Adjusterˆ, the impersonal presence of the Universal Fatherˆ. These divineˆ spiritsˆ which work for man’s uplifting and spiritˆualization all act in unison and in perfectˆ co-operation. They are as one in the spiritˆual operation of the plans of mortalˆ ascensionˆ and perfectˆion attainment.

3. The Universal Manipulatorˆ

9:3.1 The Isle of Paradiseˆˆ is the source and substance of physical gravityˆˆ; and that should be sufficient to inform you that gravityˆ is one of the most real and eternallˆy dependable things in the whole physical  universeˆ of universesˆ. Gravityˆ cannot be modified or annulled except by the forcesˆ and energies conjointly sponsored by the Father and the Son, which have been intrusted to, and are functionally associated with, the person of the Third Source and Centerˆ.

9:3.2 The Infinite Spiritˆˆ possesses a unique and amazing powerˆ antigravityˆ. This powerˆ is not functionally (observably) present in either the Father or the Son. This ability to withstand the pull of material gravityˆ, inherent in the Third Source, is revealed in the personal reactions of the Conjoint Actorˆ to certain phases of universeˆ relationships. And this unique attribute is transmissible to certain of the higher personalities of the Infinite Spiritˆˆˆ.

9:3.3 Antigravityˆ can annul gravityˆ within a local frame; it does so by the exercise of equal forceˆ presence. It operates only with reference to material gravityˆ, and it is not the action of mindˆ. The gravityˆ-resistant phenomenon of a gyroscope is a fair illustration of the effect of antigravityˆ but of no value to illustrate the cause of antigravityˆ.

9:3.4 Still further does the Conjoint Actorˆ display powersˆ which can transcend forceˆ and neutralize energyˆ. Such powersˆ operate by slowing down energyˆ to the point of materialization and by other techniques unknown to you.

9:3.5 The Conjoint Creatorˆ is not energyˆ nor the source of energyˆ nor the destinyˆ of energyˆ; he is the manipulator of energyˆ. The Conjoint Creatorˆ is action — motion, change, modification, co-ordination, stabilization, and equilibrium. The energies subject to the direct or indirect control of Paradiseˆ are by nature responsive to the acts of the Third Source and Centerˆ and his manifold agencies.

9:3.6 The  universeˆ of universesˆ is permeated by the powerˆ-control creatures of the Third Source and Center: physical controllers, powerˆ directors, powerˆ centers, and other representatives of the Godˆ of Action who have to do with the regulation and stabilization of physical energies. These unique creatures of physical function all possess varying attributes of powerˆ control, such as antigravityˆ, which they utilize in their efforts to establish the physical equilibrium of the matter and energies of the grand universeˆˆ.

9:3.7 All these material activities of the Godˆ of Action appear to relate his function to the Isle of Paradiseˆˆ, and indeed the agencies of powerˆ are all regardful of, even dependent on, the absoluteness of the eternalˆ Isle. But the Conjoint Actorˆ does not act for, or in response to, Paradiseˆ. He acts, personally, for the Father and the Son. Paradiseˆ is not a person. The nonpersonal, impersonal, and otherwise not personal doings of the Third Source and Centerˆ are all volitionalˆ acts of the Conjoint Actorˆ himself; they are not reflections, derivations, or repercussions of anything or anybody.

9:3.8 Paradiseˆ is the patternˆ of infinity; the Godˆ of Action is the activator of that patternˆ. Paradiseˆ is the material fulcrum of infinity; the agencies of the Third Source and Centerˆ are the levers of intelligence which motivate the material level and inject spontaneity into the mechanism of the physical creation.

4. The Absoluteˆ Mindˆ

9:4.1 There is an intellectual nature of the Third Source and Centerˆ that is distinct from his physical and spiritˆual attributes. Such a nature is hardly contactable, but it is associable — intellectually though not personally. It is distinguishable from the physical attributes and the spiritˆual character of the Third Person on mindˆ levels of function, but to the discernment of personalities this nature never functions independently of physical or spiritˆual manifestations.

9:4.2 The absoluteˆ mindˆ is the mindˆ of the Third Person; it is inseparable from the personalityˆ of  Godˆ the Spiritˆˆ. Mindˆ, in functioning beings, is not separated from energyˆ or spiritˆ, or both. Mindˆ is not inherent in energyˆ; energyˆ is receptive and responsive to mind; mindˆ can be superimposed upon energyˆ, but consciousness is not inherent in the purely material level. Mindˆ does not have to be added to pure spiritˆ, for spiritˆ is innately conscious and identifying. Spiritˆ is always intelligent, minded in some way. It may be this mindˆ or that mindˆ, it may be premind or supermind, even spiritˆ mindˆ, but it does the equivalent of thinking and knowing. The insight of spiritˆ transcends, supervenes, and theoretically antedates the consciousness of mindˆ.

9:4.3 The Conjoint Creatorˆ is absoluteˆ only in the domain of mindˆ, in the realms of universal intelligence. The mindˆ of the Third Source and Centerˆ is infinite; it utterly transcends the active and functioning  mindˆ circuitsˆ of the  universeˆ of universesˆ. The mindˆ endowment of the seven superuniversesˆ is derived from the Seven Master Spiritsˆ, the primary personalities of the Conjoint Creatorˆ. These Master Spiritsˆ distribute mindˆ to the grand universeˆˆ as the cosmic mindˆ, and your local universeˆˆ is pervaded by the Nebadonˆ variant of the Orvontonˆ type of cosmic mindˆ.

9:4.4 Infinite mindˆ ignores time, ultimateˆ mindˆ transcends time, cosmic mindˆ is conditioned by time. And so with space: The Infinite Mindˆ is independent of spaceˆ, but as descent is made from the infinite to the adjutant levels of mindˆ, intellect must increasingly reckon with the fact and limitations of spaceˆ.

9:4.5 Cosmic forceˆ responds to mindˆ even as cosmic mindˆ responds to spiritˆ. Spiritˆ is divineˆ purpose, and spiritˆ mindˆ is divineˆ purpose in action. Energyˆ is thing, mindˆ is meaning, spiritˆ is value. Even in time and spaceˆ, mindˆ establishes those relative relationships between energyˆ and spiritˆ which are suggestive of mutual kinship in eternityˆ.

9:4.6 Mindˆ transmutes the values of spiritˆ into the meanings of intellect; volition has powerˆ to bring the meanings of mindˆ to fruit in both the material and spiritˆual domains. The Paradiseˆ ascent involves a relative and differential growth in spiritˆ, mindˆ, and energyˆ. The personalityˆ is the unifier of these components of experientialˆ individuality.

5. The Ministry of Mindˆ

9:5.1 The Third Source and Centerˆ is infinite in mindˆ. If the universeˆ should grow to infinity, still his mindˆ potential would be adequate to endow limitless numbers of creatures with suitable minds and other prerequisites of intellect.

9:5.2 In the domain of created mindˆ the Third Person, with his co-ordinate and subordinate associates, rules supremeˆ. The realms of creature mindˆ are of exclusive origin in the Third Source and Centerˆ; he is the bestower of mindˆ. Even the Father fragmentsˆ find it impossible to indwellˆ the minds of men until the way has been properly prepared for them by the mindˆ action and spiritˆual function of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ.

9:5.3 The unique feature of mindˆ is that it can be bestowed upon such a wide range of life. Through his creative and creature associates the Third Source and Centerˆ ministers to all minds on all spheres. He ministers to human and subhuman intellect through the adjutants of the local universesˆ and, through the agency of the physical controllers, ministers even to the lowest nonexperiencing entities of the most primitive types of living things. And always is the direction of mindˆ a ministry of mind-spirit or mind-energy personalities.

9:5.4 Since the Third Person of Deityˆ is the source of mindˆ, it is quite natural that the evolutionaryˆ will creatures find it easier to form comprehensible concepts of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ than they do of either the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ or the Universal Fatherˆ. The reality of the Conjoint Creatorˆ is disclosed imperfectly in the very existence of human mindˆ. The Conjoint Creatorˆ is the ancestor of the cosmic mindˆ, and the mindˆ of man is an individualized circuitˆ, an impersonal portion, of that cosmic mindˆ as it is bestowed in a local universeˆˆ by a Creative Daughterˆ of the Third Source and Centerˆ.

9:5.5 Because the Third Person is the source of mindˆ, do not presume to reckon that all phenomena of mindˆ are divineˆ. Human intellect is rooted in the material origin of the animal races. Universeˆ intelligence is no more a true revelation of Godˆ who is mindˆ than is physical nature a true revelation of the beauty and harmony of Paradiseˆ. Perfectˆion is in nature, but nature is not perfectˆ. The Conjoint Creatorˆ is the source of mindˆ, but mindˆ is not the Conjoint Creatorˆ.

9:5.6 Mindˆ, on Urantiaˆ, is a compromise between the essence of thought perfectˆion and the evolving mentality of your immature human nature. The plan for your intellectual evolution is, indeed, one of sublime perfectˆion, but you are far short of that divineˆ goal as you function in the tabernacles of the flesh. Mindˆ is truly of divineˆ origin, and it does have a divineˆ destinyˆ, but your mortalˆ minds are not yet of divineˆ dignity.

9:5.7 Too often, all too often, you mar your minds by insincerity and sear them with unrighteousness; you subject them to animal fear and distort them by useless anxiety. Therefore, though the source of mindˆ is divineˆ, mindˆ as you know it on your world of ascensionˆ can hardly become the object of great admiration, much less of adoration or worship. The contemplation of the immature and inactive human intellect should lead only to reactions of humility.

6. The Mind-Gravity Circuitˆ

9:6.1 The Third Source and Centerˆ, the universal intelligence, is personally conscious of every  mindˆ, every intellect, in all creation, and he maintains a personal and perfectˆ contact with all these physical, morontialˆ, and spiritˆual creatures of mindˆ endowment in the far-flung universesˆ. All these activities of mindˆ are grasped in the absoluteˆ mind-gravity circuitˆ which focalizes in the Third Source and Centerˆ and is a part of the personal consciousness of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ.

9:6.2 Much as the Father draws all personalityˆ to himself, and as the Son attracts all spiritˆual reality, so does the Conjoint Actorˆ exercise a drawing powerˆ on all minds; he unqualifiedlyˆ dominates and controls the universal  mindˆ circuitˆˆ. All true and genuine intellectual values, all divineˆ thoughts and perfectˆ ideas, are unerringly drawn into this absoluteˆ circuitˆ of mindˆ.

9:6.3  Mindˆ gravityˆˆ can operate independently of material and spiritˆual gravityˆ, but wherever and whenever the latter two impinge,  mindˆ gravityˆˆ always functions. When all three are associated, personalityˆ gravityˆ may embrace the material creature — physical or morontialˆ, finiteˆ or absoniteˆ. But irrespective of this, the endowment of mindˆ even in impersonal beings qualifies them to think and endows them with consciousness despite the total absence of personalityˆ.

9:6.4 Selfhood of personalityˆ dignity, human or divineˆ, immortal or potentially immortal, does not however originate in either spiritˆ, mindˆ, or matter; it is the bestowalˆ of the Universal Fatherˆ. Neither is the interaction of spiritˆ, mindˆ, and material gravityˆ a prerequisite to the appearance of personalityˆ gravityˆ. The Father’s circuitˆ may embrace a mind-material being who is unresponsive to  spiritˆ gravityˆˆ, or it may include a mind-spirit being who is unresponsive to material gravityˆ. The operation of personalityˆ gravityˆ is always a volitionalˆ act of the Universal Fatherˆ.

9:6.5 While mindˆ is energyˆ associated in purely material beings and spiritˆ associated in purely spiritˆual personalities, innumerable orders of personalityˆ, including the human, possess minds that are associated with both energyˆ and spiritˆ. The spiritˆual aspects of creature mindˆ unfailingly respond to the spiritˆ-gravity pull of the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ; the material features respond to the gravityˆ urge of the material universeˆ.

9:6.6 Cosmic mindˆ, when not associated with either energyˆ or spiritˆ, is subject to the gravityˆ demands of neither material nor spiritˆual circuitsˆ. Pure mindˆ is subject only to the universal gravityˆ grasp of the Conjoint Actorˆ. Pure mindˆ is close of kin to infinite mindˆ, and infinite mindˆ (the theoretical co-ordinate of the absolutesˆ of spiritˆ and energyˆ) is apparently a law in itself.

9:6.7 The greater the spiritˆ-energy divergence, the greater the observable function of mind; the lesser the diversity of energyˆ and spiritˆ, the lesser the observable function of mindˆ. Apparently, the maximum function of the cosmic mindˆ is in the time universesˆ of spaceˆ. Here mindˆ seems to function in a mid-zone between energyˆ and spiritˆ, but this is not true of the higher levels of mind; on Paradiseˆ, energyˆ and spiritˆ are essentially one.

9:6.8 The mind-gravity circuitˆ is dependable; it emanates from the Third Person of Deityˆ on Paradiseˆ, but not all the observable function of mindˆ is predictable. Throughout all known creation there parallels this circuitˆ of mindˆ some little-understood presence whose function is not predictable. We believe that this unpredictability is partly attributable to the function of the Universal Absoluteˆˆ. What this function is, we do not know; what actuates it, we can only conjecture; concerning its relation to creatures, we can only speculate.

9:6.9 Certain phases of the unpredictability of finiteˆ mindˆ may be due to the incompleteness of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ, and there is a vast zone of activities wherein the Conjoint Actorˆ and the Universal Absoluteˆˆ may possibly be tangent. There is much about mindˆ that is unknown, but of this we are sure: The Infinite Spiritˆˆ is the perfectˆ expression of the mindˆ of the Creatorˆ to all creatures; the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ is the evolving expression of the minds of all creatures to their Creatorˆ.

7. Universeˆ Reflectivityˆ

9:7.1 The Conjoint Actorˆ is able to co-ordinate all levels of universeˆ actualˆity in such manner as to make possible the simultaneous recognition of the mental, the material, and the spiritˆual. This is the phenomenon of  universeˆ reflectivityˆ, that unique and inexplicable powerˆ to see, hear, sense, and know all things as they transpire throughout a superuniverseˆ, and to focalize, by reflectivityˆ, all this information and knowledge at any desired point. The action of reflectivityˆ is shown in perfectˆion on each of the headquarters worlds of the seven superuniversesˆ. It is also operative throughout all sectors of the superuniversesˆ and within the boundaries of the local universesˆ. Reflectivityˆ finally focalizes on Paradiseˆ.

9:7.2 The phenomenon of reflectivityˆ, as it is disclosed on the superuniverseˆ headquarters worlds in the amazing performances of the reflective personalities there stationed, represents the most complex interassociation of all phases of existence to be found in all creation. Lines of spiritˆ can be traced back to the Son, physical energyˆˆ to Paradiseˆ, and mindˆ to the Third Source; but in the extraordinary phenomenon of universeˆ reflectivityˆ there is a unique and exceptional unification of all three, so associated as to enable the universeˆ rulers to know about remote conditions instantaneously, simultaneously with their occurrence.

9:7.3 Much of the technique of reflectivityˆ we comprehend, but there are many phases which truly baffle us. We know that the Conjoint Actorˆ is the universeˆ center of the  mindˆ circuitˆˆ, that he is the ancestor of the cosmic mindˆ, and that cosmic mindˆ operates under the dominance of the absoluteˆ  mindˆ gravityˆˆ of the Third Source and Centerˆ. We know further that the circuitsˆ of the cosmic mindˆ influence the intellectual levels of all known existence; they contain the universal spaceˆ reports, and just as certainly they focus in the Seven Master Spiritsˆ and converge in the Third Source and Centerˆ.

9:7.4 The relationship between the finiteˆ cosmic mindˆ and the divineˆ absoluteˆ mindˆ appears to be evolving in the experientialˆ mindˆ of the Supremeˆ. We are taught that, in the dawn of time, this experientialˆ mindˆ was bestowed upon the Supremeˆ by the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, and we conjecture that certain features of the phenomenon of reflectivityˆ can be accounted for only by postulating the activity of the  Supremeˆ Mindˆ. If the Supremeˆ is not concerned in reflectivityˆ, we are at a loss to explain the intricate transactions and unerring operations of this consciousness of the cosmos.

9:7.5 Reflectivityˆ appears to be omniscienceˆ within the limits of the experientialˆ finiteˆ and may represent the emergence of the presence-consciousness of the  Supremeˆ Beingˆ. If this assumption is true, then the utilization of reflectivityˆ in any of its phases is equivalent to partial contact with the consciousness of the Supremeˆ.

8. Personalities of the Infinite Spiritˆˆˆ

9:8.1 The Infinite Spiritˆˆ possesses full powerˆ to transmit many of his powersˆ and prerogatives to his co-ordinate and subordinate personalities and agencies.

9:8.2 The first Deityˆ-creating act of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, functioning apart from the Trinityˆ but in some unrevealed association with the Father and the Son, personalized in the existence of the Seven Master Spiritsˆ of Paradiseˆ, the distributors of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ to the universesˆ.

9:8.3 There is no direct representative of the Third Source and Centerˆ on the headquarters of a superuniverseˆ. Each of these seven creations is dependent on one of the Master Spiritsˆ of Paradiseˆ, who acts through the seven Reflective Spiritsˆ situated at the capital of the superuniverseˆ.

9:8.4 The next and continuing creative act of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ is disclosed, from time to time, in the production of the Creative Spiritsˆ. Every time the Universal Fatherˆ and the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ become parent to a  Creatorˆ Sonˆ, the Infinite Spiritˆˆ becomes ancestor to a local universeˆˆ Creative Spiritˆˆ who becomes the close associate of that  Creatorˆ Sonˆ in all subsequent universeˆ experience.

9:8.5 Just as it is necessary to distinguish between the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ and the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ, so it is necessary to differentiate between the Infinite Spiritˆˆ and the Creative Spiritsˆ, the local universeˆˆ co-ordinates of the  Creatorˆ Sonsˆ. What the Infinite Spiritˆˆ is to the total creation, a Creative Spiritˆˆ is to a local universeˆˆ.

9:8.6 The Third Source and Centerˆ is represented in the grand universeˆˆ by a vast array of ministering spiritsˆ, messengers, teachers, adjudicators, helpers, and advisers, together with supervisors of certain circuitsˆ of physical, morontialˆ, and spiritˆual nature. Not all of these beings are personalities in the strict meaning of the term. Personalityˆ of the finiteˆ-creature variety is characterized by:

9:8.7 1. Subjective self-consciousness.

9:8.8 2. Objective response to the Father’s  personalityˆ circuitˆˆ.

9:8.9 There are  creatorˆ personalitiesˆ and creature personalities, and in addition to these two fundamental types there are personalities of the Third Source and Centerˆ, beings who are personal to the Infinite Spiritˆˆ, but who are not unqualifiedlyˆ personal to creature beings. These Third Source personalities are not a part of the Father’s  personalityˆ circuitˆˆ. First Source personalityˆ and Third Source personalityˆ are mutually contactable; all personalityˆ is contactable.

9:8.10 The Father bestows personalityˆ by his personal free will. Why he does so we can only conjecture; how he does so we do not know. Neither do we know why the Third Source bestows non-Father personalityˆ, but this the Infinite Spiritˆˆ does in his own behalf, in creative conjunction with the  Eternalˆ Sonˆ and in numerous ways unknown to you. The Infinite Spiritˆˆ can also act for the Father in the bestowalˆ of First Source personalityˆ.

9:8.11 There are numerous types of Third Source personalities. The Infinite Spiritˆˆ bestows Third Source personalityˆ upon numerous groups who are not included in the Father’s  personalityˆ circuitˆˆ, such as certain of the powerˆ directors. Likewise does the Infinite Spiritˆˆ treat as personalities numerous groups of beings, such as the Creative Spiritsˆ, who are in a class by themselves in their relations to encircuited creatures of the Father.

9:8.12 Both First Source and Third Source personalities are endowed with all and more than man associates with the concept of personalityˆ; they have minds embracing memory, reason, judgment, creative imagination, idea association, decision, choice, and numerous additional powersˆ of intellect wholly unknown to mortalsˆ. With few exceptions the orders revealed to you possess form and distinct individuality; they are real beings. A majority of them are visible to all orders of spiritˆ existence.

9:8.13 Even you will be able to see your spiritˆual associates of the lower orders as soon as you are delivered from the limited vision of your present material eyes and have been endowed with a  morontiaˆ formˆ with its enlarged sensitivity to the reality of spiritˆual things.

9:8.14 The functional family of the Third Source and Centerˆ, as it is revealed in these narratives, falls into three great groups:

9:8.15 I. The  Supremeˆ Spiritsˆ. A group of composite origin that embraces, among others, the following orders:

9:8.16 1. The Seven Master Spiritsˆ of Paradiseˆ.

9:8.17 2. The Reflective Spiritsˆ of the Superuniversesˆ.

9:8.18 3. The Creative Spiritsˆ of the Local Universesˆ.

9:8.19 II. The Powerˆ Directors. A group of control creatures and agencies that function throughout all organized spaceˆ.

9:8.20 III. The Personalities of the Infinite Spiritˆˆˆ. This designation does not necessarily imply that these beings are Third Source personalities though some of them are unique as will creatures. They are usually grouped in three major classifications:

9:8.21 1. The Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spiritˆˆˆ.

9:8.22 2. The Messenger Hosts of Spaceˆˆ.

9:8.23 3. The  Ministering Spiritsˆ of Timeˆ.

9:8.24 These groups serve on Paradiseˆ, in the central or residential universeˆ, in the superuniversesˆ, and they embrace orders that function in the local universesˆ, even to the constellationsˆ, systems, and planets.

9:8.25 The  spiritˆ personalitiesˆ of the vast family of the Divineˆ and Infinite Spiritˆˆ are forever dedicated to the service of the ministry of the love of Godˆ and the mercy of the Son to all the intelligent creatures of the evolutionaryˆ worlds of time and spaceˆ. These spiritˆ beings constitute the living ladder whereby mortalˆ man climbs from chaos to glory.

9:8.26 [Revealed on Urantiaˆ by a Divineˆ Counselor of Uversaˆ commissioned by the Ancients of Daysˆ to portray the nature and work of the Infinite Spiritˆˆ.]